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Description of Nurse’s Drug Handbook

McGraw-Hill Nurse’s Drug Handbook provides everything nurses must know to protect themselves and their patients when administering drugs. The Handbook delivers the evidence-base needed to safely administer more than 3,000 brand-name drugs and 1,000 generic drugs – along with important patient monitoring instructions specific to each drug.

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Inside are boxed FDA warnings alongside each monograph, as well as special icons that point out hazardous and high-alert drugs. You'll also find coverage on safe drug administration, as well as critical advice on treating adverse reactions.

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User Reviews


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Robert Vecchio 2020-02-24

You get one day free trial then pay $30 to continue to use it, great if this is your profession and you can make money off this app, but for someone like me who just wants to be educated about the drugs being subscribed to me... this is not at all worth it.
Luke Gonyea 2020-05-27

Using on Chromebook. The free trial allowed me to type in another window while the app was up, which was great for transcribing notes. I paid for the premium content and now every time I click in another window to take notes, the Drug Handbook window closes. I can copy one word at a time, or the entire entry, not sections. Waste of money, would have bought a hard copy if I knew the app was going to act this way.
Ngong Emeline 2020-06-10

This app is the best so far but troubles me when just a one day trial is given..I needed a full functional offline app
P J 2020-11-14

Wow downloaded it today says in description 30days but said 1day after downloading. Now my one day is already up at first I didn\'t know if it was just for downloading the content but it has taken all searching privileges away. I\'m really upset the way this app is set up. Content was good and very useful. Seems like just a money pit. Wants to give you time with the app but just enough to get you drawn in. I\'m not buying it BECAUSE of the way its set up. Periodt.
Tom Mokaya 2020-03-16

It has started with a lot of adverts, please try to minimize because of the use of bundles.
Dustin Jackson 2019-10-21

EXCEPTIONAL app. Great info right at your finger tips. Helping me through nursing school.
chelimo Emmanuel 2020-03-04

I have enjoyed the pdf .thanks
billy goldberg 2018-12-05

Appears to have a few serious bugs right now. I will rate it again after they fix this..
Paul Galus 2019-03-08

I have advanced stage 4 metastatic B-RAF+ malignant Melanoma and is spreading. This app/book gives me critical information & knowledge about all my medications including chemotherapy. I highly recommend it.
sayibu Abdul fatawu 2018-09-04

Sad to see a 3.9 rating. This app is worth more than 10 Stars. Very informative,comprehensive , and straight forward.