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Description of Notify Catch - Archive & Detect notification

Accidentally deleted notification? Don't want to miss important notification? Are you waiting for a message? Identify the notification via sound?

Don't worry. This app will help you!

No longer miss notification about orders, sales, gift code, discount, new youtube/facebook content or any messages, notifications anymore!

Archive all notifications and trigger actions when receiving notifications such as Play sound, Vibrate, or Show preview content. Just hear that you can identify the notification without having to open the phone, so you do not miss important notification and take immediate action.

Free today for you

- Notification history

- Archive all notifications, search and review notifications easily

- Read messages without notifying sender

- Never miss any notifications with Floating notifications

Create a list of Keywords and set up actions when you receive notifications containing Keywords

- Set different Sound for each Keyword help to identify the notification containing the Keyword

- Set up Vibration when receiving a notification

- Immediately display preview content when receiving the notification containing the Keyword

- Search for Notifications by Keyword

If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to leave a review or email nisi.application@gmail.com.

Have a good day!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.2 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Nisi Jsc

User Reviews


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jorge online 2019-03-14

#1 When a keyword match is found, I really need the floating bubble to be persistent (to not disappear) until i click it. I don\'t want the bubble popping up unless it\'s a \"match\". #2 Also can you please add an option so i can set the floating bubble to appear only if a keyword match is found?. This would be extremely useful to me as i don\'t need the bubble popping up for every notification i receive from every group. i just need the keywords to make the bubble pop up. thank you, i love this app
Will B 2020-05-20

Crashes every time. Never fails, more than a few messages and when you try to select the app with notifications, it immediately crashes. Tried all the usual to resolve....nada. uninstalling
Dennis Dormady 2020-07-11

So I bought the \"Premium\" version, but all I\'ve seen is that there are no Ads, which is fine, though more was promised! And the \"contact us\" button goes nowhere...*sigh* I\'d like to know how to DOWNLOAD the data so I can process it elsewhere, such as in my own DB for analysis. Heck, even a .CSV would be fine. But I can\'t find it anywhere. And now the premium version doesn\'t even let me read the toasts if there are too many, whatever that is. Nice concept but failure as to more than minor usage.
Rio Wong 2020-01-25

The app runs very smoothly. However, the floating icon fades away once timeout that causes missing notifications frequently and turns this app useless. How can I keep the floating icon, so that I would pay for this app?
Tinz 2020-02-27

It\'s a great app thanks to you,I can play mystic messenger without regardless any messages or chatroom ..becuz my phone have a problem with mytic messenger only . It doesn\'t notify me anything and I always does not complete that game
David Mikel 2018-11-16

I can\'t add my own ringtone and the default ringtone plays one time only. I want it to be played more than once. Therefore, it doesn\'t have notification reminders as well.
Sidd Gould 2020-12-17

MakeADD persistent floating bubble!!!UPGRADE WAY TOO MUCH MONEY 4$ !!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! HOIDAY DISCOUNT!? ANDROID does NOT work! Needs a floating icon reminder when notifications come in!float note stays up for a split-second don\'t even have the time to read it and it does not stay
Shalitha Lahiru 2020-03-12

🔴 This app made many errors with my device. App pops up automatically. 🔴 Also made clash with microsoft launcher, which always made launcher to come home. ✔️ Has categorized notifications app-wise
James Austin 2020-04-30

I want to know what the \'premium\' features are before I pay for it. One critical thing I need is my own custom alarm sounds. Not just the 20 or so \'beeps\' that you have as default. Is that possible?
Varaloba One 2019-02-16

Initial thoughts are rather good, a very well designed app, my only comments are, floating bubble disappears too quickly, perhaps an on-screen widget, and some (not all) notifications seem to be duplicated. If a few small points could be corrected, I would certainly buy the paid version, hopefully the developer will continue the excellent work.