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Description of Om Nom: Run

Join Om Nom and Om Nelle on a race through the dangerous streets of Nomville: avoid obstacles, use power-ups to clear the way and unlock new characters from the Cut the Rope universe!

- COMPLETE VARIOUS MISSIONS: cover specific distances, collect letters, perform amazing stunts or run as far as you can in endless run mode to get rewards.

- USE BOOSTERS AND POWER-UPS: rockets, jumping boots, magnets and double coins will help you on your journey. Run to collect them and get extra points!

- UNLOCK CHARACTERS FROM THE CUT THE ROPE UNIVERSE: Om Nom and Om Nelle are the stars of the game, but there are many more cool characters and stylish outfits waiting to be unlocked!

- DISCOVER AMAZING LOCATIONS: run through busy streets, messy rooftops, underground tunnels, the robot factory and other colorful levels!

- GET TO THE TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD: gain the highest score in regular competitions to dominate the leaderboard!

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More Information Of Om Nom: Run

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.5.1 Publish Date:2021-10-18 Developer:ZeptoLab

User Reviews


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Alex Toradze 2020-06-17

Game is cute, charming, fun, has good music...instant classic for me. I\'ve played a lot of endless runners and I have to say, this one is really special. Deserves way more downloads! I will say that I\'m not a huge fan of the first person mode pickup item, it just makes the game harder to control. In general, I am basically avoiding picking up any of the items except for the magnet.
[HRBT]Alandd66 2020-09-17

Omg yes very kid certified! And this game is free..theres a X button on the right corner...the mebership is optional..very great game from zeptolab..looking for a game like subway surfers? Except more Simple, Easy, take less space? Then this game is a perfect one for you! Thank you! And also a suggestion if you could only add like events of compition then itll be more way to play but overall NICE GAME! THANK YOU!!
Lorice Faylona 2020-11-12

Its great and good but you still need to pay if you want to unlock all the characters wich is i dont want it is 505 pesos if im not mistaken and its not worth it but i like coz you can play with 100 players with different stunts that is so ecxiting 😱 download it eight now it can be played offlinee yes offline
Elker Carvalho 2020-11-16

Boring and full of ads... I see no problem in ads, but there\'s a limit. When you have to watch more ads then play, the game is rubbish.
Wendy Jones 2020-07-24

Highly recommended, highly motivated to play if you like a good challenge. This app is a must download asap. The characters are funny, cute and makes the game like a cartoon. Why be bored when there is this game that can keep you from stressing about this grim time. Good luck, have fun and be safe.
Salena Khan 2020-06-17

Great! Also lnstaII (WHAFF) App to PLAY and EARN FREE Money Now! Absolutely, love it!Cool level game. Am in levelput one annozinc thing about this game is that the rest team has got much bettar weapons than the eft team. I\'ve been getting onfeedback whatsoever regarding my game that freezescout of agames to play. I lost a lot of po int because of this is su e, and there is absolutely nothing w ro n g with my in ter net connection. The game completely fre ezing. Please mix this, this has been going on the new version on sanniversary. Thanks!
Siri // GD Partitionhlep 2020-12-31

I like this game but I have one suggestion: Make parental controls a feature because my brother always rages on multiplayer mode. So, for a beta for parental controls which removes online multiplayer when turned on will be great.
anthony wright 2020-06-10

Didn\'t even bother playing because the Ads punched my eyes out so hard they left a hole in the back of my head and the light shining through is now glaring on my screen. If you like Ads you\'ll love this POS. Om Nom: F#¥King Run...... away!
M B 2020-04-05

Can be fun, but game rips you off. If you have option to buy \"ads free\" version, don\'t buy it! You have to use coins to regenerate if u fall/hit an obstacle, & cost of regeneration goes up exorbitantly! You cannot get enough coins to upgrade characters or buy new characters, which forces you to buy coin packages. Stick to the free with ads, & don\'t give into buying anything. Also the controls seem to become nonresponsive if u are doing well, making u have to die & buy regeneration, or give up.
Dr M. Adeel Ajaib 2020-07-10

I reached up to a very high-level there is lots of levels in amnam run. I didn\'t get the queen girl on non 😭. I have lots of coins on my first run and I\'m a very high level. Soon I may get the amnon girl Queen whatever her name is.most of the things I have to pay for but I don\'t have to pay for them I can just play the game that is the part of the game that is free. This game is so much fun 😍❤️😊❤️😊this game has so many levels I\'m telling you. But not that much. I like this game.