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OFX Money Transfer

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Description of OFX Money Transfer

The OFX Money Transfer App is here to help you make fast, secure and simple international money transfers 24/7.

We make mobile money easy, so you can keep up with market trends, transfer on-the-go, and track payments wherever you are.

Why OFX?

The world is moving to mobile money transfers. OFX offers:

• Better exchange rates and lower fees compared to the banks

• A secure platform to ensure the safety of your funds

• Simple registration and transfer within minutes

• Transfer tracking

• Live rates and currency trends

• A global support team available 24/7

• Over AUD $125 billion transferred

• Send money to 190 countries in 55+ currencies

Join more than 1 million customers who have registered with OFX and make your transfer with us today.

We'd love to hear from you! If you have feedback or any ideas on how to improve the app, email us at mobileapps@ofx.com.

The OFX Money Transfer App is brought to you by OzForex Limited ABN 65 092 375 703 (trading as “OFX”) and its subsidiaries make no recommendations as to the merits of any financial product referred to in the app, email or its related websites. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

In order to transfer money, you will need to register your account and agree to our Customer Agreement.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.5.0 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:OFX (OzForex Limited)

User Reviews


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Gene Whitehead 2020-11-02

This review is for the app, NOT for the service. OFX service is quite excellent, but as for the app, well it\'s nearly perfect. First, it feels solid, secure and professional, like it should when dealing with a financial service. The secure fingerprint lock is great, the 2 step is as well but honestly, it\'s overkill to the point of annoying. If you simply jump to another app and back, you have to reverify by text message. Allowing a little more user control over that would be welcoming.
S Craggend 2016-06-11

A decent start - work in progress? Generally seems quite logical and useful however there are major flaws which urgently need addressing. The login doesn\'t allow login details to be saved so I need to remember full details each time I use the app. (A pass code system would solve this). Also the app doesn\'t appear in my apps list (Galaxy note 4) or the main screen so to find and use the app I have to go though Google Play to find it in the installed list and open from there - This lack of basic function really spoils the whole experience.
A Google user 2021-01-14

A simple and cheap way to transfer money abroad. The rates are competitive (like 2 or 3% less than banks or even travelex) and the app is fairly simple to learn and use. Typically transactions between the uk, Europe and Australia are within 1 working day. Their support is second to none. To those complaining about the id requirements, it\'s international law you need to complain about. I\'ve found it relatively simple to comply. Rip-off banks can get stuffed! Update: so fast and efficient. ❤️
Laura Dalaudiere 2020-05-08

This app is freaking amazing! I had to transfer a rather large amount to Morocco. I went to my bank and based on the rate they were selling the dollar for it would have cost me over $5000 to get the exact amount I needed my father to receive. With ofx it only cost me $1600 😮! Thats a huge difference, oh and not to mention they received it in 3 DAYS!!!! The customer service was impeccable, and always there to answer any questions I had even with the current pandemic. 10 star 🌟 all the way!!
Gabriel Noronha 2016-11-14

Only basic functions work Alerts are a nice idea but don\'t work. Login to trade and it gets slow and buggy on the number input ends up being dyslexic. If you want to just view market rates it works all other features are a lie.

So ridiculous 😡! I was excited to create my first account with OFX and right in my second stage of registration, I clicked submit to create account and it says my email already exists. Tried 2 emails, the same. Ok, I assumed my account was already created, so tried logging in with email and password. It says incorrect. I click Forgot password, it sent email giving temporary password. I logged in again with the exact password given, and it still says incorrect. Give up.
Amel Zoghbi 2019-07-10

wow what a way to steal my.money i was told i would get my transfer back last week ans it didnt arrive, i sent the proof of payment for the transfer multiples times and explained why my proof wasnt perfect, the account is through my work and they just hire the company to provide services, i sent the best this i could it showed everything my name the 50 being withdrawn the date etc, but it was enough many times and it clearly shows i never received my payment back,i did everything i could😰
Nick Logan 2016-05-19

Won\'t work if the superSU app is installed The latest version tries to ensure that it cannot be used on a rooted device but the test includes a test for the existence of superSU. My Nexus 7 had been rooted once before I recently unrooted it but I had left superSU installed. OFX claimed the device was rooted until I uninstalled superSU.
Tjay 2021-01-11

I have made many transfers, over the years utilising a wide range of money platforms, it wasn\'t until I discovered OFX that I realised how good an app could really be, it\'s fantastic. In my opinion I would consider this to be one of the leading exchanges on the market now, job well done to OFX.
Bob Luhmann 2020-04-16

Very easy app to use. I pay my Irish bills out of my Irish account and once all accounts info is imputed and stored, it now takes less than 3 minutes to transfer funds for free.