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oneSafe Password Manager

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Description of oneSafe Password Manager

oneSafe secures all your confidential info, it's Fort Knox in your pocket!

Forgot your PIN? Can’t find your frequent flyer number? Need your passport scan? Struggling to remember all those usernames and passwords to your bank accounts, email and social media? Relax. oneSafe will take care of it.

oneSafe is a super-secure "password manager" app that lets you store all your confidential information in one place with complete security.

With its sleek design, adaptable templates and intuitive user interface, the app is a breeze to use on your device putting all your personal information at your fingertips whenever and wherever you may happen to need it.

oneSafe allows you to:

• Easily create, view and edit items (passwords, web accounts, ID, credit cards, passport scan ...) and keep them well organized

• Take advantage of ready-made templates to enter details quickly

• Easily copy and paste complex usernames and passwords

• Mark any item as a favorite for quick access

• Share your data securely in a password protected archive

• Secure highly secure information in double-protection categories

• Quickly capture information using the 'Scan a Card' feature


• The highest level of encryption available on mobile device; AES 256 to give watertight protection from any possible cyber attack

• Dropbox integration to allow synchronization with multiple devices (Android, iOS and Mac versions of oneSafe)

• Email and device backup function to safeguard your information

• Multiple authentication methods to choose from

• Ready-made categories to better organize your information

• In-built password generator to create strong passwords.

• Quickly capture information via your camera

oneSafe combines security, simplicity and a sleek design in a password storage application. Download it now and protect any hackers or wandering eyes from getting a sneak peek at your personal data!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Lunabee Studio

User Reviews


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Jerome Spiess 2017-10-17

I\'ve been using this app since about 2013 I think iOS only at that time now use it on Android very happy with the program they continue to make improvements. I have no doubt they will fix the Dropbox integration. Have recommended too many family members and business associates.
Dean Liensdorf 2017-10-15

Was informed by ifttt that the $4.99 version of the app was free. It isn\'t cause when I tried too import a backup I was asked to upgrade for $4.99 to have that feature.
Ted LeBlond 2017-10-27

Automatic backup way too complicated. Support takes four months (Yes really) to reply. Hell sticky notes would be a better system. Sorry. Uninstall.
CaliGirlBailey 2017-10-14

IFTTT said \"Price Drop: $4.99 --> FREE\". Unless I\'m missing something, it\'s not.
Dave R 2017-09-30

This app have gained another star. Mind I would like to frown this editing body as it didn\'t stick and after a huge rewrite it lost it. With that said, with each update the app is getting better and better. I do have to mention the support in both quick replies and there resolve. I\'m looking forward to being able to view the contents in landscape. Keep up the great work.
Jonathan Rupp 2017-10-04

This is such a wonderful application. However all of a sudden it started crashing. Now I\'m totally unable to access any of my passwords on any of my devices. I\'m totally locked out ! I\'ve written tech support but get a slow response.
Kevin 2016-03-31

Add fingerprint Good app but get with the times. Nexus imprint with MM needs to be added to your app. IOS is not the only platform that matters.
A Google user 2018-03-21

Why is the Android version of this app missing some great features that the Apple version has? For example: •Selfie of the intruder etc. No auto-destruct option to delete all entries after a certain unsuccessful login attempts. No autofill possibility or autofill plugin under accessibility access. Not possible to add notes to the vault. Not possible to add notes within an entry. Not possible to add a file (photo) within an entry nor take a photo or voice note and attach that to an entry. Password generator could have longer passwords. Max length is 25 characters now. I wouldn\'t set a max length limit at all, but if, then I would atleast allow a password length up to 100 characters. Not possibility to generate \"pronouncable\" passwords. No Google Drive backup (only Dropbox). No emergency sharing possibility. No black theme. Lastly, if you open the app and minimize it, then the recent app thumbnail for this app shows your info in stead of the thumbnail becoming unreadable.
Herb Sue 2016-02-04

Very Unhappy Have had the app for years, both on my iPad and on my android phone. Was very pleased. Now the android version has developed some serious bugs. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but the problems won\'t go away. Bugs include not letting me into the app despite the correct password, not letting me into the double protection category despite the correct password, and not letting me into categories synced through Drop Box despite the correct password. Until the bugs are fixed, I can\'t recommend.
GMR Creations Ganesh P 2017-11-11

Sir, it is very secured app.but i am not able to access generated password use like my iPhone.please described me.