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Description of Notify me - Notification Reminder

Notify me - Notification Reminder

Create custom Android notifications within seconds. Create, share, bundle, customize, edit notifications.

Notify me is an app that lets you create custom Android notifications in the notification bar for a quick or scheduled reminder. It can be used to remind you of dates, tasks or other things you need to be reminded of. You have numerous possibilities to individualize the notification. It can have a chosen icon, can open a different app, can have an alarm,....

The icon can remind you of the task even without reading the title or description of the notification. If you have to write an e-mail you can chose to open the e-mail app when clicking on the notification. And if the app should remind you of taking out the trash this evening you can set an alarm.

But all this is optional. If you just want a fast and simple notification: create it! If you want an individualized and advanced notification: create it!

Instead of opening apps or looking for widgets like necessary in many To Do List Apps, you can not overlook the notifications in the notification bar (status bar). You will see the reminders every time you are looking on your phone, so that you will not forget your tasks, dates, meetings or whatever.

With this app you really have to do your best to forget any of your tasks and dates.


- Set title and description of notification

- Numerous settings to individualize the notification (Icon, Color, Alarm, App,...)

- Daily or weekly repeating alarm

- Light and Dark Theme

- Numerous Action Buttons for the notification (Snooze reminder, Bundle notifications,...)

- Material Design (Clean UI)

- Share notifications

- Notification history

- Recreate notifications

- Heads-Up notifications, Floating Pop-Up (Android >= 21)

- Optional: Instant close after creating/editing note

- Optional: Persistent notification for quick-add in the status bar

- Notifications will be displayed on your Android Wear Smartwatch

- Totally free and ad-free

- Fast and lightweight

- Share text into Notify me


- Full Internet access: Used by Firebase Crash Reporting Tool

- View Network status / WiFi state: Used by Firebase Crash Reporting Tool

- Control vibration: Used to use vibration for notifications

- Run at startup: Used to show Notifications after restart

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.6.3 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:Lars Feßen

User Reviews


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Steff 2019-07-27

I really want to like it, but the notifications don\'t appear in my notification bar unless I open up the app, which kinda defeats the purpose
Gábor Klement 2019-10-03

Finally a usable app for this amongst those not very effective ones. [PROS]: Notifications can be colorized separately, They don\'t dissapear if you don\'t want to (!!!), Display tasks separately (not grouped), Quick add button on noti area, Dark theme in free version. [CONS]: Google task sync would be awesome. [NOTES]: I tried almost all app in this category, and this is the only one which works flawlessly, has every essential function without to be bloated with craps, and which I can use very effectively. I am so happy I found it. You deserve the support, Sir.
Angela Easley 2019-05-01

This app is Amazing. It Does exactly what I need/want it to and the best part is it doesnt clutter up my calendar. This doesnt use your calendar for reminders which is great. I\'ve been looking for an app that does this without adding it to my calendar and cluttering it up. Thank you so much. I definitely recommend this app. You will not regret downloading this. plz make it where you can sign into this app so you can use it on multiple devices.
C4_yrslf 2020-09-02

Perfect! I was wondering if I could make an app that fid exactly this! So I made a quick search and found that there are many apps of this particular use! I installed this one only as it simply works exactly as I envisionned it. It perfectly fits my needs and will most certainly help keep my adhd brain on track. Thank you seriously.
Pete McQueeny 2020-02-19

Would be great if it worked. The reminders don\'t come at the set time, and sometimes they don\'t come at all. And sometimes they don\'t behave like they\'re supposed to. Sometimes I swipe the notification away, and it puts it in my removed list. Wish this app worked, it\'d be great.
Eric Davis 2018-11-06

Awesome work! This app is so good, I depend on it daily. Couple suggestions. In the reminder list display the date/time of each reminder when it will fire (including indicator icons for repeat, color, etc). Also an obvious indicator showing when something is overdue would be nice. Lastly please add the ability to save/restore config to Google Drive. Keep up the great work! :-)
GirlyTodd 2020-11-07

Exactly what i was looking for. My ONLY complaint is that the daily feature doesn\'t have an option for just Monday thru Friday so the notification comes up Saturdays and Sundays as well...... If there is an option for this I haven\'t found it yet.
Gary Hughes 2019-10-28

Recently downloaded a small number of notification apps. I thought most of them were just ok with a mixture of positives and negatives. But it is this one I liked the best. I have now used it for over a month and I\'m very happy to rate the app 5 stars.
Jim R 2018-11-21

I needed some daily reminders, but didn\'t want to use Google Calendar, since every reminder shows up in the view, making it look cluttered. This app is exactly what I needed as an alternative. The interface is pretty straightforward, with plenty of options to customize the behavior of the notifications.
Mark Iceman0001 2018-01-16

This app is excellent ..... outstanding. A must have on any Android device. Extremely well thought-out and designed by its developer. Notifications can be added quickly and easily. Absolutely love the fact that notifications are not deleted instead they are placed on a \"remove\" list and can be very easily reinstated as \"current\" to be used again and again. Everything can be accessed from the Android notifications panel , no need to bring up the app itself. UI is perfectly laid out by the developer. Notifications can be very easily reused or deleted as needed. Combined with a dark theme and the ability to add your own sounds with no ads makes this app amazing. EVERYONE should have this on their phone and tablet. I\'ve been looking for something just like this for a long time. A big thank you to its developer from me.