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Description of Official NBSTSA CST Exam Prep

NBSTSA's Certified Surgical Technologist app is a powerful examination simulator that allows you to create customized practice tests with detailed answer explanations for every question. View your results and examination history with just a few taps. Study anywhere, anytime without Internet.

The app utilizes the “spacing effect” to enhance your learning capability. You’ll space out your studying into shorter, more productive study sessions, which allow your brain to retain more information. Simply tell the app how many questions you want to take, enable the timer, and filter examination content to create the perfect study experience.

Pocket Prep Features:

- Two practice modes: simulation and study

- Automatic test saving and retrieval

- Detailed history and results reporting

- Intuitive navigation

- References to source material

The questions in this examination prep app were created by the NBSTSA and incorporate the same stringent and secure practices used to create the CST examination. Questions were written and reviewed by subject matter experts utilizing the CST Content Outline to ensure that only the highest quality questions are published to best prepare candidates for their CST examination.

Free With Download

- 10 practice questions and rationales

- CST examination information

Premium Upgrade

- 335 total practice questions

- Detailed answer explanations

- References to source materials

- Exam creation customization

- Priority email support

CST Subject Areas:

1) Administrative & Personnel

2) Anatomy & Physiology

3) Equip Sterilization Maintenance

4) Intra-Operative Procedures

5) Microbiology

6) Post-Operative Procedures

7) Pre-Operative Preparation

8) Surgical Pharmacology

The NBSTSA recommends using this mobile app in conjunction with other study products available on www.nbstsa.org for a comprehensive examination preparation approach.

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More Information Of Official NBSTSA CST Exam Prep

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.7.9 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Pocket Prep, Inc.

User Reviews


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mikala schaeffer 2019-05-08

Pay $40 and you only get 335 questions? How can the Official Prep app only give 335 questions when there are over 2000 possible questions? How is this helping anyone prepare? Huge waste of money and time. Huge mistake purchasing this app. Lange is 14.99 a month and has over 1700 questions
RJay 2019-12-14

Just got out of my certification exam. This app is a very poor representation of the exam. I don\'t feel it helped me at all. You get 330+ questions for the money, all fairly generic and easy, and all you\'ll burn through fairly quickly. There was a lot on the exam that wasn\'t even mentioned in the app. For me, there was absolutely no value in this purchase. And at $40, that\'s insane. So, I say save your money. Quizlet will give you better results. And even if it doesn\'t, it\'s at least free.
banabear12 2015-12-17

Awesome!!! I am a new mommy and i dont ever have the time to sit at my desk and study. I also hate looking at a book all day. This app allows me to study and take care of my kid at the same time. I love how it explains the answers whether you are right or wrong and it gives you the source of their answers. I only wish that it had more questions on the tests like the practice tests in their book. Other than that i highly recommend this to anyone!
Danny V. 2019-11-18

Find the same questions for free on quiz let...I cant believe I wasted time on this app and its basically just an ad to get you to spend $40 on very few questions.. it\'s like if they made the base app added a few things and then gave up on it... it\'s too expensive for what it is... your better off using the free stuff.. you\'ll get the same out of it and get to keep the 40.
Jon Smithy 2018-08-26

As an app with a user interface....it\'s good. I\'m no fan of AST for my own reasons and I\'m not surprised to see \"UPGRADE\"-THE APP for more money or utilize social media for their free public relations and get 5 to ten more free test questions. These are probably students mostly using this app (or needing it), who are at the bottom of a ridiculously low payscale and trust heavily upon the AST and NBSTSA. So they\'ll pay the $35 that they don\'t have because you tell them to. You couldn\'t have just made a free app???? Good job app contributors and boardmembers. Ya stuck em for another $30 bucks.
Darren Tsosie 2018-10-06

Downloaded app with hopes of taking test, but just the same old.questions. No new material. 15 years in the field and AST says my school is not accredited. They want me to go back to school(pay more money) and pay for certification. I am fine with current job.
Trey Silver 2018-08-11

Just took my exam 8/9/18. I have this app memorized by now but there were only a handful of questions from it, maybe 4 or 5. Use this app if you\'d like but definitely use your text book and exam review book as your main source for reference/study material.
Maria Rodriguez 2015-07-15

So far it has helped I like it! It\'s preparing me for the real thing. :)
MGB 7 2018-01-08

Rate for more questions
Jody K 2016-06-25

Does not prepare you I mainly studied from this guide for the test. I thought if it\'s NBSTA that creates the test, this has got to be a good guide. Well, I was wrong. I studied alot for the test. I just took The test and it was very hard and this study guide did not help at all. The test had about 5 questions from the study guide. I would not waste my money on this guide. The AST app may be a better guide to follow.