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Description of Notifications archive / history

If you want to remember recent notifications. Read those that have already disappeared from your status bar. This app remembers them for a bit longer.

The archive remembers notifications, grouped by application (including system applications). You can filter / ignore applications (longer press).

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:0.5.27 Publish Date:2022-02-24 Developer:Difer

User Reviews


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Varaloba One 2018-12-13

Generally rather good, BUT , 1) messages or notifications should open directly in that app, for example Gmail, Outlook, Twitter etc., and 2) would be nice if notifications could be grouped together, for example Gmail, WhatsApp, Outlook etc., but apart from that a nicely designed app.
Justin Mclean 2020-02-09

Great app, gets a little irritable when combined with other apps features but 5 stars all the way for making all that white go away!!! And having a lot of features.
Rokn Mousavi 2018-10-21

Greg G 2019-11-23

Only shows notification after download nothing nefore
Furqan Taher 2018-09-13

So on my note 9 there was a app that kept vibrating without a notification. It had been driving me nuts for two months. I tried so many apps but none were able to help. Finally found this app and it turned to be Verizon caller ID.
A Google user 2018-07-09

Reaching disappeared notifications anytime, nice idea.
Ann Thayer 2020-01-21

It\'s awful when you tap on a notification, and then it disappears. Normally, you\'d lose access to it and it\'d be gone forever. But this app saves the day! I love it!
indubitably01 2018-07-28

This app should be installed by default, if you ever accidentally dismiss a notification before reading it, this is a lightweight way to prevent that info from being lost. Also, this app was the only of 3 similar apps I tested that actually worked for me.
Paresh Rathod 2019-08-28

Very good app for lots of notifications but widget must needed please add widget
Lane Roth 2019-05-23

This APP is a must. I have learned about interactions with my phone I never knew was happening. Some were unauthorized and have been terminated. 5 STARS!