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Nordea Wallet -sovelluksesta näet helposti kaikkien korttiesi saldot, käteisnostot ja korttimaksut.

Lähtikö maksu jo kortilta? Sovellus ilmoittaa sinulle jokaisesta korttiostoksestasi, myös verkko-ostoksista ja automaattisista veloituksista. Näet myös ostostesi luokittelun kuukausiyhteenvedossa.

Kaikki tapahtumat päivittyvät sovellukseen välittömästi, joten pystyt aina tarkistamaan, paljonko korteillasi on saldoa juuri tällä hetkellä.

Nordea Walletin käyttämiseen tarvitset Nordea-kortin sekä Nordea ID -sovelluksen tai jonkin toisen suomalaisen pankin verkkopankkitunnukset.


Ota Google Pay käyttöön ja voit lähteä ostoksille vaikka ilman lompakkoa. Pienet ostokset voit maksaa näyttämällä puhelinta maksupäätteelle lähimaksukortin tavoin. Yli 50 euron ostokset vahvistat avaamalla puhelimesi lukituksen.

Google Pay toimii kaikissa kaupoissa, joissa voi maksaa lähimaksulla – ympäri maailman.

Lue lisää Nordea Walletista: http://www.nordea.fi/wallet

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Nordea Bank Abp

User Reviews


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Daniel Björk 2019-02-27

Great idea but missing a lot of core features: Unable to change dates (eg instead of giving me an overview of the entire month ofJanuary, let mee choose from Jan 25 - Feb 25). Paycheck to paycheck. Allow user to create custom spending categories Push notifications for unusual spending (eg spending too much according to budget or stolen card) Also the feedback function in app is completely broken, had to retry many times and it just crashes. Test before release!
Jarkko Aitti 2019-05-16

This is handy but missing some features. It would be nice to get a notification when there is a positive payment. Many people are often waiting to get some money and have to check again and again if they got it. Also would make the user experience more positive when it isn\'t all about losing money :)
A Google user 2019-11-28

Great app, gives a nice overview of your spending and can compare it with previous periods in time, week, month, year, etc. The only thing that I would really like before I can give this app 5 stars is to be able to change the category of purchases from a shop permanently, it is really annoying to have to do it for every purchase seperately.
Klavs Petersen [Gmail] 2020-10-08

After the NemId login issue was fixed, it is again a great app that gives a fine overview.
Thomas V. 2019-11-08

It\'s always been a useful app for tracking everything that happens with my bank card and pay with my phone when necessary. But this experience has been recently elevated: I\'ve reported a missing feature during the weekend, and the update before the next weekend already fixed my issue. This is the most responsive development team I\'ve ever experienced!
A Google user 2019-02-08

I stopped getting payment push notifications after one of the updates - and there is no place in the app where you can set it. :(
Tellef Åmdal 2020-11-27

There is no way to disable the emission feature. The values that are presented are completely arbitrary with no correlation to reality of the given transction. For examle the digital purchase of a game on Steam had a higher emission score than a home delivered pizza. It makes no sense at all. The values from the Åland index are useless when looking at an individual level and transaction level. Digital goods and services are also not taken in to account properly. It is just confusing noice as is.
e h 2019-01-25

it is cool u can see ur card usage in every month and u can see almost correctly that what was for food and clothing ... without doing any math u can have a idea for what you use your money.
A Google user 2020-02-20

I mostly use this app for the card transaction notifications. It is also useful for quickly checking card transactions and account balance, but non-card transactions do not show up in it, so one still needs the bank app for more advanced things.
Gyongyi Pedersen 2020-04-13

Very annoying than the app is running nonstop and can\'t be secured with a password. Would be really usefully to be able to open only when payment need to be done, and to be able to secure it with a password, same as mobile pay!