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Description of Oracle Aconex

By installing this app, you agree to the End User License Agreement terms at https://help.aconex.com/tos/android-eula.

Oracle Aconex mobile application provides issue and inspection management for quality assurance/control, safety on construction sites, pre handover inspections via punchlists as well as the ability to view project drawings and pin issues to drawings. It facilitates keeping track of important site details such as weather, equipment, workforce etc through daily reports. This application helps overcome the challenges of paper-based drawing and inspection management, as well as scattered and incomplete project data.

Oracle Aconex simplifies building information modeling by connecting teams, models and project data on a single online collaboration platform. Access the BIM information you need for your construction and engineering projects, from wherever you are. All from your mobile device.

Oracle Aconex provides collaborative project delivery, including design & construction coordination, field management, project mail, and project controls. Asset owners and project leaders rely on Oracle Construction and Engineering software for the visibility and control, connected supply chain, and data security needed to drive performance and mitigate risk, helping teams plan, build, and operate critical assets.

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More Information Of Oracle Aconex

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:22.2.0 BUILD(160) Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:Oracle America, Inc.

User Reviews


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Duncan Cooke 2020-04-06

It\'s disappointing that this app doesn\'t allow me to look at mail. I need the separate Mail and Docs app for that. How is this any better than the previous set up where a separate Field app was required?
Mirza Tab 2020-02-18

Doesn\'t work properly since taken over by Oracle, can\'t synchronize issues. Upgrade has downgraded many useful options like no. of issues under sync cannot be seen or you will never know if sync has been been completed
Stefan H 2020-07-10

Terrible search function compared to the web interface and filtering, also unbearably slow.
Mate Ski 2019-08-05

Useless app, can only view uploaded files, no metadata, no list, nothing.
Ray Hodge 2020-06-30

All the right ideas, but so unstable! Actually unbearable.
TTU G 2020-10-27

Painful... Continuous sync issues! How are we able to do our work when your can\'t fix an issue that\'s been going on for years!!!
Cameron Warton 2019-11-29

The lack of information (number of defects, summary/Bar graph of defects) & ease of use switching issues is poor. Personally I prefer Aconex Field.
Ben Isbill 2021-01-14

Update 14/01/21 - Vast improvement following merge with the Mail and Docs app, but some issues still remain. Access to different modules is still limited - only Drawings, Docs, Models and Mail are available. Still tries to load thumbnail images of every document in the Document Register, which works about as well as you\'d expect when you have thousands of documents uploaded.
Joaquim D\'souza 2020-02-20

Useless app since moved Oracle Aconex from Aconex field, I doubt even ratings and feedback are considered by Oracle team
Peter Kirby 2020-02-12

Update recently... we\'ll see.