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Description of Orientate

Orientate”, is a Laterality Recognition Program that forms part of a Graded Motor Imagery, a rehabilitation program based on clinical trials to treat pain and movement problems.

Laterality recognition or Left / Right Discrimination are known to occur in stroke patients and patients with CRPS/RSD and phantom limb pain. The ability to identify Left or Right is important for normal recovery. Orientate” laterality software provide images of hands and feet in different positions and postures, on nine levels, totalling over one thousand five hundred images.

Research shows the ability to identify Left and Right is slower and less accurate in people suffering from pain, and there is a direct link to the ability to correctly recognize Left and Right to the level of pain. Orientate” has been developed to measure this ability, and help retrain the brain.

Stroke patients may lose the ability to recognize a complete left or right hemisphere. As part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program Orientate” will help to retrain the brain to see and recognize this missing hemisphere and aid the remapping of the brain.

Like all therapies laterality recognition dose not always show immediate results. The rate and amount of recovery much depends on the extent of the damage, and the intensity and duration of the therapy you receive. Recovery also is likely to be influenced by personality, life experiences and coping styles. Motivation to recover is a key factor in obtaining an optimal level of rehabilitation.

Learn more about graded motor imagery rehabilitation at http://www.mirrorboxtherapy.com

Try for yourself the first three levels completely free.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.1 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Reflex Pain Management Ltd

User Reviews


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Leigha Hartley 2018-09-25

Fantastic tool. Worth it for medical professionals and their patients/clients right across the entire pain spectrum to start the \"self\" rediscovery journey to self management with little to no medical intervention. What a gift for all of us who suffer 24/7 with these horrible & debilitating \"invisible\" (& therefore usually dismissed, belittled & not often believed) chronic/complex nerve pain syndromes. Maybe this could even help save some lives. Going to share the hell out of this app to get the word put. Well done Development Team! .. Thankyou
Ramona Raynor 2019-07-24

not as easy as you would think it would be! Really makes you think! I can see why this may help with my condition of CRPS! My Dr. wants me to use the program three times a day for three times a day for the first month, and then once a day there after. Thanks for giving the first levels for free! I have been using for a full month now snd plan to keep using the program!
Caitlin MB 2018-02-27

Occupational therapist found this app and it is really helping connect my right arm and brain back together. I have. Humunculous brain after having CRPS for almost 2 years. Finally feeling like my arm is coming back with this app!
George Rubaloff 2018-10-31

Simple to use, I am open to using to help in my healing process. The concept makes sense given how the brain collects information for motor sensory functions.
Fanny Yu 2019-01-01

I purchased the intermediate levels but they still show up as locked in the app. yet if i try purchasing it again it says i already own these levels.
Pamela 2017-12-06

Recommended by my PT, the different positions of both upper and lower limbs/digits challenges thinking and decision processes! Other apps use only the upper or lower extremities, therefore this is more challenging!
Allison White 2019-08-27

This is a great app for people with conditions (including CRPS, stroke, phantom limb pain) that benefit from graded motor imagery.
Tierra Jones 2019-12-15

I can\'t properly rate the app as I only used it once, but I couldn\'t find any other place for \"customer service.\" As I previously stated I\'m a first time user, & was reading everything I can before the app. It was reccommended by PT for my CRPS in my knee, which this app doesn\'t address but the concept is still helpful. On your about page you have words like yarning instead of yawning, that needs to be change. There are a few more edits needed, but that jumped off the page.
Sandy REINHART 2017-09-29

Excellent app went from not being able to recognize some rights from lefts due to pain from 7 surgeries to now doing it proficiently.
MICHELLE ROSS 2017-06-08

I found this after my Physical Therapist wanted me to buy an expensive app. She agrees this is great. Her only wish to make it 5 stars is for there to be an area for me to journal before/after exercise my pain info which I can email her.