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Description of OctoRemote for OctoPrint

OctoRemote is a native Android application designed to put an intuitive OctoPrint interface onto your phone or tablet. OctoRemote allows you to:

• Monitor and control multiple 3D printers through OctoPrint servers

• Upload and download files

• Monitor and control hotend, bed and chamber temperatures

• View the webcam stream

• Control the print head and extruder

• Add custom controls with inputs and sliders

• View the path of the current GCode file.

• Monitor and send commands to the terminal

• Control the timelapse configuration and download rendered videos

• Slice STL files through OctoPrint's CuraEngine or Slic3r plugins

• Send system commands to shut down or reboot your server

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More Information Of OctoRemote for OctoPrint

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.4.4-hotfix Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:OctoRemote

User Reviews


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Clay Shumway 2020-05-26

It just... Works. The octoprint API is solid and probably deserves some credit but this is a great addition. Takes seconds to check in on a print while out with the kid in the pool or in the middle of the night. If I see spaghetti I can cancel the print and raise the hot end directly from my phone then fall back asleep to dream of better days. Upon waking I can then restart the print with the same results then finally head back to the slicer to figure out what stupid setting I had enabled.
Robert Saric 2018-01-11

It did the worst thing such app can do - it ruined a print. Last night connected to printer and monitored printing. This morning when I opened the app, it showed the printer wasn\'t connected and after connecting it automatically stopped the 10h long print without possibility or resuming! Do not install this!
Craig Ferguson 2020-10-17

This app is great! Its not weighed down with ads or please rate me popups. It works great and has a nice feature set. My only suggestions would be: 1. Add the ability to disable the downloading of files to the phone. For some reason i always seem to end up downloading a gcode or two while scrolling through the app, and i do not have that same issue with other apps that i have tried. 2. Ability to set notification sounds when the print is done/encountered an issue/etc.
B P 2020-05-09

OctoPrint by itself is simply an amazing piece of software, but pairing it with OctoRemote makes things even better. You get almost all the functionality of OctoPrint on your phone. Very simple to use, almost no setup at all. I cant recommend this software more. 11/10
Simon Lawes 2018-01-14

Love the app and being able to monitor my print effectively as well as make alterations anywhere. 5 stars once it gets the live g-code preview Updated: if I try and use this app now it makes my Pi disappear off the network and I can no longer log into it until I reboot the Pi. Apart from the Pi no longer being visable it appears to be fine as it continues to print fine. If I don\'t use this app then I don\'t have this problem which is a shame as I really liked it when it worked.
Mike Fisher 2020-02-07

Changed my 3d printed copolymer life! Never thought it would make such a huge difference in my printing, but with the plugins and extra info (way beyond the small lcd on the printer), it has changed my life. It wont make your prints better, but it gives you a lot of tools to assist you in making your prints better in ways you didnt know before. And also, webcams + octolapse = yay!
Mark 2017-12-29

Selects wrong baudrate every time even if you hit save settings. Though the actual octoprint web gui has no issue with this. Seems like it has alot of issues. Too annoying to use vs just using web gui from a mobile device. The whole point is just convenience, and it doesn\'t do it well.
Calvin Northrop 2019-02-16

Fix the freezing and it\'ll be an easy 5 stars. It consistently freezes when switching between tabs. Almost every time. Please fix this and the app will definitely be a 5 star app.
Eric Barnett 2019-11-16

I can not seem to get it to load my ssl certificate. I have tried to add it through the settings menu and it just says no certificates loaded. As such I can not use this app with my octoprint behind my reverse proxy.
Dustin Richards 2019-03-25

Great app! I wasn\'t very quick to use it after setting up OctoPrint on my printer becsuse I didn\'t think it would have all the features of the web interface, but everything is here except the full settings menu which I don\'t need to mess with that much anyways. There are even widgets for printer status and a webcam feed.