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Description of OCR Text Scanner - Image to Text : OCR

When you save your favorite quotation written in books or magazines,

It is really hard to input the ‘quotation’ from your smartphone keyboard.

So Simple, Use the [OCR] Text Scanner app OCR Text Reader.optical character reader app or optical character recognition software is basically used

for recognizing image text,handwritten or typed text format. image to text converter highly friendly user application.

it’s difficult to type again your handwritten work on any edit tool as-a-whole but optical character recognition

save your time for writing same things again and again.optical character reader serves you in a many ways. you can make your things easy with it.

time is so short and you have to write a lot of stuff and you are in a mess of draft papers and the great mess is that you have to shift your all work into any platform or any edit tools for publication or any other blogging sites for post.in this century of advancement you don’t need to be worried about more text scanner app is here for you to give you all type of ease.scan your data within a second, save it for later use and edit your data too. now don’t worry optical text scanner is here for you to solve your problem and save your time too. just open the image to text, scan the work within a nanoseconds. this is so handy so enjoy your text scanner [ocr].

other than the writers text scanner app is so friendly for others who want to scan their receipts, files, debit card, credit card, student card or any image which is clear and highlighted.

you can convert your image into text format with the help of ocr scanner app. it is so time-taking to write mail or link from newspaper/magazines or business cards details on yours smartphones search engine. you will check spellings again and again so it is very trouble for you to do that. so ocr text scanner app is here to solve your problem within a second. just open the app and scan your desire text or image. if you are out of internet and you have to scan any document urgently so don’t worry you can also use ocr text scanner offline.


detect text upto 5 languages


easily copy from clipboard

send email

friendly in use

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Text Recognizer

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Text Grabber

Text Reader

Text Scanner

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OCR Text Scanner

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.3.08 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:4 Tech Solutions

User Reviews


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Brett Rodgers 2019-06-15

For some reason, the app scatters the results randomly. Text that clearly appears at thr bottom of an image will inexplicably be placed into the middle of another paragraph.
John Rider 2020-06-27

Works fine! Have copied all kinds of text from pictures. If I find something in a book, an interesting quote, I can take a picture of the page with my phone, scan it with OCR, highlight and copy the text and paste it into a digital notebook. Really handy app. 🙂
Mark George 2020-10-15

Completely useless. I tried to scan a paragraph in a book, and got a few incorrect letters, each in its own line. Then I tried getting closer to pick up a single short sentence. The app responded, \"Unable to read text.\" In both cases I was scanning from camera in good lighting. The page was flat and the image properly aligned and in focus. In other words, the conditions were ideal. Uninstalled. UPDATE: I just tried another app and it read the same text perfectly. It was easier to use, too.
Guan Hsu 2020-10-13

Even though OCR is in the name, this app doesn\'t do OCR very well. It is almost unusable. Much worse than the other app with the same 4.5 start rating. I was using that other text scanner app transcribing a doc that I cannot download when the \"free trial period\" ended. So I have enough sample from the same doc, using the same camera and same way of capturing to compare the OCR performance. This app can hardly achieve 80% accuracy, which renders the result almost useless.
Gayathree N 2019-07-01

The best part it has unlimited scanning. I liked the scanned results. It\'s accurate. I use it for textbooks. It doesn\'t work with handwriting and that doesn\'t bother me actually.
James Quon 2020-06-04

I like it because it\'s very easy to use. Verily intuitive and have been able to use it to good advantage without reading any distractions or tutorials of any kind. The ability for the software to recognize all the printed text material is amazing even when the lighting conditions are not ideal.
Charlie Cormier 2019-10-04

Can\'t access SD card, where I keep all the image files. This is the 3rd app I\'ve tested, and they all have that same problem. And they all look like they were written as undergraduate class projects; their UIs are terrible.
Steve Heaney 2021-01-11

Purchasing premium doesn\'t work. I tried the free version and liked it. However, following the in app purchase to premium and paying for the app didn\'t remove the ads or unlock the premium features. Waiting to hear back from the developer, otherwise, I\'ll chase Google for a refund due to fraud.

This is amazing and interesting application. We can convert image into text format with the help of ocr scanner app. it is so time-taking to write mail or link from newspaper magazines or business cards details on yours smartphones search engine. I appriciate the developer.
igor 2020-04-03

Thank you for the quick response, I have another suggestion. Add a partial words capture feature, e.g: The sentence \"I LIKE THE OCR TEXT SCANNER APP\" is not together for some reason, so it\'d require 2 steps to finish the final capture, and the app would understand that theyre together as one single sentence instead of all messed up because you had to scan everything in one shot. Got this idea from my Chinese dictionary \"PLECO\". They have this, works perfectly but only for Chinese.