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Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory

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Description of Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory

Have you ever dreamed of mining oil, forming your very own petroleum empire, and earning billions of dollars? Now, you can. Welcome to Oil Tycoon, the miner simulator game where you extract oil across the globe, sell it, build gas idle factories, and make your fortune! You will become a Gas Tycoon.

Your way from poor to rich starts in your backyard, where you first strike oil! From here, and with your first pump, you begin your oil miner mission. Oil Tycoon boasts awesome idle gameplay where you tap and build to slowly forge a petroleum empire unlike any that’s come before. After successfully mining your first batch of oil, it’s time to sell up and upgrade, which means you’re off to the stock market. Dear player, here, you monitor prices and make sure you sell up at the optimum moment to make bank!

Once you’re richer than a gold mine, it’s time to upgrade! Now, you can install new barrels, move into gas production, or explore new areas and continue mining! There are thousands of upgrades and new ventures to get stuck into, providing you can take a break from mining in our clicker.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new locations as you mine and extract your way across the world. Imagine building a factory in the depths of Siberia, installing underwater gas works, and hiring a lunar miner! The possibilities for your own

tycoon empire are endless, and the only limit is your business talents.

You’re going to make billions with your oil because now you have everything an oil miner needs to do so. Get out there, get sellin’, and become a real Tycoon in our idle simulator.

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:4.5.2 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:AlexPlay LLC

User Reviews


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Bread5u 2020-04-14

I\'m going to make this short as possible for the next person passing by... The game is nearly unplayable due too many ads. And the VIP does not live to it\'s full potential (no ads is misleading), and after a little while of gameplay the game will unexpectadly(?) crash. Or lag out really bad. The amount of time it takes to construct items is ridiculous (I mean 1 day, come on!). It\'s as simple as that, download a different tycoon game.
Steven Rhymes 2019-12-23

Money hungry devs. I bought the no ads and literally everything still has ads. You buy the golden cases with real money AND THEY STILL REQUIRED AN HOUR TO OPEN or you can watch AN AD TO OPEN IT. Why does something I paid for, require an ad to open or wait an hour to open. Everything you do asks to watch an ad now. Collecting oil from your barrels? There\'s a whole 5 seconds it shows up 2x button that will activate an ad, before letting you collect the oil. Like, what? Used to be a good game.
Ian Boone 2020-04-19

I bought the VIP pack to remove the ads and still have to watch ads even when it says no ads. When I emailed support they told me this is how the game is supposed to be and that it does not remove all ads. What a lie this game should be taken off the play store. Any one who reads this make sure to report this app for selling items that don\'t do what they say they do.
Angi S. 2020-04-01

Hey, I used to play this game a lot to the point where I bought the VIP, and to remove the Ads and all, and when I got back. To the game after a while of not playing, my progress is still there but whenever I press on anything it plays an ad... What\'s the deal? I need help, or a refund.
09 ungupyable 2020-01-11

Its a lot of finger power but;it is a pretty fun game and i sometimes play this game on boring days this is my relaxstation game and there is power ups where it outo does it for you if you wach an ad and you can also get times 2 oil ;\"like i said its my relaxastion game. (It is a veryyyy fun game) (My faverit game is fortnite \" minecraft and, roblox)😉 Signiture:vincent tefend P.o.o.p
spaceknightking1 2020-11-06

The game was nice at first, but now i can\'t even start it as the game crashes at launch. I\'ve read the other reviews and i see its a reoccurring problem as well as the ad issue. Just some advice, people don\'t like interruptions. Make ads optional instead of forced, so no pop up ads. As long as they are optional people don\'t care how many ads you put in. I\'ll change my rating to 5 stars as soon as i can get back in.
nixtunes1 2020-05-06

Quite a shameful game, really. So monetized and filled with ads that it\'s unplayable. Not even idle, as you need to constantly move your oil well to get any real income. The entire tax system is stupid and designed to get you to spend money just so they don\'t take away any of the meager money you make. Uninstalled within 5 minutes of playing, complete trash and representative of everything wrong with modern mobile games. SHAME!
Khuram Khan 2020-01-29

Very nice game, try making it more informative, realistic to the real world , add real knowledge too, i am 44 years old, enjoying the game!! Big SALUTE to developers, producers of this game!!! Sounds 100/100 game play 90/100
Jason Westcott 2021-02-02

TLDR: Need to pay to get free diamonds. Was a decent time killer, till I got to unlock the underwater area and realized, need diamonds to expand to actually pump and collect the oil. Went and unlocked the moon, with the same result. Trying to figure out how to get diamonds, I noticed you are suppose to get diamonds, from duplicate parts. I sent inquiry to the developer, why I get rubies instead of diamonds? Their response was, diamonds are only free in the jungle area (last area) to unlock.
doug holloman 2020-01-07

Should be called waiting forever tycoon. That\'s all this game is. You want new territory, cool takes 6 hours to \"draw up the paperwork\" you wanna open chests you find while pumping oil? Takes 6 hours to open. Game is quite obviously setup to force you to spend real money- which I don\'t mind doing but even their real m ok money option prices are unreasonable. Uninstalled and won\'t miss it for a second.