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Description of Open House

Welcome to Open House! Go on an exciting journey from the old house to the dream mansion!

Meet Oscar. You are sure to make friends! He is a young, full of energy guy looking for happiness under the roof of this house. Help him to repair everything, going through unique matching rounds. Charming characters will be your guests. A new story will gain momentum every time you meet new people.

🏮 You would enjoy mindblowing match-3 levels if you are a real puzzle lover! This game is full of fun boosters and explosive combinations.💥

🎨 Renovate and design rooms just for your taste. Decorate every corner until you make yourself at home. 🛋

🏠 Follow the story and meet new heroes, the life is in full swing in this mansion. Discover all the secrets that keep these walls!🔍

🦜An adorable pet will keep you company!

So, are you ready for fun? Immerse yourself into the world of Open House adventures!

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More Information Of Open House

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.20.994 Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:Integra Games Global OU

User Reviews


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Pî KÜ 2020-07-31

I love this game. Its graphics are very good and it is very good to play. But the game is too short. The game started and ended. I didn\'t really like the end of the game when the real fun started. Games have a limitation of playing for only 10 days. Why not the next one? This game ended with a bad suspense. And the biggest thing is that only 290 levels can be played here. No updates since then. And for such a small game, I couldn\'t give this game a five star.
Alvin Pariyarath Sunny 2020-09-15

Great Graphics, Enjoy alot. Please do add a option to form groups with those whom have this game. Hold events that can be completedindividualy, and events completed aa a group also. . Please add extra details around the house, the house looks like as if its the only house, and no one else is there. Add shops, park, swimming centers, and so on , make all these in new updates😍👍 Add side mini games and add a option to form clubs /team ,put events that as a team earn points and get rewards!!!!
Maria Regina 2020-06-14

First of all, i absolutely love the design and the furniture choices! The levels are quite challenging, but it\'s possible. also the house seems a bit small compared to the other house decor games, so if the levels were too easy we\'d run out of things to decorate. The game works great, on one scene after Jimmy hangs his dream catcher, oscar said \"good thing we hang it high enough $ {pet name} can\'t reach it\". Other than that, everything\'s fine. You should add teams and events too.
Mindy G 2020-06-18

I love this game! It\'s so fun! The furniture is so cool and colorful. The choices are awesome. I\'ve played a lot of match 3 games and Open House is one of the best. I actually spent money on this one and I hardly ever do that on games. But I didn\'t have to, I just wanted the great deal they had. Every level is beatable without the powerups. You just gotta be good at it like me ; )
Amanda Wright 2020-12-21

Really not enjoying this game anymore. You wait weeks to move on in the story and then the levels are impossible to beat. It took me a full week to pass a level because I refuse to pay for more coins out of principle. I understand that this is a free game and they need to make money but with how hard the levels are to pass I find it just pure cheekiness.
Shavell Sexton i 2020-03-15

Overall i loved this game 😊!! But when i got to level 43 it told me \"stay with us. Story will continue soon\"... 🤔 not sure what that means but its been 3 days now & nothing has happened. My characters are stuck wandering around & i cant even play any puzzle games to pass the time. Its starting to get irritating 😡. If nothing happens in the next couple days then ill take away a star rating & uninstall the game. Sucks cause i was actually enjoying it 🤷
Marietjie Booysen 2020-06-30

The reason I am only giving one star is because everytime the game updates, it goes back a view levels. I am suppose to be at the kitchen now but when the game updated it went back to the tree that needs to be removed. I would give this 5stars because I love this game, but nit before you give my levels back. I have already purchased the gas stove, now I have to go back. This is not fair. You have 24hours to give me my levels back or I will delete this game. 😭😭😭😭😭
Israt Jahan 2020-09-08

Here, get to the point I am at level 290 and this game is AMAZING. Talking about story line, I am speechless(good story line). When you stick to a level and it seems harder, don\'t give up. You can overcome within 2 or three days. But still I didn\'t give 5 stars cause the house could be decorated more beautifully. The decorated stuffs are ok but in my opinion when you upgrade it plz improve the decorated equipments AND OF COURSE BRING SAHAH BACK! She\'s a sweet character don\'t end up her 😕
Shanda Hunt 2020-05-30

I love this game, I am big on the match 3 decorating games and this one is definitely in my top 5 favorites. I do really wish there was an option to buy +1 and +3 moves because alot of the times I know I can get it in one move and hate wasting so much coins for one move. Other than that this app has GREAT furniture options, normally I look for furniture that matches so I love how each room has 3 different sets that go with each other!
Ria Monica Candaza-Alvaran 2020-04-23

Not great. I can\'t move past level 40 as it has very limited number of moves, like I have to get 15 bear statues in 30 moves. 30 moves may seem like plenty but it\'s not since you have to break the ice, the chocolates, and the hedges (which you have to break twice!). I used up all my bombs bit it was useless. It\'s a totally waste of time, in my opinion. So, uninstall.