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Description of OLX Arabia - أوليكس‎

OLX is the largest marketplace to sell and buy with 35 million downloads and 260 million monthly active users in more than 45 countries. We connect sellers to buyers. OLX sellers can sell their personal and commercial products easily. Buyers can browse thousands of daily added listings for both new and second hand products and choose smartly.

Download the best FREE classifieds app to sell and buy second hand cars, mobile phones, electronics, home furniture and anything you want. All of this is just a few clicks away without any commission. Join millions of OLX users and sell your unused products, renew them and make some cash!

Sell Fast: Post for FREE in three simple steps. Take a picture, describe your item and add your contact details to start selling.

Buy Smarter: You do not have to lose time to catch the best bargains in your neighbourhood. OLX has a wide range of products from all categories. Either you are looking to sell or swap, let OLX be your one and only online destination.

Search by Location: Find sellers in your country, city and neighborhood. Be aware of the bargains and the hottest deals around the corner.

Contact the Seller: Chat, text or call the seller to close the deal. It can not get any easier than this!

No Intermediates: We bring together buyers and sellers. No intermediates between you and the product. You will always be able to directly contact the seller.

Download OLX Arabia, the top classified platform in Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Start selling now! Simple. Fast and FREE!

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:4.57.02 Publish Date:2021-12-24 Developer:EMPG

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Ross 2021-03-16

Why should i have your permission to delete my account ? Dictator olx
Mohamed Zakaria Elsahhar 2019-06-01

Awesome application I always use it to sell my old stuff which I don\'t need anymore, perfect keep going on.
Qasim Mustafa Ali 2020-07-07

It\'s so frustrating when you want to see a picture with numbers or written and you can\'t read anything because of the low resolution. Open souq and many others doesn\'t have this problem. Need to be fixed
Khaled Nabil 2020-02-02

Posting an ad with photos is very poor, selecting photos doesn\'t support folder or album selection and have to choose photos from all photos stored on my phone. On pressing submit ad nothing happened and without displaying reason or error msg. although all fields are filled. Have to try many times till the ad is submitted. Improvement required.
Asser Fouad 2020-06-04

I\'m facing a problem since a week ago and till now. The application is not working/connecting at all. I tried to go to the \"contact\" section to report my problem as you advised other members but even the \"contact\" section is not working also... Also your website is not working all the time, sometimes working normal and sometimes not working at all... Please advise how can I fix my OLX application. Thank You
mahmoud joudi 2020-04-02

It\'s a very good app, but with the dollar fluctuating in lebanon you have to at least put an option to post prices in LBP, as Dollar prices are not accurate and change from person to person.
Sahar Mokdad 2019-04-05

I am using olx since 2 years,it is excellent .it helps me a lot in buying and selling items.thank you
MN MN 2019-07-05

I know that ads are important to the app\'s profitability, but the repeated *Featured Ads* are very very annoying. The occupy 30% of the screen all the time! Honestly, they are why I\'m looking for competition apps. App management should find a creative idea to help profitability without making the user hate the app.
Samuel Mofeed 2019-10-11

Excellent application and updated well every time You can almost get all what you need any time for personal use But need to be improved to be business and industrial
Mhmd Elghoul 2019-07-31

Its an amazing program that help alot of people to search to the car they want and to know the prices of cars but the limit time of our car to remove and add another its so long i wish to remove it and make it 15 days or 10 days in stead of 30 days