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Description of Nuri: Mobile Banking & Bitcoin

Nuri — a full mobile bank account to invest, save and grow your money with cryptocurrencies and more.

· 300,000+ Users · €100,000 Banking Deposit Guarantee · €0,00 Per Month · 1% crypto trading fee only. Nuri is an all-in-one solution and your route to financial independence.

Make investing a breeze: Invest in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and ethereum, create savings plans & earn up to 5% interest per year on Bitcoin directly from a mobile German bank account. Show-stopping Visa debit card included.

A simple way to save and invest in crypto, such as bitcoin, ethereum, and more, from one app.

Open your mobile bank account in under 7 minutes today.

Know you should be investing but don’t know where to start? The Nuri banking and trading app can make investing in crypto a reality for anyone, even if you’re just starting out. Join over 300,000 investors and let Nuri guide the way to new financial and crypto opportunities.

A look inside:


• Worry-free mobile trading with Savings Plans: no more confusion about when to invest — buy recurring amounts of crypto (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum) on your own schedule.

• Bitcoin and Ethereum Savings plans are the easiest way to make investing in crypto part of your routine and maximise your savings.


• Invest in Bitcoin and Etherum within minutes, 24/7.

• Watch your Bitcoin grow: Earn up to 5% interest per year with the Bitcoin Interest Account

• Track your wealth with customisable bitcoin and ethereum price charts for stress-free crypto trading.

• Manage all your Bitcoin and Ethereum investments in a single view - straight from your mobile bank account.

• Transparent 1% crypto trading fee with no hidden surprises


• Equipped with a Visa debit card that offers unlimited ATM withdrawals worldwide.

• Make SEPA transfers and pay your bills, rent or shopping for seamless mobile banking.

• Manage & track your daily spendings and finances easily.

• Use your Visa debit card anywhere at millions of locations worldwide - your favourite shop or takeout is waiting.


• Full German Euro banking with your personal IBAN.

• Banking is easy with Nuri: your mobile bank account, fee-free Visa debit card with no monthly fees and no schufa required.

• Your choice between secure crypto wallets: we offer beginner or advanced crypto wallets.

• Biometric authorisation features that put security in the front seat.

Your bank account is hosted by Solarisbank and your deposits are protected by the German Deposit Scheme. Your money is safe with us. Nuri offers seamless crypto trading from a full German bank account with a debit card and IBAN included. Exchange your crypto in EUR to Bitcoin and vice versa within the app or web. We charge just a 1% trading fee for crypto trading transactions (bitcoin, ethereum) Nuri offers two types of crypto wallets to store your bitcoin and ethereum. Choose between non-custodial or custodial crypto wallets and enjoy the trading perks of each crypto wallet. Deposits within the bank account are protected by the German Deposit Scheme. Your Nuri visa debit card can be used at millions of locations worldwide, wherever VISA is accepted. Use Nuri's features can be used on mobile or desktop. Enjoy mobile banking, investing crypto trading wherever you go with your mobile bank account and mobile crypto wallets within the app.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.3.22 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Nuri GmbH

User Reviews


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Ralph Clayton 2020-06-20

Stupid verification process. Too intrusive. 10 minute video call with, passport and address verification document???? Ridiculous. Its 2020, these guys make it seem like it\'s 1999. I\'m sure they are losing a lot of possible customers, thanks to their archaic user experience. There are far better options out there. Like Revolut. Or, if you\'re into crypto bank accounts and card. There\'s wirex and monolith. 🙃🙃🙃
Atla Tida 2020-01-29

Unfunctional, very bad support, and after i waited 2 weeks so I can end up all the process, after they told me on video that the process is done and everything ok, when I try to log in in they ask me to make video verification again and of I try is not possible because I receive that is already made 🤦‍♂️
Naick & Kim 2020-03-29

Very lengthy sign-up process. Had to try multiple times to verify. The person at IDnow was very rude and not helpful. Ended up using another app. Avoid at all cost.
Edward Ratley 2020-05-14

Love and hate relationship. SEPA Bank transfers are extremely fast. Sometimes within a couple of hours. The help desk responds extremely fast. However try doing a transfer using the app. I switch to another screen to copy my IBAN and when I switch back to Bitwala, I\'ve been logged off. I then have to enter all my information again. Then I have to enter the SMS confirmation code. I switch to my messages to copy it. And when I switch back to Bitwala it refuses to let me enter the code. Frustrating
Angel Lecitel 2020-07-03

Please erase all my data from your database. I install your app second time today on android phone and verification didn\'t go through. There is no way that you respond via support as after login I got directly to verification, and you no answer via email. I can\'t trust you and will not recommend your site to anyone from my circle.
Husky Game X 2020-12-11

I have tried veryfying my account 3 times so far. Each video call takes a long time to be answered. On 2 instances the reviewers weren\'t able to send me a code through SMS and they didn\'\'t know why (we even tried 2 different phone numbers). On third instance, the verifier was rude and also hanged up on me in the middle of the process. As much as I would like to create an account you are unable to prpceed my claim and therefore you didnt gain a new customer. EDIT: Read my review again, you scam
Pure Adventure 2020-10-29

I have been trying to get verified by video but despite having fibre connection and the app stating connection is excellent, I keep having to wait for over 30min and nobody shows up, this is terrible in this day and age . I have better things to do , waiting for that long is madness. What a rubbish service. Not a great start . Mighty disappointed
Marco Morata 2020-02-25

Be careful as it seems a promotion scam. I invited a friend and the system didn\'t apply the referral. I sent them a few emails and they just keep ignoring my messages. My friend joined through my link and an agent said to send you an email because the referral didn\'t work, but I repeat again: you are ignoring the emails because you don\'t want to do the referral manually as promised!!!
Henrique Rocha 2020-06-08

After the latest update I still can\'t create a Bitcoin wallet even if I don\'t use a password manager. The app just goes to the login screen while typing the wallet password. I\'m giving up on Bitwala and uninstalling the app. I\'m not putting my money in an app where I can\'t even create a wallet. So frustrating...
Andrew Hodkinson 2020-05-16

The verification people are incredibly rude, and unless you have everything ready for them within the first 5 seconds, they will disconnect you. Two weeks into the account, my card has been blocked without reason. Customer services don\'t seem to be responding, are they all on annual leave? I\'ve been left without access to funds for weeks now. Terrible service 😒