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Description of Nonogram: Picture cross puzzle

Discover an amazing sudoku world of 3000+ Nonogram puzzles! Solve a logic number puzzle to uncover a hidden picture of pixel art. Clean you mind & train your brain. Start playing our picture cross sudoku puzzles at an easy level, and become a real Nonogram master! Download & Challenge!

Nonogram is a picture cross sudoku puzzle, you just need to follow the basic rules and logic to reveal the hidden picture. Squares on the board must be colored by number or left blank. Numbers show how many squares to color. The numbers above the column are read from top-to-bottom. Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left-to-right. According to the numbers, color a square or mark it with an X.

Nonogram is also known as Picture Cross, Japanese Sudoku, Hanjie, Picross or Griddlers. Nonogram is a kind of picture number puzzle such as Sudoku, it’s a great exercise for your brain! There are 1000+ nonogram puzzles, and new puzzles added every day. Solve the logic number puzzles and train your brain NOW!

You only need to follow two steps to get start:

1-Look at the numbers at the ends of the rows and columns;

2-Use logic to fill the blocks and discover the hidden picture!

Griddlers will help you to have a good time no matter wherever you are! Griddlers are suitable for almost everyone. Pass the time-solving picture cross sudoku puzzles and play nonogram puzzles everyday. Perhaps solving nonogram puzzles will turn into a good habit over time.

Our quick in-game tutorial will have you solving picture cross challenge puzzles like a genius of sudoku - like puzzle games in no time!

■ 5 difficulty modes for the challenge. Choose the Griddlers game difficulty level that is the best for you.

■ Massive themed puzzles await you to complete. Don’t forget to receive your Achievement rewards.

■ Relieve stress with relaxing BGM. Gentle music calms you down.

■ Discover new puzzles at your own pace. Unlock more and more new world

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Train your brain with nonogram number puzzles!

Download free and start your adventure of Nonogram Puzzles. 

Challenge yourself with picture cross puzzles!

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.6.0 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:EasyFun Game

User Reviews


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M\'aiq 2020-11-21

Way too many ads, there is one before and after each game. The gem/life system is ridiculous, there should not be any stress or limit put on the game simply because the devs wanted it there. I do like the automatic crossing off of the boxes, but if you get one wrong then you lose a life. Thankfully you can just turn your data and wifi off, don\'t give these guys any money or ad revenue.
Elliot Gabrel 2020-09-04

This is up there in one of the most misleading ads I\'ve ever gotten. It\'s such a basic game with no huge mosaic Tom and Jerry art or the like. Just an ad after every 30 seconds level and it drives me insane for a puzzle game that is meant to be relaxing.
Nancy 2020-10-28

It\'s been my favorite game for 2 months (I recently got bonus points for playing 60 days). The only drawback is, in the beginning you could start to tell what the picture would be based on the pixels and Xs. Now the pictures are just blobs of pixels that only vaguely resemble anything after they\'re solved and colored in. They\'ve recently increased the ads after each game to 30 seconds, up from 5-10 seconds. Really puts a damper on it. So I went from 5☆ to 3.
Emily Daubenmire 2020-05-28

I enjoyed the game at first, I love logic games and mathematic puzzle and it was relaxing. Then it got to the point where to play you have to pay, or watch endless ads...to get \"gems\" that you pay to play a round. I\'d spend 2-3 minutes watching ads to earn \"gems\" to play one level that took 23 seconds to complete. Uninstalling. In response to the developer: I understand you need ads, it\'s the lack of balance. I didn\'t get to play enough to determine if the game was worth paying for because ads
Rob Merrell 2020-10-05

So. Many. Ads. The game itself is enjoyable, but there is an ad at least after every puzzle, and often before beginning a new puzzle. In addition, the only option that allows you to remove ads is a purchase for $4, which seems excessive for the amount of gameplay one gets at a time (play is limited by Gems, which is another whole can of worms).
Voncell Zellars 2020-11-07

WAAAAYYYY too many ads. this game has ads to gain rewards, coins, extra life, extra gems, to finish a board, and THEN the ads to start a new board. If you want to watch ads rather than playing the game, this game is for you...not me. get rid of half these ads then I\'ll return. The 30 minutes of gameplay was worth it though.
Sloth and Gluttony 2020-10-18

Some good puzzles but not at all as advertised, too many ads (usually covering the game or main page) and every time there is something good it gets changed. So, I got this app because I love nonograms and this one advertised that there would be puzzles split into small sections to make bigger images such as totoro. There is nothing like this. They are usually similar images such as flowers. I don\'t mind too much because there is a variety and the puzzling is fun. I hate the false advertising.
SpeedDS DemonStar 2020-10-22

Great game but there are a few things I\'d like added. First and foremost, the option to turn off notication of wrong answers. There have been many times (mostly in the larger puzzles, with smaller boxes) when my finger goes a pixel too far and selects a spot I don\'t want, giving me a strike. For that reason, I\'d also like a zoom-in feature. Other than that, it has given me hours of enjoyment and as long as more levels keep being added, I will keep playing!
susan imperiale 2020-10-31

I\'ve paid $4.24 per MONTH for 3 months for no ads. THERE\'S MORE ADS THAN GAMES! Devs don\'t respond to me or PayPal. Next step, Google. The real pity is that it\'s a really good game. I want to play but the ads just bog you down. Add in the frustration of knowing I paid to have them removed and my blood pressure starts rising. Nonograms are meant to calm, not annoy & irritate!
McKenzie, Kat, M 2020-12-13

This game is really fun and I enjoy it but I\'ve completed all the levels and am now waiting for more levels to open up. All I have is a spot that says \"coming soon\". I haven\'t been able to play in a week because of it, which is why Im giving it 4 stars. Otherwise I think it\'s a pretty good game and a lot of fun.