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Description of Oscar Health

Oscar is a new kind of health insurance company. Our top priority is to provide an intuitive, user-friendly product that gives our members access to their health information anytime, anywhere.


• Search for symptoms, doctors, and drugs.

• Use Doctor on Call to talk to a clinician for free, over the phone, anytime. Doctors can even send prescriptions to your pharmacy, utilizing our nationwide pharmacy network.

• View all your health information and Oscar plan info - all in one place.

• Message your Concierge team. They’ll help with billing questions, finding a doctor, and more.

• Access your digital ID card.


• Track your steps and earn rewards for hitting daily goals and staying active.

• Connect to the Google Fit app to start tracking your steps using your phone or connect to compatible step tracking devices. We’ll pay you $1 a day for your hard work.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:5.30.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Oscar Health

User Reviews


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Michael Feliz 2020-11-12

I posted a review in June 2020 about app not syncing with Google fit. So app worked for awhile but since early Oct the problems started again. The steps are always off from Google fit by alot. Then when I push to get to those steps, the next day it jumps by 2000 steps! So I\'m fighting with not getting correct steps then having to do 2000 more! It\'s as if it does this on purpose to stop you from getting alot of $1!! Yesterday it had me at only 3,450 steps when Google fit had 10,890!! Annoying!!
Ned Lee 2020-06-10

May 29th update seems to correctly pull daily step count from Google Fit, though it doesn\'t do it until the next day. Earlier versions gave \'real time\' number of steps during the day. I preferred the older way, but this will do. I can use the Fit app to see how many steps Oscar thinks I\'ve taken as the day goes on. Have raised my rating to 4 stars (was 2 stars)
Stephen Kita 2020-06-17

Current version of the Oscar Health app (4.40.1, May, 29, 2020) has fixed the bug where the app does not sync with Google Fit. Otherwise, the app is fine.
Cindy S 2020-08-06

As of the middle of the day of May 27th, app would no longer sync with Google fit. Worked great up until then. Come on Oscar! Let\'s get this fixed! Please! It\'s now June 2nd. The faq\'s said to uninstall and reinstall. Well i did uninstall now i can\'t reinstall. Just keeps spinning and saying waiting on download. Grrr. *Update* app working great again. Thank you for the fixes. Back to 5 stars!
D G 2020-03-02

I installed and got logged in but no matter what I do it is not seen by google fit nor does the button in the Oscar app ever call out and launch or link to the Google Fit. Seems the App is not well written to expose the hooks for fit to see. I have rebooted, reinstalled both apps and checked permissions and even called oscar support and they said it was a fit problem, but really? Seems Oscar app should have a manual way to do it outside of hte wizard to sync the steps as the wizard blue button does nothing and says nothing when clicked.
Carol 2016-12-28

Oscar not getting info from Google Fit My Misfit App AND Google Fit BOTH think I did over 20,000 steps yesterday. Oscar never budges off zero. And no one at Oscar has a clue how to help me. Would give zero stars if I could. This used to work very well, before all this new crap.
Andrew Simpson 2019-12-21

Not Ready as yet. Installed and it doesn\'t pass Verify your email, back and forth with it from day one. Still does not work. I am not sure if it\'s because I am using android 10. Can anyone else confirm this.
Sue Farmer 2020-06-02

I\'m getting zero steps again. It doesn\'t appear to be syncing up with Google fit again.
Zach Wener-Fligner 2020-03-27

This app does not work well. Intermittent errors from the back end. Error messages that show a phone number but disappear if you try to select the number. I filled out 3 pages of form data before receiving a message saying I couldn\'t fill out the form on mobile. Just overall a really disappointing experience, I am bummed that I\'ll have to engage with this app regularly since they are my health insurance provider.
Elizabeth Hamilton 2020-03-24

I\'ve done all of the troubleshooting steps recommended - twice - and it still won\'t sync to Google Fit. Very frustrating!!! On a positive note, Customer Service with Oscar has been very friendly.