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Numeroscope - Numerology & Numbers Meaning



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Description of Numeroscope - Numerology & Numbers Meaning

The universe is a system that can be broken down into its most basic elements: numbers. The same applies to you with your personal numbers: hidden fingerprints of who you really are. Numeroscope uses laws of mathematics and esoteric numerology to decipher the secrets of your birth date and your name.

These calculations will give you a better understanding of your inner self and how to realize your full potential. Properly interpreted, name numerology and birthday numerology also provide daily forecast (numerology horoscope and predictions) to get advice and guidance on a daily basis.


Get daily predictions and numerology charts based on your birthdate analysis and contextual elements of the day:

- Daily predictions

- Significant hours

- Favorable colors

- Lucky numbers

- Horoscope

- Advice and guidance


Your Life Path Number reveals your greater purpose in life and all the potential you have. It indicates your strengths, challenges and values that will always be active and influential throughout your lifetime. It is based on your date of birth and uses a numerology chart with the Pythagorean method.


Your Destiny Number (or Expression Number) indicates how you will achieve your greater purpose. It reveals how you express your feelings, thoughts and emotions in the path of achieving goals. It is based on your name and uses a numerology calculator also using the Pythagorean method.

Numerology calculators sometimes reveal special numbers: 11, 22 and 33. These are the Master Numbers (or Angel Numbers) and indicate a powerful characteristic (positive or negative) in a personality. Do you have one of these golden numbers in your numerology charts?

Numeroscope provides free numerology reports, numbers meaning and forecasts. It is a free app and display ads that can be removed for a small fee.

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User Reviews


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Jennifer Cuozzo 2020-06-28

Although it may look complex, the Numeroscope is quite simple. The complexity is handled by the designer of the app. All that is required is to enter your date of birth. Personal daily readings are unique due to the combination of the current date combined with your birth number. I enjoy the daily readings based the ancient practice of Numerology. Thank you to the designer of this app!
Jennifer Nicole 2020-05-03

Honestly, it freaked me out and I was shocked to how point on and accurate the first time I read my horoscope. I don\'t know how it was on point and everything happened just as it said. Another strange but fascinating to say the least , is I just downloaded the app maybe 5mins ago and the day has passed. It literally predicted everything! I think I will have to differently keep this one. Just try it!
Tracey Seekins 2020-07-17

I was in weird and curious frame of mind, due to lots of stress and anxiety in my life right now, so I tried this app. Ive also been seeing my birthday month and day ALL the time! Everyday when i look at a clock, its there! And I dont think of it or realize the time it is. But after reading my results, I couldnt believe how RIGHT ON it was about me, and what Im dealing with. Very cool!
Jodi Terry 2020-07-01

When I was searching for an explanation of why I was always seeing repeated numbers everyday! It was intriguing to me. My husband didn\'t believe me when I told him about these occurrences. So I started pointing it out to him. He was quite amazed. One day I was telling a friend of mine about these happenings. She referred me to what I call, \"The World of Numerology.\" This lead me to begin my search of an app with all the info & knowledge on Numerology. This app has been the most informative
BlackSamDeuce 2020-05-06

Really like the app. Very user friendly easy to use. Just one hang up about it is that it doesn\'t incorporate the value of your middle name. So there\'s that little voice that\'s like \"well what am I missing out on\"? Lol
Carrie A 2020-05-19

What it tells you each day with your daily number is far more specific than other numerology apps I\'ve tried. It\'s still somewhat repetitive but it\'s supposed to be & its expected. The horoscope for each day I\'m not a fan of and it can somewhat contradict what it says about your daily number at times BUT I got the app for the numerology part of it so in that reguard it\'s the BEST app I\'ve used.
Brandy Beck 2020-04-26

I enjoy this ap for my daily horoscope and lucky numbers. I also like the advice given each day. So far it has been right based on my daily encounters. Props to developer(s)!!
Vaibhav Kandari 2020-12-29

Great app, quite precise...But, there should be puctuations like commas, which would help understand the horroscope even better.It creates a lot of confusion on what to do and what not to. Edit-1: I have got to know that ur app tells the horroscope on the basis of the Lifepath number.since there are total 9 numbers and more than a billion people in this world, I doubt the accuracy of the horroscope, especially when it tells my traits.
Alexandria Silcox 2020-10-29

Love the setup of the app. Pretty nifty, and easy to use the way it\'s all laid out. Full of information thats interesting and helpful for day to day planning or just simple overview of the day. Great job! Its caught my attention, and I\'m no rookie by no means, to numerology or any sort of horoscope esk type of subject. Love it!
Caitlin Realize 2020-04-01

I ❤️ found this to feel better than the 2other numerology apps I tried. I felt like I had an advantage over the day after I read the daily insight this morning. I feel a calm around what I want to achieve in my day and my life. And it is very easy to navigate, easy to read and understand. Bonus Is: it doesn\'t have many ads! The other numerology apps were making me guess myself too much, and I felt like it had too many numbers, buttons, and too hard to decifer how it applied to my life.