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Numbers: Crazy Millions - Take Ten Logic Puzzle



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Description of Numbers: Crazy Millions - Take Ten Logic Puzzle

Crazy Millions is a fascinating math game, previously known as Numberama, Take Ten, or 10 Seeds. It’s not just a regular puzzle, since while playing Crazy Millions, you develop logic, train your thinking and just spend your time both in an amusing and useful way.

Among the key advantages of Mad Millions are:

• Fascinating and simple puzzle

• User-friendly, modern, nice interface

• Several game modes

• Competitions and ratings of the best players

• Special boosters

Crazy Millions literally takes you into the amazing world of numbers. Even if you don't like math, this puzzle will surely impress you


You can understand the rules in a few minutes. Your task is to get rid of all numbers. You have to do the following:

• You have to delete pairs of numbers that sum to 10;

• Delete pairs of numbers, such as 9 and 9. However, you can delete pairs that are located adjacent to each other either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. There should be no other numbers in between them. You can also remove the same numbers if the one is located in the first field square and the second one is in the last field square

• If the pairs of numbers are running out, you have to delete the remaining numbers from the last square.

The game will finish after all numbers will be removed from the fields.


Crazy Millions has no age limit. Both adults and children find this game interesting. Crazy Millions is a great way to develop your child's math skills and attention. You can play Numbers literally anywhere. Time flies pretty fast while solving an amusing puzzle. Download the game and check it out yourself!

Crazy Millions is absolutely free, but for those who don’t like watching ads and want to have it all, there is a chance of getting the VIP access. It will let you avoid nasty ad videos and unlock many additional bonuses.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.5.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:OAZIS GAMES

User Reviews


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Nina Centeno 2020-12-30

This is a really fun, addicting game, however, it is ruined by having to pay much more in tokens than you\'re able to earn, just to be able to add lines. This is the first game I\'ve seen like this that charges you to add numbers, and not many more lines (numbers) at that, to allow for more gameplay time. I like how you can merge the numbers to change the sum. This game has a great concept, unfortunately, with what I stated above, it is a big turnoff from it, atleast for me. I\'ll keep looking.
Wendy Adams 2020-10-21

Need to watch to many commercials for so little time to play.
Misty Vaughn 2021-02-25

Very fun. Time consuming and brain stimulating
Rachel Rickard 2020-12-15

Game concept is cool, but that is it. It should be called \"Crazy Millions for the Developer\". Extra lines cost a premium as they double in price... or, you have the option to subscribe for almost $5/week!!!! That\'s $260/yr!!! There are other games that are similar that you can play for free. Although, it\'s a cool take on Numberama games... it\'s not THAT cool. Fix your prices and you could have more people who play. Also, there is a lag that occurs when matching numbers. It is annoying.
Nancy Matthews 2020-11-10

Hellooooooo no videos play for coins And you are actually charging for extra lines which doubles constantly.......5 10 20 40 80 Seriously ??????
Shannon Hensley 2021-03-13

Nurul Huwaida 2021-02-28

I like the concept of the game, addition, up and down. However, i hate the fact that it needed to waste your coins each time you add a line. It\'s random number, and when we start playing it, we still doesn\'t have much coins. Then it turned out we just wasted the coins for the additional lines. Please remove this. Maybe the coins can be change with hints or bombs to explode all the unnecessary numbers, instead of paying for adding more lines. I would love to keep continue playing this game.
Pamela Keller Hall 2021-03-10

I got hooked but because of warning from my security software I uninstalled it