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Description of Notion - DIY Smart Monitoring

Managed through an easy-to-use app, Notion’s multifunctional sensors can monitor for:

• Opening doors and windows

• Water leaks

• Sounding smoke and CO alarms

• Temperature changes

Any time one of your Notion Sensors detects activity, you’ll receive a notification directly to your smartphone.


Create your account and follow the easy step-by-step instructions on setting up your Notion system.


Decide what you want to be notified about and customize when you want to receive push notifications. You can opt to receive task-related push notifications based on whether you’re home or away and have the option of either setting your location manually or turning on Notion’s auto home/away detection feature.


Safely and reliably share access and control of your Notion System with your family, roommates, friends, neighbors or staff without sharing personal log-in information.

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:22.2.1-018-RELEASE Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:Notion

User Reviews


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Dave Houlton 2020-01-13

Received a complimentary starter kit from my home-owners insurance, and after seeing the recent reviews for the app I was expecting the worst - but in fact my experience has been nearly perfect. The app walks you through simple instructions to set up the base and the 2 included sensors, and the whole thing was up and running within 10 minutes. I put the sensors on my garage door (for open/close) and on the floor of the laundry room (leak detection). I tested the water sensor with a little puddle and got an alert on my phone within 30 sec. The garage door sensor has been 100% reliable so far. The temp readings from both sensors are also a nice bonus. As for unwanted phone alerts, they can be enabled individually for home, away, and/or night, so unwanted alerts really aren\'t a problem. I would only recommend a 2-piece magnet sensor for a window or swinging door, and the false alarms from these 1-piece sensors seem to be a common problem. But as orientation sensor (garage) or water (laundry) sensor, they\'ve been perfect. I don\'t often leave reviews, but my experience has been great and I felt like this product was being unfairly down-voted by people that don\'t really understand what the sensors are capable of.
CJ Torsy 2019-08-24

Its the standard subpar home \"defense\" system. While it is easy to install and start up, the actual system itself is a bust. I will wake up to 50+ notifications (not an exaggeration) saying that my door has been opened/closed every minute. Its difficult to take this system seriously with this type of fault. How am i as a Home Owner supposed to rely on a Home Defense device with this type of fault. Fix this bug and we can revisit a higher rating. Avoid this system until they fix their system.
Lisa Sundberg 2019-06-06

My notion was so easy to set up. It took me 10 minutes to install my app and install all 3 of my sensors. I put them on 2 of my exterior doors and my garage door then tested them all and they all notified me right away. The app and the sensors all work great!
Don Zielinski 2019-12-31

Please don\'t waste your\'e time and all the trouble it takes to get this system up and running. The start-up system was sent to me free by my homeowners insurance co. After spending for all the upgrades and extra sensors, the system has been nothing but trouble\' I even had to upgrade to an android phone to integrate the system to get it to work. Then all hell broke loose with false alerts and failed bridges. I purchased another new bridge and that won\'t install. I contacted Notion but were not helpful enough to get the system started again over the phone. Even after I received some helpful tips in the way of paths to follow and try and following all the troubleshooting tips on the i-phone and website, the bridges won\'t connect. I\'ve checked my wi-fi signal, my internet connection accesses for all apps, as well as permissions,etc. I now have 3 full days trying over and over all the different tips, instructions to the letter to no avail. The bridges will not connect to the system. I have no working alarm system now and I give up. It wasn\'t worth all the time and expense I\'ve gone through to have a system that started out free and added expenses and trouble to have. Save yourself from this fiasco!
Cameron Kirsch 2019-10-28

When the sensors are placed on doors, they will send multiple \"open\" notifications a minute, even when the doors are closed. I turned off all door notifications because of the annoyance, which means the sensor is just hanging out. Not protecting anything. And I wouldn\'t be able to tell if it was really open anyways. I got this system for free from my home insurance provider, and it reduces the cost of my policy, so it\'s not a total waste. But still 1* because the system does not work.
Nate Joseph 2019-12-13

Update: both sensors are junk. this is a responce to Notions responce that they are a small team. If you are a small team that cant provide user guidance then rolling your product out with home insurance is a terrible plan. The product doesn\'t work. It sends useless notifications. The user experience team is unhelpful and slow to respond. The installation process has frustrating and endless loops with no help or guidance. I only use it for the discount. Cute size.
Levi Richardson 2019-01-24

I have since removed motion from my door sensors; effectively now just temperature sensors. Tired of notifications while home. The \"don\'t notify when home\" doesn\'t work and yes.. I\'ve emailed support.... Previous: I think the integration with 3rd parties is going backwards. Notion needs to be accessed BY others, not Notion accessing others. Example: I want to be able to have a Samsung SmartThings light turn on if a notion door sensor moves. Or turn on an Arlo camera if notion detects water...
gmail box 2019-12-22

This is the most terrible security sensor or device whatever you want to call it. It\'s faulty! I was at home and I kept getting alerts that my main entrance door was opened, closed, opened, closed every minute, etc. If I don\'t hook this damn system up and activate it then I don\'t get a discount on my home owner insurance. Turning it off NOW. It is a joke! 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Brylinski 2020-11-12

Not intuitive. Replaced batteries and now my sensors are dead and can\'t connect to bridge. Called in and followed suggested steps to remedy. Still not connecting to bridge.
Joy Bailey 2020-08-12

This is horrible like so many others the bridge connection doesn\'t work. Its supposed to be plug and play but let me tell you this is not smooth tech at all! So frustrating!