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Description of Notification blocker. Notification cleaner

Annoyed with your notification bar looking like a newsboard? Keep getting useless or irrelevant junk notifications? Not sure how to block an app from displaying push-notifications or view the notification history?

Install Notic – your reliable assistant designed to help you get rid of annoying notifications by filtering irrelevant alerts and focusing on the content that matters!


Notic offers an integrated solution for blocking and managing notifications using features below:

• Notification Manager

• Filter by apps, message headings and text

• Block system notifications

• Block all notifications

• User-friendly interface and effortless operation

• Dark theme

• Minimum app size and battery drain

• Notification history to help you stay on top of things

• Backup and restore rules

• Notification cleaner

Block Ongoing Notifications (for Android 8.0 and higher)

You can now clear your notification bar of all alerts. Notic blocks and hides ongoing notifications that can’t be dismissed.

For example, software update available, a process is running in the background, the device is charging, VPN connected, and other system notifications.

Notification History

Accidentally dismissed an important notification? Or, perhaps, you’ve got a quick second and want to review your app notifications? Just go to notification log that stores all notifications arranged by apps and time!

Set a customized history clearing mode – remove useless notifications manually or allow the app to do it automatically every X days.

Keep your Notification Bar Empty

Allow displaying only relevant notifications on your notification bar. You can review the rest at any time. System notifications can be moved to history, too.

Set Flexible Rules

Blacklist or whitelist apps to select which of them can display notifications and which will have its alerts stored in notification history.

Notifications can be filtered by keywords or phrases in headings and message text.

Notic offers the following rules (lower priority on top):

• Allow All

• Block All

• Allow App

• Block App

• Allow by Phrase

• Block by Phrase

User-Friendly Interface

Allow Notic read your notifications. Wait for the notification to appear and add a rule. Once you do this, notifications set in the rule will not bother you any longer.

No need to spend hours finding ways to disable annoying notifications! Notic notification blocker automates the process and helps you see only relevant information!

Notic saves your time!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.95 Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:pv org

User Reviews


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Joe Cushing 2018-09-22

It\'s okay in concept. It did not get rid if my comcast wifi notification, that comes in any time I get near a comcast router....even though I don\'t even have comcast. The free version is very limited in how many notifications you can block. I ended up with more notifications than I had before because you get one from this app any time you get a notification from something new. Because I couldn\'t block any more, I kept hitting allow, allow, allow, hoping to get through my list of apps but it seemed unending, especially when my phone operating system upgraded and I had to start over. All I ended up with was double the notifications.
Mohammad Reza Vatankhah 2020-09-29

This is a really nice app. Small and easy to use. Its drawback is repeating the same notification several times. Also, it wold be much better if it rendered the whole messages and notifications! Downloading recommend. Excellent!
Savneet Singh 2020-09-04

Though it does what it says and has a clean interface, is not showing Facebook notifications. Also, it opens up wrong page to news apps. Developer needs to address these issues. 😔
Brian Barnett 2020-10-13

One of the only ones that I found that has rules based on notification content, not just on/off per app. Plus, it captures all kinds of hidden system notifications that I never saw before.
Andrea Boucher 2020-08-22

Perfect! This app is great, I really like that you can block notifications that normally you wouldn\'t be able to. But with this app, any notification can be blocked.
Michael Lamendola 2018-11-11

Great app... only thing I would suggest would be to have a white list of acceptable terms / app and everything else get blocked. It would be a shorter list in most cases, and we keep me from having to add exception rules when they are Limitless ways and app can contact you
Andrew Bennett 2021-02-15

Great app and very configurable, allowing you to customize rules such that you can block or allow, and log to a history file. Say you want family texts to go through, but notifications from your news app could be blocked but go to the history for later scanning. By using this, I\'ve really quieted my phone without having to start quiet mode or flip-to-shhh. The developer has been receptive to some feature ideas that did make it in. Highly recommended to quiet your phone and to funnel what you want but don\'t need to know immediately.
Anakin Fox 2020-03-10

Exactly what I wanted. There were a few things that I keep on all the time, like battery saver, that would give me a notification. I found this incredibly annoying, and all the apps I downloaded wanted to do something extra, like putting all your notifications into one bar. This app was a perfect, simple solution. No fuss, just blocked the notifications of the apps I asked for.
Mir Zahed Ali 2019-04-08

Excellent app indeed, highly recommended. Exactly does what it meant to. Developer is also very reponsive with solvimg issues. Worth to purchase full version.
Marc Salvatori 2020-04-14

Clear presentation regarding Settings and Notifications. Very reliable. Fully meets my needs and expectations.