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Description of Open FM – radio online

Open FM – Radio tuned in to you!

Open FM is the biggest music platform in Poland. Our listeners can enjoy over 100 various music stations with over 2,000 hours of music per day. Our stations are grouped in many categories:

- Favorites

- Recommended

- Party

- Pop

- Hip-Hop/R&B

- Rock/Metal

- Alternative

- Electronic

- Sports

- For listening in cars

- Other

Why download the application?

-> Thanks to an advanced streaming technology, the Open FM app does not require a high-speed Internet connection or large data packages

-> Hour of listening uses only several megabytes of data

-> FREE app

-> Great music available 24/7

-> New music stations and categories

-> Add stations to FAVORITES

-> Listen to Open FM app through Bluetooth

-> Editorial team personally takes care of every music station

-> RECOMMENDED category with music stations recommended by the editorial team

-> Open FM is also an Internet radio station available on your computer :)

-> The team is constantly developing the product in consultation with its Users.

If you have any questions about the app, please write to us: team@open.fm

Do you like Open FM?

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/open.fm.radio

We use cookies and similar technologies for purposes including: provision of services, stats, advertising. By using the app you agree for them to be placed in your end device. Details: http://onas.wp.pl/poufnosc.html

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More Information Of Open FM – radio online

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:3.4.0 Publish Date:2021-08-31 Developer:Wirtualna Polska Media S.A.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

David 2020-03-13

New update causes player to stop randomly and unpause when exiting other apps. New update is also slower when it comes to switching stations
Zenon Nowobilski 2018-11-27

Too many adds, slowing down app
Jarek Mazur 2018-10-04

Pzestalem sluchac bo wciskacie na chama reklamy,
Dominika Cichocka 2016-06-23

New version sucks As much, as I loved old version of it ( before June 21 ) I have to say.....new one absolutely sucks !!!! They allowed commercials running in background, that completely interrupt music and the screen. Now this app is a piece of garbage. Tip- don\'t install update after June 20 if you have a choice.
Konrad Rutkowski 2018-09-27

More and more adds! I\'m using this app for a long. I\'m ok with adds on screen because I\'m listening music, I can live when there is popping and that I have to close but now there are video ads that I have to wait to close this is getting too much. I think it\'s time to look around for some alternatives.
Piotr Pacholski 2021-01-08

Bardzo lubię waszą aplikację i fakt ze nie muszę jej startować jak wsiadam do samochodu, ale jest mały szkopuł, aplikacja sama się włącza po skonczeniu każdej rozmowy telefonicznej, nawet gdy jest wyłączona lub nie używana. To nie jest tylko problem z moim S20, ale tez starszymi S8 & S9. Jakiś update? Nic nie zostało zmienione, niestety 1/8/2021
Jarek N 2020-05-26

It was somewhat usable before, now is useless. Old app use to take 3 or 4 starts before would finally play. It would crash but would continue to play music. New app forecloses each time you start it. This got to be worst app i came across in last couple years.
Marta Gil 2018-03-03

Aplikacja nie dziala bez WIFI, a kiedys bez problemu grała z internetu z telefonu.
A Google user 2018-12-07

One of the ads start installing services from play store. I had to shut down my phone imediatley. Will not install it again. Idea with the software providing access to many stations is great but I will use my Amazon app to play music
Matthew Hk 2017-09-10

Been using it for over two years now, every once in a while an update breaks the app and all hell breaks loose but otherwise it is a great internet radio with fairly low number of ads. You don\'t have to speak Polish to be able to use it, most channel names are written in English or a mix of Polish and English.