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Description of Nonogram - picture cross monogram

Nonogram is an addictive brain game that combines picture number puzzles with pixel art. Solve picture cross, train your logic.

Can you reveal mysterious picture jigsaws with your intelligence? Do you want to relax and kill time after study or work? Solve picture number puzzles in Nonogram, you will have perfect leisure time. With numerous game levels and amazing illustrations, logic puzzle game can be very interesting!

Nonogram is made for all skill levels. From 5x5 to 15x15 grids, thousands of picture cross puzzles are waiting for you! This entertaining number puzzle game is also called Picross or Griddlers. It origins from the Japanese crossword game.

If you are a fan of logic puzzles, you will feel the challenge and fun. If you are interested in picture cross and pixel art, you will have an immersive experience with 3000+ levels and amazing pixel pictures.

What are you waiting for? Take up the challenge and sharpen your brain now!


• Japanese picture cross game, free to play

• Simple rules: use logic to color the grid blocks, uncover pixel picture

• 3000+ picture puzzles, keep updating

• Original designed pixel art illustrations

• Auto save game progress, no data loss

• From easy to hard, suitable for new players and experts

• Play offline, no need mobile data

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

Email: support@domobile.com

Website: https://www.domobile.com

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.9.2 Publish Date:2021-08-14 Developer:NextAPP

User Reviews


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Andrea 2020-10-05

Ads all over which would be okay, but you also have to watch ads for rewards. Ads for a few coins (that you need for energy). Bfore the update you get normal rewards and ads are optional for extra. But now it\'s all you need to do to play. Also a monthly sub?? Too much.
Pey Wen Lim 2020-07-24

I used to play this game when it was first released and it never had this energy system so it had more fun. Clearly the developers don\'t care about the players and decided to implement this useless energy system where we had to wait to play more levels and the amount of ads has increased too. I still remember the developers responding to reviews saying they\'ll \'take your feedback into consideration\'. But looking at the game as it is now, clearly, none of them cared about the feedbacks.
Jupiter 2020-02-24

I loved this game so much until the update where you have to spend energy to do every single level. It\'s so stupid. Especially because half of the levels in this game take about 15 seconds to complete, which was fine by me when you could just play as many as you wanted, but now that you can only do 10? Seems like a total ripoff and it\'s really sad to see such a good game go down the same pay-to-play road as every other popular cash grabbing game :(
Lily L 2020-03-18

Used to be fun. Now with lives and ads? Not worth my time. Update: So no more ads. That\'s kind, dont miss them (didn\'t pay). I spend less time on the app, sometimes skip a day. Meh. It\'s an ok game. Update2: I\'ve got no ads, I didn\'t pay but I also didn\'t do anything to make them go hence why I said it was kind. I\'d up my rating but with that 10 energy thing, no chance.
George Cakiades 2020-08-20

You are putting together little pieces of a big puzzle. Very few ads. There\'s a map like candy crush. Best Nonogram game I\'ve tried. UPDATE I\'ve been playing now for a few weeks. I don\'t like that you aren\'t painting a whole picture, just a piece of it. Sometimes the completed puzzle looks nothing like the picture. Still keeping it at 5 since the gameplay look and feel are impeccable. Can you add a bookmark feature so I can recall my favorites easily? DEVELOPER: 281 final pic isnt a good match
winner\'s manager 2020-07-30

Compared to other nonogram games, I prefer the levelling system in this one. Each nonogram is a piece to a really cute, animated, pixel art and the levels vary in difficulty so it doesn\'t go from easy to hard all the time. Edit: The \'over-the-limit\' energy problem was fixed and it hasn\'t happened since! Thanks for fixing it!
Asia Nguyen 2020-01-21

This is the best nonogram game I\'ve ever played. With over 700 levels, and each level you complete is a panel of a bigger picture. There are barely any ads, and they\'re short. I love how this contains both simple and complex puzzles. I\'m so addicted, I\'ve been playing this nonstop for the past couple days! Edit: Ive finished all 700+ levels! Please add more!
Josh Howard 2020-03-08

Update: Now you can\'t earn coins without watching ads... Original Post: I used to really enjoy playing this game. Got to the end (around level 730) and was really sad there weren\'t anymore levels. Except now it has energy and coins and in app purchases. They ruined a great game. Could have just made it a dollar or two, but instead you had to go with micro transactions. Uninstalled.
Miranda Bance 2020-02-23

App used to be great. I could play at my leisure without worrying about intrusive ads or \"life\" systems. New update has reduced this app to be like everything else out there. Waste of a solid game. Instead of trying to drain people out of their money with \"VIP\" offers, maybe add in functionalities like zooming, which would be helpful for phones on those larger 15x15 grids.
Wilheim 2020-08-23

I\'m happy with the game. It\'s a logic game and I\'m hooked. I play 1 set and I\'d be playing for hours! (Only if I have a lot of energy + coins to refill energy) It\'s great that the full energy refills are within 2 1/2 hours.