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Description of Our Budget Book

Easy income and spending management for your family with "Our Budget Book": Keep an eye on your money in self-created categories. Create monthly bookings. Use the report page to see a graphical overview of your finances. Synchronize several installations of the app on different devices via Google Drive.

All features:

• Plan your personal finances and keep track of your spending

• Free categories for income and expenses

• Material design for Android 2.3 and higher

• Synchronization across multiple devices with Google Drive

• Various color themes

• Report page with several diagrams

• Optional Pin protection

• Optimized for use on tablets

How to use Google Drive Sync:

When you hit the synchronize button the first time, the app creates the file "BBSync.bin" in your Google Drive. The file will be used for further synchronizations. You can move the file to another folder on your Google Drive and share the file with your family members so they can edit it and use it for synchronization too.

The permissions are needed for the ads and the synchronization.

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More Information Of Our Budget Book

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:7.6 Publish Date:2022-03-24 Developer:Mavi Software

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-08-04

This seems to be the most useful budgeting app that I have found so far. However minus 2 stars for FULL SCREEN MUSIC PLAYING ADS even when my phone\'s on silent! Seriously, I know you want me to buy your app, but I can\'t even try it anywhere near other human beings. You\'re making your app unusable from the second you open it.
Jason Cotter 2017-05-25

I was amazed at how so many apps had a ridiculous amount of options, but didn\'t have the features I truly cared about. Not only did this app have what I wanted, it\'s the only one that was truly free. No strings attached with the exception of a random ad every once in awhile that can immediately be clicked away.
Dell A 2017-02-09

This app has a lot of features I\'ve been looking for. Having the overview with graphs is wonderful as well as the yearly review! I do wish I had found out about adjusting my monthly budget by a day or so as I use the last paycheck of the month to pay the first weeks bills and this makes my months look like I\"m running in the negative, even though I have it set up this way. I do have a couple of wishes. 1. I wish I could have it on my computer as I\'m not always balancing my checkbook on my phone. I also find it easy to set up and double check my budget from the computer. 2. I also wish that I could view my savings account separately as I have only been able to figure out how to put my checking account on this app. 3. Another wish would be to be able to edit my budget without it affecting my previous budgets. I know some months, less goes to savings due to a bill that only comes out every 3 months but I haven\'t been able to figure out how to adjust this without my previous months changing as well.
Dean Kenyon 2019-11-26

All I want to took is track income and expense simply over time and have repeat entries for income as well as expense. It took 10 or so tries before I found this app that does this. Once I figured it out it is by far the best. The report feature is great to see what difference in income and expense to expect at the end of any period of time and the security pin or fingerprint lock great also. All around a very useful app.
Sylvia Sugg 2017-01-13

Our budget book First, I hate numbers and anything to do with them. I love love this app. It makes it so easy, I actually enjoy working on it. Getting to pick my own colors is frosting on the cake.
A Google user 2016-10-15

Overused Ad activity I understand this is a free version but being interrupted so frequently (every couple of transactions) during the time I try to log my daily content made this app practically useless. I am not against ads while using free applications but I would use it more if the developer cut back on how much daily ad activity took place.
Brenna Tex 2019-12-18

Best. Budgeting. App. Ever. I have been looking for a good budgeting app for a YEAR ya\'ll! I have tried just about every other app on Google Play- not even joking rn. I wanted: - A simple layout - color-coded catagorization - clear charts - a remaining balance. This app provides all of that and more! It also connects to your Google account and syncs your data, so if you decide to get the pro version everything is easily transfered! The pro is also only $3 which is hella affordable.
naman mirchandani 2017-07-18

Great Simple App. However i am facing issues with restoring data from my old phone to new phone in this app. I have created a sync file on google drive but its not getting uploaded on my new phone budget book app. Can you pls. explain the procedure again so that i can check if have missed anything?
Catherine Campbell 2016-06-07

Ads with sound - unacceptable I\'m a receptionist and this advert unexpectedly popped up playing rock music or something. It was awful. You\'re going to get me fired you stupid app!
Britt Peters 2017-03-22

I was so excited about this app, and kept track of all my business expenses and payments to workers. Over the weekend sadly my phone reset deleting everything off my phone. When I downloaded all my apps again, this is the only one that would not recover my past work. I am so disappointed. I have reached out via email for tech support, however I have heard nothing back. That is a lot of work lost. I will not be counting on this app again. :(