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Description of Notification Toggle

Notification Toggle creates notifications in the Android status bar to let you quickly switch WiFi, Bluetooth, Silent mode, Screen rotation and Flight mode on and off or to adjust the screen brigthness (and many more...)

You can also add shortcut to your own apps into the notification bar!

In the settings, you can choose which notifications should be active. All icons & colors can easily be changed through the app for full customization!

Now with Android Wear integration! Select which toggles you want to see on your Wear smartwatch and say "Start Notification Toggle" to switch your phone to silent, lock it, turn on the flashlight...

Some notes:

• Not every toggle will work on every device

• Some settings aren't changeable by user apps, so it will bring you directly to the Android settings

• Exclude from task-killers!

• Some toggles require root access

• The app can not remove the build-in toggle notification on Samsung phones

• Please read the FAQ in the app before posting a review


Available toggles & shortcuts:

• WiFi

• Bluetooth

• Sound / Vibration, Sound / Silent, Sound menu

• Brightness mode / menu / 5 predefined stages

• Screen timeout dialog

• Wake lock

• Rotation

• Flight mode

• Mobile data


• Flashlight (might require "TeslaLED" app)

• Sync & Sync now

• WiFi- & USB-Tethering

• Music: previous / next / pause

• WiFi settings / advanced settings

• Bluetooth settings, Bluetooth visbility


• Mobile data settings

• Data usage

• Battery

• Camera

• next Wallpaper (requires "Wallpaper Changer" app)

• Lockscreen (requires "Delayed Lock" app)

• Shutdown & Reboot (requires root)

• own apps & shortcuts (shortcuts feature requires an in-app purchase)


This awesome app icon is made by http://www.graphical360.com :)

If you don't like the default icons, click on 'Icons & Colors' and use your own icons or use the 'Icon Downloader for NT' app do download alternative icons made by xda users.



ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - toggle wifi tethering

ACCESS_SUPERUSER - direct GPS toggle on rooted devices

BILLING - for in-app billing


CALL_PHONE - direct call contacts from notification

CAMERA & FLASHLIGHT - turn on camera flashlight

CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE - toggle mobile data on some devices


EXPAND_STATUS_BAR - to close the status bar on ICS devices

MANAGE_USB - toggle usb tethering

NFC - toggle NFC

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to load custom icons

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - place the notifications after boot

VIBRATE - for haptic feedback option

WAKE_LOCK - for the wake lock toggle

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to save shortcut icons like contact pictures

WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - GPS toggling on rooted pre-4.3 devices

WRITE_SETTINGS - to toggle various stuff like rotation & screen brigthness


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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.8.9 Publish Date:2021-08-21 Developer:j4velin

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-07-31

Very useful app but 4* as it sometimes disappears and I have to uninstall and reinstall to bring it back. I tried a number of similar apps but they are unnecessarily complicated. This lets me pull down the main settings no matter what screen I\'m on. WiFi or WiFi settings and Bluetooth or Bluetooth settings options are really useful.
A Google user 2016-06-28

Excellent, but issue with Marshmallow Have been using this app for years and love it. But just bought new phone (Droid MAXX 2) with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Notification Toggle appears on lock screen. Don\'t want it there. Can remove only if I block all notifications on lock screen. Is there a workaround or could app be updated to keep notification bar off lock screen?
James Williamson 2020-07-23

Brightness toggle values, what\'s with the numbers because it gives the impression that you\'re trying to show people how clever you are.. it would be better simplifying things by putting in a simple slide bar from left to right to increase or decrease the brightness of the toggle values. Also the first line of apps do not stay in the same position of the notification bar regardless of Priority settings.
Shawn Vansil 2020-07-02

Hands down the most useful app I use. Having this many options straight from the slide down menu is so intuitive it makes you wonder why Android doesn\'t implement more options into the quick access menu. I love the screen time out most of all. Can quickly have the option to leave your screen on. Then when wanting to return to your set time out this app even has a notification indicating that \"keep screen on\" is active, you can quickly clear it by just tapping that notification. It\'s brilliant.
Foysal Ahmed 2017-09-25

Become very unusable in Android 8.0. The shortcuts to apps don\'t work properly, won\'t unlock the screen, meaning I have to swipe, rendering the shortcut pointless. And the battery level icon doesn\'t display the correct number. Please fix, as I\'ve been relying on the wonderful app for years!
Ohan Lundblad 2017-09-21

Massively impressed with the quality of work with this app! It works, and it works well! (Make sure you read the FAQ before trying to submit a bug report on that some options cannot be toggled directly, like flight mode, on a non rooted phone.)
A Google user 2018-11-15

@@$_Awesome Highly Recommended, A reason I like this app, Always doing Updates, that is a good sign developers cares. Other apps are really Goooooood, then overnight they are gone, something that you bought. Disappears.
Dave Merrill 2016-06-18

Almost perfect, not quite Wonderful UI, many really useful options in minimal notification space, very customizable. Only gripe I have, and I really do, is that switching between Sound and Silent changes only Ringtone and Notification volume, other levels don\'t change. If I ACTUALLY want SILENT - no sound - have to choose that, reopen it and set the other volumes manually, put them back later. It\'s a handy way to get to those settings, and a lot of others, but that is annoying, I do that a lot. Wrote the dev, we\'re talking.
William Cheng 2017-09-12

Great replacement for Power Toggles, which was one of my must-have apps until the dev unfortunately stopped being able to support it. This app works about as well, and supplements the Quick Settings toggles in Oreo, allowing me to add a toggles for NFC, a one-touch volume mute, and quick shortcut access for a calculator app and the Play Store. I donated a dollar to the dev, and I encourage you to do so as well!
Post fuzz 2017-05-23

Everything I needed and more. Great features & easy to set up! The only thing keeping my from a 5th star is that the toggles keep disappearing from the notification center every now and then so I need to re-open the app for the them to get back. (I\'m on nougat 7.1.1)