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Description of Oriflame Business

The Oriflame Business App makes it easy for you to run your business from wherever, whenever.

Gain access to powerful, easy-to-understand real-time data that helps you make the right decisions to grow your business.

At the tips of your fingers: view real-time statistics, engage and motivate newcomers, instantly communicate with your team, and activate your entire downline.

Keep your Oriflame business always with you:

Quickly access current and recent campaigns

Receive real-time notifications about your team’s progress

View recruitment rates

Search your entire Personal Group

View who’s placed an order (and who hasn’t!)

Focus and re-engage non-actives

Instantly connect with, motivate and congratulate team members

Dashboard quick view of your important business indicators for the current catalogue

View your starters, recruits and Welcome Program qualifiers

Gain real-time business statistics with great visualisations

Get instant notifications when a starter joins your Personal Group

Powerful communication options for starters and your entire downline

See the latest alerts, product launches and info

Add new recruits right on the spot

Create and send group or individual messages

- supports Android 6.0+

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More Information Of Oriflame Business

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:5.1.0 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:Oriflame

User Reviews


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Afreen Jahan 2020-12-17

Excellent business app, can get lots of experience and knowledge, also earn in thousands just sitting at home working online.
Stephen Andow 2019-09-26

Not user friendly. The App is targeted at making you recruit others and not making sales. For one to buy goods you must go to the website via a browser. Then why do the app only to give information about your performance, recruitment and presentation? It is not interactive and uninteresting.
Positivity Priya 2020-09-30

I love the.. Easy to use.. Bt sometimes if there is network issue it takes time. Otherwise easy to use
Aminat Ozavize Salaudeen 2020-10-15

The app has been useful in helping me monitor my downline activities. It\'s a must have for every consultant who is building a team.
Naina Piwal 2020-11-24

Very nice app.. I can manage all my downline activities. And monthly calling easily
Mahmoud Fathalla 2020-06-09

I have faced an annoying issue that this message has appeared when opening the app \" unable to connect to internet. for first run the application needs to download configuration from server. try again? \" What can I do to fix this issue?
Kristen Duke 2020-07-08

Have not been able to login into this app, what\'s wrong?? Keeps showing unable to connect to the server.
Ijeamaka Nnoka 2020-08-04

A wonderful experience. The app enables me to monitor my monthly activities and that of my downliners. It equally serves as motivator when I am seeing what my Orialert will look like.
Oluwafunmilayo Oladapo 2019-12-30

Fantastic app, that show me my level and the level of all my team members per time. Very effective.
mary hooks 2020-07-27

It regularly needs to be reinstalled to get it to work but when it does work its brilliant.