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Description of Obi - Rideshare & Taxi Savings

The award winning Obi app compares all taxi, rideshare and black car prices in real time. So you have access to every car in the city and ALWAYS get the cheapest ride.

Save $20-$50 on airport and longer rides.

Save $5-$10 on regular rides.

The savings really add up. Regular rides can save thousands of dollars in a few years. The simple truth is we all over pay for rides when we don't compare. And most drivers driver for multiple companies. So you are paying different rates for exactly the same car and driver. That's why it pays to compare!

Download the free ride-share-app today and change the way you ride!

Whether you are after a cheap taxi or cheap rideshare, Obi will help you find it! In seconds you can easily compare all car services in one free app - get the best price and the quickest pickup.

Our app gives you access to all the major rideshares and taxis across the USA and globally. Through our platform you can compare all the leading rides including Uber, Ola, Via, Bolt, Curb, Taxify, Cabify, Le Cab, FreeNow, Kapten, Kabbee and dozens of other rideshare, black car and taxi providers.

Forget just using the Lyft rider app or the Uber rider app. Obi is not affiliated with any single rideshare or ridehail company - we are 100% independent. Our mission is to simply help you find the best ride, whether that is an Uber, taxi or other vehicle. We provide full transparency so you can immediately book the best ride. And we ensure we only partner with reputable companies too.

Obi is 100% free. We do not charge you for using the platform or add any extra on the price.

Because we aggregate cars from all the major suppliers you get the sum of all drivers combined. That means you win, the drivers win. In cities like New York, Obi gives you over 99% of all drivers on one platform. And because you get to compare, you can save on average 20% per ride. The app works around the world, so whether you are in London, Paris, Sydney or dozens of other cities we can help you compare the best rides.

If you’ve ever encountered no cars available, surge pricing, having to wait too long to be picked up or are just curious whether you’re simply overpaying for every ride, you need to give Obi a try. Even if you're used to just taking Cabs, you can now hail a cab ride with Obi as well.

Even if you don’t use ridehails like Uber, Via, Ola, Curb, Taxify, Bolt, FreeNow or Le Cab on a regular basis, Obi can still help you save. Journeys to and from the airport can differ by over $40 if you don’t compare.

Obi is also perfect for your company / employees to save thousands of dollars on ride shares too. Now you can ensure you or your employees always take the cheapest / quickest ride options available to make your company more efficient.

Launched in New York, Obi works in hundreds of cities across the USA including, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, San Diego and pretty much everywhere else! Obi also works globally too.

Visit www.rideobi.com for more information or to sign up for our email.

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lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:2.108 Publish Date:2022-03-10 Developer:Bellhop Technologies Inc

User Reviews


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James Ratcliffe 2020-10-07

Great app. Incorporates my discounts for both Uber and Lyft, so the pricing\'s accurate. UI works well, and when I choose a provider, the price in the Lyft/Uber app matches what Bellhop quotes. Saves me quite a bit of money.
Origami Master Nguyen 2020-06-15

I have found critical bug, 1) I have installed the Bellhop app 2) I have opened the Bellhop then I exit the app. 3) The next time I have opened the app, I just see blank orange screen and I can not use the app anymore. I\'m not sure if it is only me, I have a galaxy note 10 with the latest Android OS. Can you fix this issue? This is an amazing app.
Ryan Briar 2020-12-09

I would give this more than 2 stars if I was 1. able to link Uber to it and 2. able to link more than JUST Uber. For an app developed in NZ, and my residing in NZ, I did expect a bit better than that - especially when Ola is shown in screenshots of the app in the play store.
Kristina Catherine 2021-01-06

Doesn\'t work. Won\'t go past startup screen
Cameron Hudson 2019-08-17

The search results never load.
Jaye Favor 2020-12-20

Although the App sends you to the Ridesharing site it will eventually save you money.
potion802 2019-06-07

Fantastic, usually saves around ~15% a ride or more. I can\'t believe I never heard of this before.
Randy Sparks 2019-06-02

bloated and hard to use. I actually liked farewell better, it was easier and straight to the point.
Slava Kozlovskii 2020-08-27

The idea is great, the UI seems good too, support was very quick and responsive. However, the app doesn\'t account for discounts and promotions for many ridesharing apps (all except Uber in Australia) so the pricing estimates are mostly incorrect. Would happily give 5 stars otherwise.
Viktor William Fujinuma 2019-11-10

A very good app, helped me get my ride to work a bit cheaper, may use this more often, thanks.