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Description of Notification History Log

After installing the Notification History Log App, you can easily manage, sort, and view all past notifications you received. Never miss a single notification with fantastic features in the Notification History Log App.

Start using the Notification History Log App, it will start generating the notification log, and you can literally view the notification history anytime.

Never imagined what happens to your notification when you dismiss or clear it from the notification tray?

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally removed the notification/message from any installed application and want to read that deleted message or notification again?

Don't worry,

Notification History Log is here for your rescue.

This app works on almost all Android smartphones and tablets running on KitKat or higher. The best thing about the app is the Advanced History feature, where you will get full control over your past notifications.

Notification History Log Features:

👉Advanced History:

Entire app magic happens in the Advanced History screen. You can see deleted messages and past notifications with detailed information. The powerful search will help you easily find any stored notification from the entire notification log.

All notifications are grouped based on apps to show you the timeline of notification history. Never miss a single notification with the Notification History Log Application!

You can also add important notifications to favorites, past filter notifications, export* the notification history to the Text file or Excel file, clear notification logs, and more.

👉 Themes:* Notification History Log is bundled with light and dark themes.

👉 Homescreen Widget*: Add widget to your home screen to view the notification log instantly

👉 Blacklist Apps*: You can blacklist the apps to ignore them in the notification logs.

👉 Backup and Restore*: You can back up the notifications and restore them again when you are reinstalling Notification History Log later. All backups are encrypted and stored on your phone memory.

👉 Android Default Notification History: On supported devices, you can enable and open the Android's default Notification History to view past notifications traditionally. You can enable this option in App Settings.

👉 Clear Notification Logs: You can clear the entire notification history from the Settings, or you can even delete the notifications specific to a single app.

Permission Details:

Notification Access: To get the notifications from the notification tray and store them locally on your mobile

Storage: To export notifications in excel or text files and to create encrypted notifications backup

Internet: To display Ads and for purchasing Pro Version

Important Notes:

1. Features marked with (*) are available in the Pro Version.

2. On devices like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo, you need to enable Autostart for the Notification History Log application. Also, whitelist our app if you use a battery saver, RAM Cleaner, or Speed booster application.

Troubleshooting the screen in App settings will help you fix most of the common problems.

3. It is impossible to get the notifications you received before installing our application. Our app will start generating the notification log only when you install and enable the permission.

4. All your notifications are stored on your phone memory and we don't have any kind of access to your notifications or data. We respect privacy, and your information is entirely safe.

Retrieve deleted notifications from any app using Notification History Log instantly.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:16.0.1 Publish Date:2022-02-24 Developer:ZipoApps

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Organic Gary 2020-02-19

Seems OK at first... Then you try to delete a notification and can\'t (only ALL notifications at once - unless you pay) so right off you get less functionality than you had without the app. So I tried pulling up a notification, read it and exited and was immediately slammed with an ad. In fact EVERY time I went to read a notification I was slammed by an ad as I exited - every time! This was in addition to a permanent banner ad displayed at the bottom of the screen. Annoying and ridiculous. Bye.
Dennis McRitchie 2019-10-18

I have the Pro version. After checking several apps of this type, this was by far the most well developed one. It makes intelligent decisions about what to save in its advanced history log, saving me from having to add a long list of apps to the blacklist. It is also great that is HAS a blacklist. Many apps don\'t. First class design and implementation!
George Nagy 2019-06-23

I have tested a number of other notification logging apps, but this one is by far the best. I run into an issue caused by my phone\'s battery management (optimization) settings, that stopped the logging periodically. So I sent an email to the author, and based on the suggested setting steps I fixed my battery optimization and the app is working 100% right. Thank you for your great app and customer service, Amar.
Marco Galante 2020-11-16

I also had the problem of new notifications not showing up. I am on a note 9. I just went to settings and I saw that \'disable new notifications\' was highlighted. I disabled it and bingo problem solved. Simple. The app should not come with that option chosen. Another thing is that there is an option to erase all notifications but no possibility to erase a single one. Otherwise nice app.
ymo1965 2020-08-22

No longer get the infamous log error message. Update: seems the steps from Devs to fix was to put power setting\'s to full (have Huawei P30 Pro). Surely that would drain battery? Didn\'t see why this fixed the error. Anyway, solved it by installing the Nova launcher. Been great ever since 😁 so must of been a crappy Huawei issue.
Ric Set 2019-12-24

After running the pro version on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 on Android Pie for a couple of days, it now has stopped running. Notification says that \"due to bugs in MIUI, we stopped supporting all Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo devices\". Well, YOU SHOULD HAVE WARNED THAT BEFORE WE DOWNLOAD THE APP AND SURELY BEFORE WE PURCHASE THE PRO VERSION. IF IT CONTINUES TO NOT WORKING, I WANT A REFUND. 1 STAR FOR NOW UNTIL THIS GET FIXED.
Jai Joshi 2020-09-03

The app is awesome. What I admired were the Devs. They care about their product and customer and constantly try to solve their problems. I have seen numerous replies in the reviews section. Keep it up❤️.
Spencer Cole 2020-06-09

Edit2: seems to be working now. Update was a few weeks later than expected but it seems to have solved the issue :) Misses tons of notifications in Messenger. It recorded 1 message in a set of 25. I really regret getting the pro version. Edit: Latest version apparently not available for my Android device yet (Samsung Galaxy S9). Should roll out in a few days.
Mohammed Reza 2019-08-31

This app after update has become a worse. It doesn\'t let us see the deleted messages because it never opens the chat.. Some loading keeps happening for 15-20mins still the page doesn\'t load.. Tried clearing cache restarted phones switched to multiple networks but it is just the same..
Pavetiran Thinamani 2020-09-23

It\'s not that great. Only captures notifications which have been generated since installation. Does not go back in history to show notifications that have been generated prior to install. Bought the pro version.. was a waste of money! Wish I can get my money back! 😭😠