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Description of OhioHealth

With a few taps in the OhioHealth mobile app, you can easily find OhioHealth doctors, get directions to nearby urgent and emergency care locations, and access your MyChart health record – anytime, anyplace!

Use the OhioHealth app to:

• Find doctors and read reviews

• Schedule appointments

• Get directions

• Pay your bill

• View Urgent Care wait times

• Request prescription refills

• Access test results

• Communicate privately and securely with your doctor

• Have a telehealth video visit

• Review your care history

• View and share OhioHealth news and wellness articles

• “Track My Health” feature integrates with Apple Health app

The MyChart features of the OhioHealth app require a MyChart account. You can create a MyChart Account in the OhioHealth app. Your doctor may have provided you with an activation code at your last appointment, but a code is not required to create an account. Currently, MyChart features are not available at all OhioHealth facilities.

Currently, MyChart features are available only for OhioHealth facilities in the greater Columbus area, including Delaware and Marion.

Our Privacy Policy

Please read our Mobile Application Privacy Policy for Consumers. By using the OhioHealth mobile app to connect to a healthcare provider, you consent to this privacy policy. Your continued use of the OhioHealth mobile app constitutes your acceptance of this privacy policy and any updates.

For Questions About Using OhioHealth

E-mail DigitalSupport@OhioHealth.com

Call the Support Line at (614) 533.6924

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More Information Of OhioHealth

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:6.13.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:OhioHealth

User Reviews


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ari kaewkhonkaen 2021-01-04

Quite easy to use. And it\'s nice to have the test results handy, so that you can actually absorb the info. I like that it\'s easier to communicate with the doctor. Sometimes it\'s hard for me to verbalize so I write it down. And if I think of something in the middle of the night I can just tap in a few words. Either the nurse or the doctor answered back promptly. It\'s very reassuring.
Arlene Hendrickson 2020-11-25

Have one message and one appointment and received emails on these. Can only find the appointment; not the message. Will try to go back and look for it. How is this easier than the old system? I don\'t use Ohio Health\'s system much. After an appointment all I received was a canned message with little information other than blood pressure, oxygen saturation and weight. The app does not work well on an android phone. Can\'t seem to get out of this review.
Shane Ramirez 2019-03-28

have no choice to download, it covers the entire website until I do. then it still covers the screen even though I downloaded it and dont want to use it. I also dont want to hit no to download everytime I use the website. i only downloaded this for it to stop telling me to download it but it still does, every page and every log in, ON THE WEBSITE.
Jessie Stewart 2020-12-31

This app is marvelous, it has everything you need to make life easier, from checking ur app, to canceling ur appointments, to check in early, to making an appointment and a host of other features, I haven\'t got around to yet. But soon. A one apps and amazing doctors and nurses, they do care. I love them.
Sally Russell 2019-10-25

Well , this app is wonderful keep you up-to-date on all of your appointments and who you will be seeing when you go in. learn about your test results the positions are great they take everything into consideration that you\'ve been through which is the best thing ever because in the past 2 years I\'ve been through a lot and every one of my doctors have been supportive and done everything they could to get me through what I had to go through thank you
Craig Friedman 2020-07-31

The recent updates make this a viable health app. I can schedule appointments, see test results, request Rx refills, message my.doctor, and more. I can\'t give it 5 stars because the messaging needs some work. It works, but not like it could or should.
TTwo Harleygirl 2020-12-11

This helps me keep my medical care and history with me at all times. UPDATE.....8 years with no problem no issue. There had to be an update recently as I\'m finding messages stating the app cannot provide what I\'m expecting and suggesting I should try the internet based portal for my information. I\'ve spoke with other users and they are having similar issues. It wasn\'t broke so why did the coders fix it? 12/10/20.
D 2020-10-04

Thank you OhioHealth. The app is engaging, informative and a breeze to navigate. We can now take care of vital health care matters and billing in one convenient place. Also we\'re able to communicate with our health care providers at a moment\'s notice. Beautiful.❤
Tim Fulton 2019-02-05

The Ohio Health App works much better on iPhones thsn on Android. Because on iPhones the app lets you know when something new has been posted and on Android the application keeps crashing. Also, the application only wants to work over WIFI....
Mishel 2020-02-08

Once again, as if this new year, the app is NOT working for the latest Samsung Galaxy s10 Note. Had to call for assistance. Now, because of this non working app, I have to go through a web browser. Thanx🤨 Update; as of today: 02/08/2020, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 again, HUGE NOPE. Worked on older version phones, has yet to work on newer phones. Now deleting this app to use another. Good luck! Hope the app peoples actually read this and actually DO something about it.