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Description of Notification History Pro

Notification History record USSD, Flash SMS/Class 0 messages, dialog, toasts and notifications. It can be used to:

1. Backup messages by apps and read them later

2. Find out which app pushed annoying status bar advertisement

3. Auto dismiss USSD or Flash SMS/Class 0 dialog.


* Record notifications on status bar

* Record toasts

* Record USSD messages

* Record all dialog messages

* Record app install/update/uninstall history

* Group messages by apps

* Sort message by time

* Clear notifications

* Ignore notifications from specific apps

* Ignore notifications with defined filters

* 12/24 hours time format

* Support copy notification to clipboard.

* Display installation source of apps (System app, Google play, amazon and unknown installer)

* Support search

* Launch app from notification

* Desktop widget to show the latest notifications

* Import notifications from free version

* Save USSD messages and Flash SMS/class 0 message

* Auto dismis(close) USSD and Flash SMS dialog

* Vibration, sound, LED for USSD and Flash SMS messages

* Show recent notifications on status bar

* Support regular expression in search and notifcation saving filter

Supported Class 0 dialog in these SMS apps:

* Stock SMS app

* GoSMS Pro

* Google Hangout

* Google Messenger

Permission Required:

Run at startup - used for auto purge notifications to reduce memory usage

Vibrate - used to vibrate when receiving USSD or class 0 (flash sms) messages.

Write to external storage - used to cache large notification data while exporting.

This app uses Accessibility services. Informations are only stored locally and not shared.

Usage for system below Android 5.0:

* To start collecting notifications, go to system Settings->Accessibility, then enable accessibility and Notifications History service

* To stop the collecting, just disable accessibility and Notifications History service

* To ignore notifications from one app, long click the app and select Ignore on the popped menu

Usage on Android 5.0+:

* To start recording toasts, go to system Settings->Accessibility, then enable accessibility and Notifications History service

* To start recording notifications, go to system Notification Access settings and check Notification History

* To stop the record, just uncheck these settings.

How to hide USSD or Class 0 dialog automatically? Please be advised that it only works on android 4.1 and above.

Step 1. Check "Record USSD" or "Record Class 0 Message) to enable dialog detection and message recording

Step 2. Check "Hide Dialog" to enable auto hide. Also optionally check "Display Notification", "Enable Viration" or "Enable Sound" to get additional reminders.

What is a Class 0 messages (Flash SMS)?

It is a type of SMS that appears directly on the main screen without user interaction and is not automatically stored in the inbox.

It can be useful in emergencies, such as a fire alarm or cases of confidentiality, as in delivering one-time passwords.


Q: Why the app does not record any notifications?

A: There're 2 possible cause. #1. The accessibility service and Notification History Pro service was not enabled. #2. Other accessibility service are using the notification access. In this case, try to disable other services and have a try again. If still not working, please send me an email for further support.

Q: Why talkback service is enabled automaticall which brings voice on my phone?

A: It's a open bug related to specific ROM. Check out details and solutions in "help" section of this app.




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More Information Of Notification History Pro

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.10.7 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Yotta Studio

User Reviews


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Anirban Chakraborty 2018-10-22

Efficiently crafted app, and does it\'s job very effectively. Just one little thing. I keep the recent notification on, so that I can access it straight from notification bar. However, it sticks out in the noti bar as a permanent notification, which I don\'t like. Can you make it discreet, so that I only see the recent notifications, after I pull down the noti bar? That way, nothing would stick out in the home screen, keeping it clean. Also, make it disappear from lockscreen, otherwise anybody can read my incoming contents.
paul davies 2018-03-21

Dependable app for the last 3 years. The latest Android 8.0 operating system doesnt support the widget which I\'ve relied on for notifications for so long. I\'ve reinstalled the app with deleting all data and it\'s made no odds. Such a shame. Please could we have an update to resolve this and my rating will be 5 stars.
Yograj Bhave 2018-06-19

I get error msg when I start my app is - ! Application not licensed. There might be a network problem while checking the license. Cancel and Retry. When I click Cancel .. It crashes and Retry doesn\'t do anything. If it solved I have my 5 star rating for you.
Nechamy Rabin 2019-07-22

waste of money. unorganized, full of bugs
neeraj chintala 2018-04-06

The only problem is i\'m unable to restore the data from the previous free version of this app
Nathan Alan 2020-01-31

I appreciate the ability to see notifications after I clear them. Sometimes they arrive so fast they annoy me to the point of smashing my pretty phone screen like a mad gorilla. I hit clear less than every 5 minutes as notifications pile under the top edge of my screen, down the High Definition height nearly ⅔ the distance to cover the entire screen when pulling it down. It is a relief to understand I can find them later and won\'t miss the important ones. Thank you.
Julian Lewis 2015-10-03

Straight to the point, exactly what is needed I have some notifications that are important such as banking transactions, they are important to keep for later analysis. I like the way this program allows me to ignore unimportant apps, I like being able to clear notifications from some apps, for example upgrades. Very nice intuitive interface, light weight, efficient.
A Google user 2020-09-04

Was using the free version for a long time, finally decided to buy. Works well, worth upgrading to pro version with no network permission, thanks! EDIT: Just installed the app to a new phone and my settings and history restored automatically from the Google cloud backup, amazing!
Jerry Hayden 2019-11-04

After trying a few different apps to record my notifications I not only discovered that I liked this one the best but also this app was the only one to catch all of the notifications. The others occasionally missed some here and there. Just go ahead and buy the Pro version, you will want it and it\'s well worth it.
Dennis Bareis 2019-05-02

AUTOPURGE doesn\'t work which grinds my Nexus 6P with 3GB memory to a halt, 1 star until this long outstanding issue gets resolved. It does show full notification text :-) Always reset position to start when backing out of app\'s notification :-( !!!!1 Only App Kill Option, the app should take you to android\'s app setting which is more useful and still allows uninstallation. No open in Play option. Update: 2 years later Auto purge still not working. UPDATE: Purging still not working have 611,662 notifications for Glasswire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!