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Description of Orbia: Tap and Relax

◆ Google Play Awards: Most Casual 2018 ◆

Orbia challenges you and your friends to clear as many levels as you can in a vibrant, unusual world.

Play and overcome moving obstacles with style: only a well-timed tap will lead you to your goal.


Designed as an easy pick-up-and-play for all to enjoy. Improve your skills in increasingly complex levels. Collect bonuses and use them to your advantage. Chain together combos to maximize your reward.


Minimalistic, colorful, high-end graphics. A breathtakingly beautiful visual experience.


Be accompanied through the game by well-polished sounds and incredible soundtracks.


Play hundreds of levels in different worlds.


Every world has its own hero with their own unique style. Unlock and find tons of unique skins, each with its own set of abilities!


Compete with your friends and share the fun.

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More Information Of Orbia: Tap and Relax

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.089 Publish Date:2021-08-15 Developer:JOX Development LLC

User Reviews


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Gib Kissinger 2019-04-30

challenging for my reflexes; music is not too distracting and I turn it way down. Easy for me to sit through ads for other games and wait for the clock to indicate-- plus music stopping--that I can resume play. There is a pattern to how the obstructions move, so I watch and time when to make my move to get through. I get focused, even stubborn, and only quit trying to advance, taking a break when I get too tired , start mistiming too often. There\'s always another day to start fresh. Enjoyable.
Alex Leonard 2019-04-18

Meh. I enjoyed it at first, but ultimately is way too repetitive without any real feeling of development or story. And levels get so hard later on that it\'s impossible to complete without buying lots of IAP. Plus each \"world\" has different skins, so if you splash out on a good skin for the first world, you can\'t use it in other worlds.
Ash Brasington 2020-11-25

Tap & Relax! Tap & watch 🤬 Ads! Developers you broke a \'Set in Stone\' rule in game design Don\'t break immersion! If you get a good run, you get to sit back & watch ads. Get a bad run just turn your game into an infinite loop of ads. And then if you want the ads to stop pay money! Than pay more money cause the most useful \'skins\' cost more than premium games or decent professional apps. So enjoy a cash grab at your hard earned dollars. If I could give this a zero I would have.
Rachel Park 2020-10-11

Super fun. Very creative. I really enjoy this unique game. I am excited to share with my son, he will love it too. There are two things i find annoying. I wish there was a way to shut off the text boxes that pop-up to explain things, it messes with the awesome flow of the game and I offen die right after. Also would love different levels of play, I don\'t want the guide lines to show up and extra power-ups, it takes away from the sense of accomplishment.Not reason to stop playing. Love this game!
Cria and Kidd 2020-09-11

Update- I get that you earn revenue with ads, but if we choose to watch an ad for a 1 minute bounce shield (or however long with a skin), I think the shield should last 1 minute, not one use. Love the simple graphics and concept, very tricky game! I\'d like to see a tutorial of the features and how to use them, maybe an index of symbols.
wolfegirl 1234 2020-10-28

I love this game, its simple, fun and brilliant!Two problems: everytime I start the game or get an achievement from google play, I cant play the game. I\'m not sure if that is google play\'s issue or this game, but its annoying when I\'m in the middle of a level and I get an achievement and am unable to carry on till it\'s gone. Also, I wish there was a pause button! Either I need to die or exit the game completely to get back to the menu, which is a little bit annoying. Please fix!!
Lenny Francois 2019-04-06

Orbia is a great relaxing, simple yet challenging game where timing is the key to success. The background music and colors make it a great game to play when trying to wind down for the night. With currently around 1500 levels, this game will keep me busy for many nights to come.
Carl Glover-Tay 2019-09-10

When you complete Mountains, the game is rigged for you to fail. Some jumps have gaps smaller than the character making it impossible to beat. I would upload images of said jumps but I can\'t do that here.
Alex Beaman 2019-04-13

After 10 hours of in-game play time, i finally beat all 700 levels of the first world. What should this tell you? The game\'s polished graphics and smooth gameplay make endless fun. They have even released two new worlds in the time i\'ve been playing so expect lots of fun features :)
Jason Murphy 2021-01-09

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME. IT\'S WORSE AFTER REMOVING ADS. WITH ads you can watch an add to remain at a location without starting over. WITHOUT ads this entire ability is removed so if you die you can no longer watch an add to stay at the same spot, you\'re forced to start over. Removing ads doesn\'t actually remove ads, they\'re still in there. It just removes features of the game. It\'s a great addictive game but now that I removed ads, it suuuuuuucks. What a damn waste.