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Description of ORTO: License Plate VIN Lookup

Buying a used car, need to find vehicle info on a stolen car or suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood? Get one of our free car check and vehicle info history reports, with free CARFAX data, and the neighborhood watch crime map you can find out if the vehicle has been stolen, involved in an accident or flood.

See the average selling prices for the make and model just by entering the license plate, VIN or from a photo of the car with the VIN scanner or license plate scanner. Help protect your neighborhood by spotting crime and sharing criminal activity with other users in your neighborhood or around the country.

Orto uses Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, coupled with realtime public DMV records to show you vehicle history, free vehicle info, free Carfax info and detailed information from a photo of a license plate with our AI LICENSE PLATE SCANNER. It's like Shazam! for cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles and will recognize most US state license plates.

Reverse lookup license plate information, vehicle history, vehicle info or title data by scanning the license plate or entering the cars VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). You can also purchase vehicle owner details through InfoTracer background checks.

Snap a photo of a plate to run any US license plate from vehicles registered after 1981, and for free you can instantly uncover:

- If a vehicle has been involved in an accident or has previous flood damage.

- Free Carfax status and Carfax service history

- Detailed specifications, including engine size, fuel capacity, dimensions, transmissions, country of manufacture as well as the VIN number and make, model and year from the license plate.

- The best geolocation neighborhood watch apps for vehicles

- Real time valuations based on retail sales data from the last 3 months, giving you an accurate estimation on the current market value.

- Detailed owner reported data on running costs, including estimated annual maintenance, taxes and insurance costs all from the state license plate.

- Active NHTSA safety recalls covering mechanical and manufacturing errors. Is your car safe? Has it been subject to any factory recalls? Check instantly by scanning the license plate or entering the VIN.

- Owner information, traffic court records and criminal driving violations provided by Info Tracer. (extra cost).

- Get FREE CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

- Full history reports powered by CARFAX and VINCHECKUP, like CarFax but cheaper! Verify title information, get damage and salvage reports to avoid buying unsafe rebuilds. Odometer checks to detect mileage rollbacks or tampering. Alerts on active and passed thefts or criminal activity. See past sales listings and find out how much the vehicle sold for previously.

- Vehicle owner details and background checks from InfoTracer

State license plate lookup uses publicly available information, we bring it together with license plate recognition technology to make a fast, fun and useful utility for finding out details about a car, truck or motorcycle. If you're a car dealer, enthusiast or looking to purchase a used car you shouldn't leave home without Orto License Plate Lookup.

With the ability to add personalized notes for each of your vehicles it becomes a great vehicle inventory application for dealers and owners of multiple vehicles!

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:3.6.3 Publish Date:2022-01-08 Developer:Tom Jordan

User Reviews


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Jeff Sather 2020-10-31

Not sure why anybody would complain about this app. You\'d have to be a completely entitled jerk to not appreciate what this developer has created for all to use for FREE. You don\'t even have to register, there is a \"continue as guest\" option. Love that! I entered my plate number and got back my Vin #, previous owners, whether it was ever crashed or flooded, the recalls Ford has issued for it, etc. I\'m so impressed with the free version, I\'m gonna try the premium. Keep up the good work! Thx
Billy BadaBing 2020-09-28

AWESOME APP! Great idea & concept. The app is very informative and extremely accurate with every vehicle\'s data that I have researched. AMAZING Job! I love the fact that it lists so many details and very useful information. I believe that it\'s a must-have app for anyone with that is in the market for a used vehicle (Seller/Buyer). A+A+A++++
Brittney Setzer 2021-01-16

I have found this app to be very helpful. It has alerted me to potential problems with several vehicles I had considered purchasing. It has been accurate every time and is very user friendly. The only problem I\'ve encountered (and it may have been something I inadvertently did) is that my look up history has been erased. Does it only keep it stored for a certain amount of time ?
T Mello 2020-12-01

Very well done app! I looked up my truck and found a bunch of important information including recalls I wasn\'t aware of. The amount of data in one place is cool and scary. But it\'s all public record so anyone could get it if they wanted to, or had the time... and money. I\'m enjoying it a lot! I really wish my robot vacuum app was done this well.
Darrel Scott 2020-04-11

If I could rate it zero stars I would. I installed it on my phone, verified my email address and then could not log into my \"account\". Just for the heck of it I tried the reset password function. It said the email address I had just received the verification at less then 45 minutes ago \"was badly formatted\". I am deleting if because of this issue and will not reinstall it on my phone.
Tray E 2021-01-27

I purchased the premium thinking I\'d have access to everything. $35 gone. Log back into the account minutes later to find that I have no further info avaliable to me for $35 than I did for the free account. I tried to cancel, but all it did was cancell my reoccurring subscription next year. I\'ve had this for less than 5 minutes probably. Dont waste your money on premium, I cant tell it\'s any different than free and it is sure not worth $35/year. **Note - Refund was approved, now waiting for post
Steven Prasad 2020-04-13

You said if you click the green Find Owner tab you can get an owner report from Infotracer for 5 bucks\" So I did that and gives that option for $4.95 and after 5 days of unlimited search it will be automatically billed for $19.95/month. I signed up. It pulls the same things as your app and asking again for additional $9.95 for premium information. So did that too and still nothing. You sound sincere but still lack integrity. I\'m giving you 5 star. Giving you chance to fix this, if not 1 star
Gregory Dearth 2020-06-26

The scanner works well even at a distance. Nice to have a manual input option. It gives you the VIN and vehicle make, model and year for free. The owner info costs $5 per scan via a site called infotracer. I work for the state highway department and need to identify vehicles for my reports. Wish it displayed if a car was stolen for free. It needs work, though. I scanned my car and it showed my previous car\'s info (traded for a new car over a month ago). So there is a delay for some reason.
Lt. X 2020-12-30

Listening to a scanner, looked up a plate. Orto app instantly revealed detailed vehicle information before the dispatcher relayed it back. Including if the seatbelts were manual or electric, also a vin, current value, engine specs, mileage (though not current), and that is just the free version. The pro version will provide owner information, past owner information, and I don\'t remember even seeing any ads.
Jack Crowsey 2020-05-29

It\'s surprising that the simplest plate look-up app would be the best. I\'ve tried most of them but I always uninstall after a few days of frustration. Granted, this app has some third party queries for the deeper investigations and they aren\'t free. But $.99 or even $1.99 is more than fair for the amount of info you get. But there\'s enough info in the free app queries to satisfy most curiosities and build selling points.