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Description of Order & Chaos Duels

Rediscover the Order & Chaos universe in this FREE collectible trading card game (TCG) that lets you battle with evil forces in many adventures or fight against real players for leaderboard supremacy.

The ancient demonic spirit Zepar and his Corruption have returned to use the world as their twisted, wicked playground once again.

Create your great hero, the Card Dueler, and embody the world’s only hope!

✔ Nearly 300 gorgeous cards to collect, with all the heroic fantasy art style of the Order & Chaos games (MMORPG & MOBA)

✔ Fast & accessible duels on the go with spectacular special magic effects for the cards

✔ Deep content & strategy with the game mechanics of a traditional trading card game (TCG)

✔ Epic live and asynchronous online multiplayer games

✔ Quests & adventures to fight against evil and free the world of Haradon

✔ Optimize your deck for battle in solo & online multiplayer PvP modes

Order & Chaos Duels is a free trading card game (TCG) in a magical fantasy universe that features online mulitplayer battles (PvP). This free multiplayer TCG game will allow you to manage your deck, battle with your deck, play games online and more.

Download now for free and get on board for many exciting multiplayer games (PvP).


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More Information Of Order & Chaos Duels

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.7.5o Publish Date:2021-08-10 Developer:Gameloft SE

User Reviews


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Jimmy Max Youngblood III 2017-01-08

Its addiction lvl is over 9000!! Very fun game with plenty to keep you busy. Easy to progress without spending a ton of money. Maintains difficulty throughout campaign. Multi-player is nice, however I would love to see more rewards for ranking and possibly even more interactions between players. Perhaps fixed conversation options? Overall, a very fun strategic card game. Easily my favorite game I have so far! Keep it up!!
Andy G 2016-04-16

Great Great game loving it. its all most as Good as sol forge:)the only thing I would say is that the customer service is very poor lost all my cards and my acount got deleted. contacted customer care no answer :(:(
Anthony Featherstone 2020-03-23

Love this game. However 2nd time I\'ve lost extensive amounts of progress. The problem has arisen when I try to link the account to a new device.
Robert S 2016-03-14

Delete Why can\'t I delete a character? I\'m stuck and I want to try someone different and this game doesn\'t help you do that.
LaDureon Kindred 2016-10-11

Could be better The game play is great. The freezing and turning off during battles; especially during the tower is terrible. How do I start with a loss as soon as i finish my deck before i even battle anyone? How do i dominate someone and lose because the game messed up?
Baron Scott 2016-01-16

Love it!!! This game is very smooth and has amazing animations and graphics. I\'m hooked! This is better than Hearthstone
tvearl churchill 2016-06-13

Great Game I\'ve been playing for a few years trying to build the ultimate deck. Some card are REALLY hard to get. I usually don\'t rate nor comment (this is my 1st ever actually). But I\'ve been playing this game for so long and have had so much fun with it, I felt I owed it to them. This is by far the best card battle game I\'ve ever run across. And the only one I\'ll play.
Aly Shimi 2019-09-06

This game is pure perfection, but u guys are ignoring it, its been ages since any update, the game was great but u guys just woke up one day and decided to kill the game, now no one plays it because of you abandoning the game, any minor update and ill change to five stars, just dont let the game die like this.
Leo Danstead 2017-01-22

21/01/2017 today my account disappeared and lost all my cards. Sort it out! Love it. Very addictive and an enjoyable tactical card game. Need to spend a little but worth a little dabble if you like these kind of games. No bugs thus far. Keep up the good work, an online live random pvp would be great.
Notta Chanceman 2015-11-18

You can compete As you can see, this is a good looking game. I haven\'t experienced any consistent buggy behaviour, so gameplay is also good. Most important of all, however, is this game allows you to trade in your time in lieu of cash. If you\'re patient, and willing to take it slow, you can compete with the payer players. Cash is still king of course, and makes everything easier, but you can definitely get by without it. So give it a shot...