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Description of Nurture - Smart Reminders and Relationship Coach

Nurture checks WhatsApp, Messenger, etc and reminds you to keep in touch with friends and family. Chat with your coach to get support and tips on your relations.

1. Automatically checks and reminds if you haven’t reached out to someone through WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, etc in a while. Consistency matters in relations!

2. Relationship coach to speak about everyday problems you’re having with your partners, friends, and family - who hears you out and offers continuous support to solve conflicts and even get tips on improving your relationships.

3. Scheduled messages –set “happy birthdays”, “how was your meeting?”, “hey, are we still on for tomorrow?”, etc in advance – directly onto other messaging apps. Keep your network impressed with thoughtful follow-ups.

4. View your contacts grow as beautiful trees the more you interact with them. Record notes to remind yourself about the things your network cares about.

Upcoming features:

- Tags for contacts such as “family”, “work”, “college”, etc

- Timeline to view interaction history with your contacts

- Integration with platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail, etc.

Our mission is to make Nurture an intimate space for your most important relations so you feel more deeply connected with them. Along with helping you keep consistent in staying in touch thoughtfully, we are also passionate about providing you with actionable tips and coaching on becoming a better communicator to your partners, friends, family and professional network.

Nurture offers the functions of personal CRMs, without the need to manually log “last contacted”. Users have found Nurture helpful to remind them to keep in touch with important people in their lives when business or laziness may unintentionally cause them to put it off for later.

We will never sell your data, and it will always belong to you. We have a freemium model, which is our only source of revenue since data privacy is our most important concern when it comes to your relations.

Please email us at team@ownemit.com for any support or feature requests! We’d love to hear your feedback.

*Relationship coaching

*Scheduled messages

*Relationship manager

*Contacts manager

*Personal CRM

*Communication tool

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:1.3.3 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:emit

User Reviews


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Ben Spitz 2020-05-20

Great idea, but currently doesn\'t detect all of my contacts! Hopefully this is resolved soon. Edit: this was changed, now the app sees all of your contacts!
Winston Mathew 2020-04-22

Been looking for an app like this for such a long time!
Amir Mazor 2020-05-03

Was looking forward to the release of this app. Unfortunately I\'m not sure it\'s ready yet. I set reminders for contacts, and the next reminder skipped from April (this month) to may. So it won\'t remind me this month to message my contacts. Hopefully it won\'t happen again next month (I\'ll let you know next month). EDIT: Seems to be working well now! Still seems a little too simplistic (I guess im a sucker for gamification). it does everything it claims to do. Still needs more options for length
Muhammad Fassih Haider 2020-06-14

I never knew I needed this in my life. The application is beautiful amd easy to use. I love it. And if you don\'t mind me giving a few suggestions and features to include in the application such as; 1. Feature to group and reorder people 2. Random time during day (if I message a person every week on the same day at the same time, it will look weird)
Missing Pixel 2020-05-01

I like this app so far. It\'s very simple, user-friendly, and beautiful. I would give it 3 stars as of right now because it doesn\'t automatically detect all contacts however it seems as if the devs are working on that. Once it has that feature I\'d definitely recommend. Rated 5 stars because this is an app that I would love to have installed while the devs work on improving it. Edit- they updated it. Omg 😍 I can\'t wait to feel socially responsible. Thanks!
Victoria Tovar 2020-05-01

This is great concept. It\'s a minimalistic app that helps your grow your relationships, using a simple visual analogy of a tree\'s health to remind you. For the product development team: there is a simple bug that needs to be addressed. I can add an individual; however, there is no current option for me to remove the contact from my garden. Please address this. :)
Kyle Uhlich 2020-06-06

Absolutely one of the best apps I have ever downloaded and used. It\'s a game-changer. Going from talking to my mother once every couple weeks I almost talked to her everyday now
Omkar Vaity 2020-05-06

Really liked the concept of a tree showing visually how our relationship is. Worked without any problem on Android 10 (realme UI skin) on realme 3
Andrew Balfour 2020-05-04

I love the idea here, have only just started using Nurture but I love the design and ease of use so far. A couple of minor things: as another user said, there doesn\'t seem to be any way to remove contacts that you don\'t want any more, and I think it would be great if there were some way to incorporate group chats, either as a separate tree or as an update to each user in the group individually.
Sebastian Brookfield 2020-06-10

A really nice little app that helps build friendships. I\'ve been using it for a while and it actually caused me to message a friend exactly when they needed it. This is a fantastic app.