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Description of Ocean Reef Life - 3D Virtual Aquarium

****** NEW UNDERWATER LIGHTING EFFECT! (and many bug fixes) ******

Dive into the virtual ocean of Ocean Reef Life, where you can grow and care for an aquatic wonderland of marine creatures from colorful tropical fish to predatory sharks and massive whales.

Visit your reef in the palm of your hand anytime. Watch your fish grow from babies to adults, then breed more! Collect hearts to buy bigger and better creatures. Enjoy 100% 3D and free movement with tons of realistic and beautiful digital creatures to discover and care for!


- Fill your 3D reef with over 50 beautifully realistic virtual ocean creatures from tiny colorful clownfish to gigantic blue whales.

- Freely explore your reef with several camera modes, you'll feel like your swimming inside!

- Your creatures are always producing hearts! Keep them producing hearts and collect them when full.

- Watch your creatures grow from tiny babies to mature adults ready to breed and product hearts!

- Grow, collect, breed, repeat! Use Pearls to speed up the and you'll have a burgeoning reef in no time!

- Over 40 marine creatures to unlock and buy in the Shop, with new creatures added each monthly.

- Discover special breeding pairs and birth rare and valuable creatures. Complete goals to earn more bonuses and XP

- Spin the Reward Wheel for bonuses and find the hidden Clam to get a Pearl bonus! You can also watch ads or play demos for daily rewards.

- Go for #1! See how you rank against players throughout the world, your country, or your city/state

- Interact with other users, visit their reefs and buy creatures from the marketplace

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More Information Of Ocean Reef Life - 3D Virtual Aquarium

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:340 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Superheart Studios Inc

User Reviews


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Mia Nelson 2019-02-15

I think people are being to harsh on this game. It has some improvements that can be made to make gameplay better, but the graphics aren\'t nearly as bad as people are saying. I enjoy playing this game, however, there isnt a whole lot to do. Perhaps adding a minigame or something similar would improve it. However, I think this is an enjoyable game, and has some nice sea creatures.
Stephen Tea 2019-02-10

don\'t bother downloading it, the aquarium itself uses 180p graphics, it\'s like holding a 1980s CRT tv a foot away from my face. the loading screens like 4k. theres no option in settings to raise graphics and it\'s like being offered realistic 3d open world game only to find out you\'re playing a yes or no 2d game on paper with a pen. horrible and made with unity like like skyrim was made on a commodore.
David Scott 2019-02-10

awesome! just started playing but ive been waiting for a reef simulation forever. i always felt devs could do so much more with fish, plant life and creatures like shrimp or eels etc than just the simple aquarium sims.
Fenyx 2019-02-10

This game has potential. It\'s nowhere near as bad as many of the reviews make it out to be, but there are other aquarium sims out there that offer more, even if the graphics are slightly less impressive. I\'m interested to see what this game will add in the future. Personally, I\'d recommend something like what another similar game offers: a one time IAP that turns off ads and enables trading hearts to get pearls. That would be a great start. Also, direct selling without costing pearls is a must.
Kathy TurtleToo Kent 2019-02-10

Love the 3D graffics! idk why anyone would give this app anything but a good review. I\'ve installed on an lg q7plus and a Motorola e5play it opperates smoothly. The choice of fish is great and very claming for me. I love it. Thanks for the new update! It is working well.
eo fvs 2019-02-09

i give this game 5-stars because it says its a aquariam and it seems like a good game but it doesnt really load well on phones although it should work for phone
A Google user 2019-02-09

This is an idle clicker game that relies mostly on boredom and a public willing to spend lots of money on absolutely nothing.
Ruth Wellington 2019-03-22

the detail is nice but the animation is glitchy. so is the environment. the gane is new so the options to spend on different ocean life is limited. Pearls aren\'t easy to come by, but you can earn them without buying. I have a lot of hearts but nothing to spend them on. that will likely change in the future. the market for buying with hearts uses local to you, if there aren\'t many other players there aren\'t many options. relaxing game, nice sounds, background musis is nice as well.
Em Tanita 2019-02-19

I\'ve got an up and down feeling for this one. There\'s tons of better fish sims out there, but this one is brand new and just hasn\'t had time to refine like they have. It has potential, and I like the graphics, but the camera movement is jerky and hard to manage, and none of the buttons work. This game shouldn\'t have been released. But it has so much potential, I\'m hoping it will improve with each update.
Jamie 2019-02-09

The graphics are beautiful. This is a good game for kids. As an adult, I needed more than buying fish and clicking on hearts to keep me interested.