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Description of Notification Shortcuts

Notification Shortcuts allow you to add shortcuts to the notification area. It supports three different types of shortcuts:

- App shortcuts: Launch your favourite apps

- Bookmarks: Create bookmarks to favourite Contacts, Tasker items, Dropbox folders and more

- Settings: Toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync, Brightness, Vibrate and Auto-rotate


The free version gives you a single row of shortcut slots. Purchasing the Notification Premium upgrade will allow you to add two more rows, giving you a maximum of three rows of shortcuts.

Note: I've replaced the Unlocker App with In-App-Billing for premium access. For those of you who has already bought the unlocker, it will continue to work as before, but new paid users should buy premium access using In-App-Billing instead.

Contact me if you have have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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More Information Of Notification Shortcuts

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:4.6.1 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Nicolai Buch-Andersen

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-01-05

Bought 3+ years ago when it was an external unlocker, now it\'s in-app purchases and the dev has hidden the unlocker I already bought. I found it and it now works, but this just plain stinks. Boo to you dev, was 5 stars, now 1.
Charles Catura 2018-10-10

I love this app. But the latest Android update forces it to become a line of text instead of icons, until I click on it. Not a big deal, just annoying. It doesn\'t happen in higher priority, but I like having priority at it\'s lowest so it doesn\'t crowd my lock screen. Thanks.
Eli Mantsur 2017-10-16

Works great. I\'d like to see a search on the top of the all apps list and also when adding apps to slots. Another thing, I\'d like it better of there wasn\'t a down arrow indicating that it\'s expandable, it just takes up more space but has no added value.
Shilajit DC 2020-08-31

Overall a good and lightweight app but it doesn\'t have any option to autostart with boot. I have to manually start the app after every time I reboot my device.
André Zammit 2016-08-19

Very good app, but… It\'s a really good app. Status bar icon still annoying though. I suggest removing icon completely instead of the blank icon hack. There are numerous apps which do not need a status bar icon to work in notifications, therefore what I am suggesting is possible. Ps. App would deserve 5 stars if that icon is removed.
Lee D 2016-04-15

Lock screen issue After updating to Android 6.0.1 my lock screen now displays all notification shortcuts - which obscures my other unrelated notifications such as WhatsApp messages and Google Now info. This cannot be disabled or undone in the NS settings. Please fix, thanks!
Paul Dotterer 2020-04-26

A gem amongst the clutter. Very configurable. Try it! You can even press/slide to arrange icons. Adjustable 3 to 12 icons per row! Worth the buck to have 2 or 3 rows.
James Williamson 2019-08-04

I was going to pay for Pro version however there\'s not enough information on it because I want to change the background color but there\'s no information as to what the choice colors are and in my case I need background color pure black so, that\'s what\'s holding me back in paying for the Pro.
Che Lavi 2020-11-12

I love this app.. Only problem is i can\'t add Google Chrome, when i try to add Chrome the app crashes..
Garrett Lagnese 2017-06-09

One of the few apps that really improves the stock Android M UI and it allows you to add more shortcuts than competing apps like Quickly. Only problem on my Pixel XL is that the 3 rows are constantly inverting themselves (forcing me to open the app to reset it). Hopefully, that\'ll be fixed soon. Other than that, it\'s great and an indispensable app.