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Description of Otherworld Legends

"The best warriors from different times and spaces are summoned to the mirage created by Asurendra. They pass one trial after another, to finally come to face the long-buried secret behind this realm…"

Welcome to Otherworld Legends | pixel roguelike action RPG. You are the warrior we've been waiting for. Here you will be able to:

• Explore beautiful otherworlds like tranquil bamboo grooves, zen patios, grand underworld dungeon tombs or dreamy mirage palace.

• Master heroes with fiery temper and overwhelming power.

• Collect bizarre and funny items and experiment with their combinations to find the best build.

• Together with the randomly generated dungeon world, every playthrough is a thrilling experience.

Main Features

• Easy Control: Super intuitive control for smooth punchy combat! Super combos are just a tap away.

• Distinctive Heroes: Many heroes at your choice, each with a distinct fighting style. Melee, range, magic. There is always your cup of tea.

• Enemies of All Kinds: A huge variety of enemies, bosses and scenes, from towering knights to dumb cute monsters. Crawl the dungeon and pick up a fight!

• Countless Builds: Collect a sea of items that offer all sorts of bonuses. Mix and match items to make up your perfect item builds. Explore the item combinations that best suit your fighting style.

• Randomly Generated dungeons: Prepare for all the surprises you can get in the roguelike world - random enemies, secret rooms and hidden shops. Brawl with unknown bosses and become the ultimate hero.

• Assisted Control: Assisted control helps you effortlessly target enemies and execute fabulous combos with few taps.

• Exquisite Pixel Art: A unique mix of 2D and 3D pixel art styles and awesome hand-drawn animations.

Enjoy Otherworld Legends Now! Brawl with mighty monsters in this pixel action offline RPG. Who will make it to the end in this survival game?

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More Information Of Otherworld Legends

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.9.3 Publish Date:2021-10-28 Developer:ChillyRoom

User Reviews


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Nosferatu 2021-03-06

Beautiful, but still quite lacking and not much to do yet making replayability a little bit off. I know it\'s still new, and very promising. The thing I\'d like you guys to polish, is the combat. Attacking locks you into place, you can\'t cancel your attacks with your movement commands, it kinda breaks the flow of combat and heightens the risk of getting hit with a lethal blow.
Ozen 2020-08-20

The game in on itself is quite fun. It\'s definitely more of a skill-based game that relies on how the player handles their playstyle in-order to win, which is ofc a very nice thing to have in an action-based game. However, the movement system could use some polishing. I find the fact that you can\'t automatically turn to attack to be detrimental to very tense situations. Another gripe would be that most characters are paid. But the gripes aside, pretty damn good game.
Dancing Moose 2020-09-15

The game is pretty fun and very addicting. You can definitely beat the game without spending a cent in it. Completely F2P, which is excellent. However my only issue is the lack of Cloud Saving, as your progress cannot be carried over is you unistalled the game. This was the same issue with Soul Knight that I had. The combat can be annoying at times, where tracking is just gone at times. Overall, I look forward to see where this will go.
Jonas Alves 2020-10-18

It\'s got potential. Character level up does nothing. Why have character level up if they gain nothing? No stats change, doesn\'t open up new abilities. Nothing. What\'s the point of leveling up then? To get a few gems, which I get more than enough by simply playing. This doesn\'t make any sense. Opening up new abilities and getting new character costs way too much. Like I just said, the game\'s got potential, but all these things start making the game boring after awhile.
Hex Omega 2020-12-14

Coming back to this, I\'m just not having fun. The whole idea of only being able to attack in the immediate direction you are facing just makes the game wildly difficult, and in a way that is unfair versus being in a way that is an enjoyable challenge. Sure, it works both ways for enemies as well, but when you\'re being bum rushed by several them, you don\'t stand a snowball\'s chance. Also, while it does save the purchased characters, it doesn\'t save your progress upon reinstallation.
Lee Xiang 2020-10-31

I love it. Movements great, music is cool, combat is fun, every run is interesting and new, it\'s not scummy at all with ads, and every character is SO COOL! Okay, now that the praise is out the way, the only thing bad about it is that it\'s a teeny tiny bit money-hungry, but not in a way that obstructs the actual gameplay. Which is really good in my opion, it\'s a game before a business. In other words, it treats it\'s players well.
Natsuki Moonwalker 2020-10-25

I don\'t think many people understand what this game actually is, so I\'m here to educate you all. This is NOT a classic RPG with level progression. This IS a Dungeon RogueLite. Which means, it is similar to The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon. Which also means, you choose a character, go in a dungeon and finish your run by either dying or killing the boss. Simple as that. You can spend some currency after the run to gain permanent upgrades and then you repeat the cycle.
Ema Nymton 2020-10-01

Another great game from Chilly Room! I was / am a huge fan of Soul Knight and although there are parts of this game that feel familiar it\'s not in a bad way. It expertly walks the line between keeping what works... and changing / adding enough to make it fresh and engaging. Another homerun, can\'t wait to see what Chilly Room has in store for us in the future! 👍
Abby D 2020-10-05

I love the graphics. The game is chill. I\'ve completed it multiple times. I love this game as well as soul knight. The only reason I\'m rating 4 is the improvement and progress within the game. I\'ve already completed it after a week of playing. A suggestion. It would be nice to create a 5 level thing or a never ending grind so you can collect more diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Other than that. I love this. Just saying. I just play this now to kill some time.
Marcus Merchant 2020-12-10

Great game. Hopefully, in the future, you can pause the game and leave the app just like in Soul Knight The first part of this review still holds true but I need to add that there has to be more content for replayability. Daily challenges and such. Once you finish everything, you have no more reason to play again. I\'m keeping the app on my phone just in case of new updates