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Description of Painkillr

Pain is the most common symptom reported to health care providers. Pain is the driving force of health care services, and lost productivity. It is a significant burden for those individuals who suffer with it, as well as those who support them.

Standard medical treatment for chronic pain is often inadequate, and it is common for frustrated patients to seek costly treatments from multiple healthcare professionals, often without significant relief. This can lead some people to believe they cannot be helped.

However, there is some good news. A growing awareness of the limitations of currently available pain treatments make the use of suggestion-based techniques and self-hypnosis an attractive component of pain treatment.

The empirical support for hypnosis for chronic pain management has flourished over the past two decades. Clinical trials show that suggestion based techniques are effective for reducing chronic pain, although outcomes vary between individuals.

The findings from these clinical trials also show that such treatments have a number of positive effects beyond pain control. Many other treatment outcomes improve too.

Better still you can apply suggestion-based strategies to yourself and get results.

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User Reviews


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Lillyth Quillan 2020-09-10

The app may be very good, but the recording is just awful. I can\'t listen past all the guy\'s pops and slurps during his recording. Maybe invest in a pop screen and some apple juice? It\'s a shame to have good products out there that are stopped by the quality of the recording.
Jon Jo Gill 2020-01-06

The technique used as worked many times helped pain suffering people overcome chronic pain, Freddy Jacquin is one of the UKS best hypnotherapists and his book Hypnotherapy is an absolute must have. This app used as instructed will enable you to learn pain control/management, I have used it over the past year with great results. Many thanks for making your work available to everyone Freddy. .
elle mck 2020-06-12

I used this app to deal with long term pain associated with an injury... the pain has gone after one listen! I\'m now going to get to work on some emotionally painful issues and hope that I have the same results. Thanks so much!
Craig Baggley 2020-12-25

This is a great tool! Using this process I helped my father become free of his chronic pain which he suffered for 38 years. It is also highly recommended by some of the greatest hypnotherapists in the world. Aside from your pain, what have you got to loose?
Lori Hammond 2020-01-07

My migraine just went from an 8 to a zero. Thank you so much for this app, Freddy!
Bigcaptain is Retired 2020-09-21

Helps me manage my pain.
Rama Krishna 2020-10-04

Daniel Griffiths 2021-03-14

I understand the concept and this approach may work well for certain conditions. However, as a health professional with over 30 years experience who cannot work at present due to pain issues from nerve damage, I found it useless. I am a big believer in meditation and have studied Chinese medicine as well as mental aspects of healing. This form of treatment has a place in modern medicine but claiming it can resolve all pain issues is a bit like selling snake oil. There will be people who get a positive experience from this app and I would recommend trying it. You have nothing to lose except some time and it may work. Do not expect miracles though. A broken leg is still a broken leg, no matter how much you relax.
Dave **** 2021-01-06

It works very well
Armaandeep Singh Khosa 2021-02-06

Best app used ever.