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Description of OneTouch Reveal® Diabetes App

The OneTouch Reveal® mobile app has helped over one million people take a step forward in their diabetes management. The OneTouch Reveal® app can be used to manage type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

The OneTouch Reveal® app works seamlessly with the OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter and the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter, using ColorSure® technology to change the way you see your blood sugar.

Helps you easily spot blood sugar patterns

• Transforms data into colorful snapshots that connect your blood sugar with food, insulin and activity.

• Draws a timeline of important blood sugar events and activities, highlighting when you have been repeatedly out of range.

• Receive automatic notifications on your smartphone when a high or low blood glucose pattern is detected.

Personalize your diabetes management tools

• Set personalized reminders to stay on top of patterns, meds, food, exercise—whatever you need to manage your diabetes.

• With the Blood Sugar Mentor™ feature, you get personalized guidance, insight, and encouragement to help you understand and manage your blood sugar. (Only available when using OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter).

Set up and track personalized goals and visualize your progress over time.

• BG Tests: Test your blood sugar to identify patterns.

• Step Tracking: Monitor the number of steps you walk each day.

• Carb Tracking: Regularly log the carbohydrates you eat to see the correlation between your food intake and your blood sugar levels.

• Activity Tracking: Track the amount of exercise you are getting.

Easy-to-view diabetes logbook

• Automatically logs and organizes your blood glucose results.

• Identify high and low blood glucose results with the color-coded logbook.

• See how you’re doing at a glance, with a simple 14-, 30- and 90-day overview of your blood sugar results.

Other helpful blood glucose management features

• Share your progress with your care team between visits – you can email your personalized diabetes report.

• The A1c comparator on the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app lets you compare your lab A1c** to the average of your blood sugar readings from the last 90 days.

Access to OneTouch® Solutions

Get OneTouch® products delivered to your home through convenient subscriptions or just order products as you need them.

Get additional support to help manage your diabetes with access to partner products


Or if you’d like to know more about the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app, please call OneTouch® Customer Care at 1-866-693-0599 or visit www.OneTouch.com

*Feature only available when using the OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter

**Must enter A1c test result provided by healthcare professional.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by LifeScan Scotland Ltd. and its affiliates is under license.

Compatible with devices with BTLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) support and running Android Version 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0. Depending on your Android device and version, screenshots in Help file may not match what you see in your app.

Android™ and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:5.6.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:LifeScan Europe GmbH

User Reviews


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Maria ORegan 2019-01-11

i love that this app syncs all of my info from my device and shares it directly with my doctors. it\'s great for accountability, and a great time saver! i don\'t need to constantly go to the doctor\'s office to have them upload my readings. wer can do a lot more communication digitally. It definitely works for my lifestyle!
Amazonian from Boston 2021-02-22

Basically, this app does most everything I could want in a glucose log except syncing with my meter on demand. It is almost impossible to get this app to sync with my meter after taking a reading. Basically, the app needs a Sync option that forces a sync with the meter. Also, since I upgraded my phone from a Galaxy S20 5G to a Galaxy S21+ 5G, the syncing problem has only gotten worse.
Scott Anderson 2019-10-18

Worked well until I updated my phone to a Galaxy S10+, now I can not sync my meter at all and I have not found any solution for this problem. Please fix the app this is a very frustrating issue, and it looks like there are a number of users experiencing this problem.
Joseph Ruiz 2019-02-06

So, so at best. The app claimed it would download automatically to your phone. It doesn\'t. My reading are mostly in the green (80\'s - 180\'s) about 95% of the time. i will take s reading before meals or at least one hour after meals. When I log in to finalize readings, if taken before meals the reading will sometimes come up RED. I could never figure out \"why.\"
Sharon McKelvey 2019-05-22

The OneTouch app is very handy to use. You don\'t have to record your readings in a log book anymore. They are recorded in the log book through Bluetooth in the app. This is handy because everyone carries a smartphone. You will have all your readings on there. This way any medical personnel can check out your readings and see how your Diabetes is doing.
Tom Glenn 2019-10-18

At first I had trouble paring my meter. I called the toll free number for technical assistance. They were patient because I couldn\'t see the code, but finally did. Its at the very top, small and light. Once I did,it paired right Away. Best app. I\'ve used for tracking glucose and I don\'t have to log it myself! I love it!
A Google user 2020-03-08

If it will ever work. I will review again. Sorry I did not rewrite this sooner. This app works great! Syncs with my Samsung Galaxy Phone no problem. Actually the program does everything it says it will do. Don\'t remember what problem I originally had but most likely was operator error getting the blue tooth to pair. Follow the directions and it works great. Also the section with tips that changes periodically.
Stephanie McIntosh 2019-09-19

Waste of time using this app. What\'s the point of it - stops syncing with your meter after a month or so. Can\'t resync, can\'t forget meter, calling customer support is useless because they don\'t know what to do and you spend more time on hold while they try to research it than actually talking to you. Google \"onetouch meter won\'t sync with app\". You\'ll see it
Wendy Lavalley 2019-01-12

For someone trying to monitor someone else\'s levels being able to sync multiple devices is great ... until you sync them & they\'re mixed together! Now that I\'ve paired both I can\'t even delete 1 to ensure I\'m not getting them mixed up! Epic FAIL! Need the ability to create multiple users within the app for ppl who are monitoring their loved ones health.
Bill Balena 2019-06-11

Went from 5 stars to 1. The past two updates have made Bluetooth a thing of the past. Might work for one test a week. User authentication? That feature is a worthless pain in the ass. You lost 4 stars for poor updates. There are better app solutions if I have to enter tests manually. The Bluetooth is broken in this app. A manual sync button to start it would be better. Changed the battery and had Bluetooth two days in a row. Last two days nothing.