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Opera Mini - fast web browser APK

Opera Mini - fast web browser

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Description of Opera Mini - fast web browser

Opera Mini allows you to browse the internet fast and privately whilst saving up to 90% of your data. The Opera Mini internet browser has a massive amount of functionalities all in one app and is trusted by millions of users around the world every day.

• Private Browser

Opera Mini is a secure browser providing you with great privacy protection on the web. Use private tabs to browse incognito & browse privately without leaving a trace on your device or being tracked.

• Fast Browsing around the World

With local Opera data centers around the world, you have one of the fastest and most reliable connection when using the Opera Mini Internet Browser.

• Block Ads

Opera Mini has a native built-in ad blocker so you can surf the web without annoying ads. Ad Block brings you a completely smooth & safe web browsing experience!

• Offline Reading

Easily save news stories and any webpages to your phone while connected to Wi-Fi and read them later offline without using data

• Save Data

Save up to 90% of your data and browse faster, even on slow networks, without disrupting your browsing experience with Opera Mini Data Saver

• Video Player

Watch & listen live, or download to view offline later

• Offline File Sharing

Send and receive files securely without an internet connection or any data usage with any other Opera Mini user in seconds.

By downloading this application, you are agreeing to the End User Licence Agreement at https://www.opera.com/eula/mobile

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User Reviews


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Akachi Maduako 2020-11-27

The only reason why I still use this app is because of its extreme mode for data saving and ad blocking. There are just too many frustrating bugs. 1. The tabs button does not work sometimes. 2. A lot of sites don\'t support this browser. 3. Once download start, you have to wait for 3 seconds before you can do anything else. 4. Etc! Once I find another app with the same or better technique for data saving and ad blocking, I\'m definitely deleting this one!
Alex Killey 2020-11-18

Hello Opera. I have always loved your browser and have been using it for almost 4 years now and it has never disappointed until recently. The video player used to be \'touch-scroll\', but now has some buttons that don\'t even forward/rewind a video. I have updated the app today and I can see that the functionality for setting your custom Download Folder is no longer there. Please guys, what is happening? Please don\'t degrade this browser. It is one of the best and should remain as so.
Amol Kharpas 2020-10-14

I found it better than chrome. I was using chrome before but recently when you browse for list of movies in chrome their new format is very inconvenient. Also when I start to download a file chrome don\'t show any download progress, in fact it doesn\'t even show if the file is being downloaded or not. Very frustrating. So I went on to play store in search of another browser and stumbled upon opera browser. Downloaded it and what do you know, first time lucky. Love it.
MC 14192 2020-12-26

I shouldn\'t have updated it... Now YouTube doesn\'t work (\"something went wrong, please try again\" over and over). Which is a problem because YT\'s what I mostly use it for. I looked for a way to report a bug, couldn\'t find one so I\'m reporting it here. If this ever gets fixed I\'m never updating it again. If it doesn\'t get fixed - goodbye Opera Mini.
Prakhyath Gowda 2021-02-13

I\'m using opera mini since 2014. It was only the best ad block browser in the play store. But from few months ads aren\'t blocked in Automatic data saver mode. If I use extreme mode some websites are not opening. So i have to use it without ad blocker in which ads pop-ups are really high & it redirects to another window every single second. This makes me irritated and frustrated. Please fix this problem & I\'ll rate 5 stars.
Shannon Bauer 2021-02-16

UPDATE: Latest update seems to have fixed issues, so I\'m changing review to four stars; four stars due to annoying issue of \"Google ad\" (blank) page opens sometimes when you open a webpage, forcing you to back out and reload page. Also, sometimes it REALLY wants you to play embedded videos, to the point of annoyance. Otherwise well done.
Nick Mattison 2021-03-06

I have been very happy with it for several years till updated 07 Jan 2021. Now web pages either don\'t display at all or formatted wrong. Cleared cache,data etc and removed app and reinstalled to no effect. Had to install chrome which works fine. Please let me know if this is corrected so I can reinstall. Android 10 on moto g7 play. UPDATED March 6 2021. Back to 5 stars. Just discovered it\'s working fine now, thank you for fixing. Love this app.
Michael A. 2021-01-15

With every new update, this app becomes increasingly less efficient. For someone like me who has been familiar with your services for a very long time, it is personally heartbreaking.
SANITY 2021-03-06

The app is quite helpful in terms of downloading any content, even content from Facebook e.t.c I like the app. but I\'m not really comfortable with the bark mode, unlike other apps. I suppose it will be unbeatable to possess an intensive in-app dark mode (over-all dark mode) instead of just at the home page. Please kindly make improvement and provision for that on the next update, it will help a lot. Thanks 🤝
Tinco FAni 2021-01-15

Good app but too many annoying bugs on the latest version : - Can\'t switch to another tab while the current one is loading. - When a text is selected, the bubble options (cut, copy, select all, etc...) only appears half the time. - Night mode suddenly getting too dim when I try to tweak it\'s settings. Sad because it\'s non-mini counterpart works perfectly... Edit : Got even worse, pages only load with basic html code now.