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Description of OctoApp for OctoPrint

OctoApp is build with Android in mind and is completely optimized for being used on a phone.

The UI is structured into three workspaces: Connect, Prepare, Print. The Connect workspace helps you get your printer connected to OctoPrint and as soon as a printer is available OctoApp will move to the Prepare workspace. Here you can get ready for your next print! Heat your hotend, swap filament or level the bed. When you are ready and start your print, OctoApp shows the Print workspace where you can control and tune your print!

This concepts allows for a simple and fast UI while not sacrificing on features!

OctoApp already offers you:

🖨 Easy print preparation

🕹 Control your print

🗄 Full file access and management

📟 Full terminal access

🎛 Flow rate, Feed rate and fan controls

📷 Webcam support (also muticam support)

🌛 Dark mode

🏎️ High performance

🔉 Notifications about your print and filament

🔍 Gcode Viewer

🖨 Support for multiple printers

🔌 Many power control plugins like PSU Control or IKEA Tradfri

💡 Automatic lights

🔮 PrintTimeGenius support

💜 Support for many of your favourite plugins, like ArcWelder or SpoolManager

🌎 Remote connection with supported plugin or manual setup, the app switches automatically

🚀 OctoEverywhere integration

🕵️‍♂️ The Spaghetti Detective integration

🔐 Works with VPNs, HTTPS and Basic Auth

🖖 And much, much more!

There is a new feature update roughly 4-8 weeks! Let me know what you are missing!

Important notice for remote connections: The app does not provide required servers. You can either set something up yourself and provide the app with a URL reachable over the internet or use a plugin like OctoEverywhere, The Spaghetti Detective or ngrok.


OctoApp is made for and compatible with but not officially associated with OctoPrint.

OctoPrint is a registered trademark. Learn more at octoprint.org

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.14.15 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Livingroom Workbench

User Reviews


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Jon D 2021-01-28

Great layout, well put together, but not having an option to permanently unlock capabilities and instead opting to do a monthly or annual service will always lose a star for me. Charge a bit more and I\'ll happily pay for a permanent unlock.
Ian Y 2021-01-24

Great application. I had installed and even paid for Printoid but this one is better. I just wanted an app to notify me when the print was finished and be able to just see via the web cam if there are any problems with my print job via OctoPi. Takes getting used to the clean interface that doesn\'t show option until it is needed. Like selecting a .gcode file doesn\'t show up until the previous print is finished and you select print then the file list shows up to print.
Jack Sloan 2020-10-21

This is a seriously great app. The developers aren\'t doing it to get your money, so no ads and no payments, it\'s a super modern interface with a nice flow, as well as the tiny little details that most developers wouldn\'t notice, but these people did and they make a huge difference. Would definitely recommend.
Kip Wittchen 2021-02-21

I\'ve found octoapp to be the best way to access my octoprint server. It\'s clean, polished, and most importantly, fast! App developer is also fast to respond to questions. If you\'ve got octoprint, try this app!
William Bennett 2020-11-09

This app is fantastic. I like to be able to pop in and check on my print without having to go to the Octoprint panel in a browser. There are a couple of things that I\'d love to see, and I\'ll start working on hacking the Google Play Store to allow me to leave a 6 star review if you can put them in: 1. I\'d love to see an equivalent to the GCode tab in the app so I can look at the print layer by layer and maybe even follow in real-time. 2. I\'d love to be able to pinch to zoom on the camera feed.
Jesse Kramasz 2020-12-09

Simple and effective way to know when your print job is done or the progress in general. Saves a few trips down the hall to spy on the printer.
Jiří Bažant 2021-01-07

When I was searching for mobile client for my Octoprint I stumbled over OctoApp and OctoRemote. My first impression: OctoApp has so little features compared to OctoRemote. My final impression: As I have only single printer, OctoApp has all features I need. And it also has one killer feature - Print progress notification. There is no place for OctoRemote on my device anymore.
allard jaager, de 2021-03-07

nice picture, are u living in Amsterdam? the app has got a clean, tidy very relaxt interface with a usefull darkmodus. Would be nice if there would be support for manual bedleveling, but that\'s maybe a bit difficult I can immagine. Can the yearly reminder a bit more than just 2 days? allard
Jason Marriott 2021-02-04

Very clean and tidy interface, perfect to monitor prints and make adjustments without being cluttered with useless features. The only feature it doesn\'t have is heated chamber support, but the developer says it\'s coming in an update.
Hugo van Galen 2020-09-21

Great app, thanks for creating and sharing! And an even bigger thanks for not polluting it with advertisements! :-) I was looking for something to keep an eye on the 3D printer while I am out and around the house. The other features are a wonderful bonus. (I would be just nitpicking to say that the only drawback is that the full screen webcam view doesn\'t support landscape. It would be even more awesome if it could do that!) Keep up the good work!