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Description of Paint by Number Coloring Games

Brighten Days with Paint By Number!

Paint By Number is an art drawing game to color modern artworks with color by numbers. A number coloring book and coloring puzzle game for everyone. There are so many fascinating coloring pages in the color by number game and new pictures for painting by numbers will be updated every day!

Dozens of number coloring categories for choosing, such as animals, love, jigsaw, quotes, characters, florals, mandalas and so on. Want to know what masterpiece your fingertips can create? Try to color by numbers! In addition to ordinary coloring pages of solid color, amazing special coloring pages of gradient color and wonderful wallpaper pictures are waiting for you to color by number. Share masterpieces with friends and families, enjoy color by numbers and beautiful artworks together!

How to color by number in the app? Just choose one image, follow your heart, and tap the corresponding coloring cells according to the coloring numbers of the palette. It's easy to finish an artwork and bring pictures to life in a short time in Paint By Number to color by number. Coloring has never been easier, try it now and draw fantastic coloring pages with painting by numbers!

Key Features

- Convenient and fast: paint by numbers anywhere with no pencil or paper needed.

- Various unique images and new coloring pages update everyday! Come and color by numbers!

- Great variety of themed categories: cute animals, characters, beautiful flowers, stunning places and many more different themes for you to color by numbers.

- Easy to color: enjoy the simplicity and ease of painting by numbers and app use, use hints to find tiny hard-to-find cells. Enjoy the happiness when you color by number!

- Quick sharing: color by numbers and post number coloring artworks on all social networks and share with friends and families.

Here comes what sort of information is requested by Paint By Number, your mini color by number app, and how the permissions are being used.

To ensure that you can save and share artworks successfully, we need you to allow Paint By Number to access photos, media and files on your device, and this permission includes reading and writing the contents of your storage. Only with these app permissions can the function of saving and sharing work well. Share the picture you color by numbers with more artists!

We only request the absolute minimum number of permissions that it needs to support core functionality, so never mind. You can see more details of app permissions in App info of Google Play. Thanks for your understanding and we’ll try to bring you a better coloring experience!

Contact us: paint_support@dailyinnovation.biz

Follow our page: https://www.facebook.com/PaintByNumber.coloringbook/

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More Information Of Paint by Number Coloring Games

lable: Board - Games Current Version:2.76.4 Publish Date:2022-01-14 Developer:Better Life - Color and Draw

User Reviews


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Jay N_81 2021-02-01

Update: keeps improving after almost 2yrs -- Of paint by number apps this is: the most stable, most reliable on keeping progress when transferring phones, least aggressive on up-selling, lightest on ads, avg against other apps\' pics it has the all-around coolest pics that are complex enough to be fun yet simple enough to not be hint wasters, and is the most rewarding in terms of bonus pics, in-app currency, and surveying/listening to customer\'s opinions. Keeps me busy, relaxed, and impressed.
Monica H-S 2021-01-04

I love it!! I give it 5 stars because there aren\'t many adds at all, its relaxing, soothing and the only times there are adds, its because you want to colour a Special picture. Its also very addicting! Usually its the first game I go to. This is also the first time I\'ve given an app a 5 star review! It\'s that good! The one thing, though I\'d like it to have, is maybe a search bar and an anime section, but those are my only suggestions! Some of the pictures are challenging, but I love challenging!
Marie-Ann Audrey Tjoeng 2021-01-03

This app is awesome!!! I love the colours, the graphics, just everything. I especially love the different style choices given for each picture, like how some have the special effect, or the blend effect. However i would just like to point out one thing that i did not enjoy while using this app: the ads. It wasnt about the quantity of the ads, only the content of it. I have gotten ads about people kissing and i find that distracting. Please fix that. Other than that i love this app.
Mary Stanley 2021-02-08

I have done many paint by numbers, but this is the best. Love all the pictures, especially the special ones, keep them coming, and thanks for this enjoyable site. Now u have the puzzle pictures, wow loving them too. As get older, as I am nearly 70, I enjoy the relaxing feeling, I get when I do PBN, as number 1, I get some time to myself, as I take care of my partner, which is a full-time job, and I suffer from depression and anxiety, so the site helps me in that way too. So thankyou PBN.
Hakr 2020-12-23

AMAZING!! This game is a depress reliever and more!! I can play this all day. You don\'t even have to worry about the mistakes of different colors on the wrong thing. You can TAP! TAP! TAP! and it brings in the best colors and designs YOU CAN EVEN SAVE YOUR WORK! Best game I\'ve ever played! 5 Stars Straight. Keep up the amazing work!
Penny Watzke 2021-03-08

Ive got alot of coloring app but this one is one is one of my favorite. Pictures are very beautiful a good selection. This one will definitely be in my keep pile. I just want to add. Its starting to lag when I hit on the color number or hold the number on the picture down. I use to paint 10 to 30 pics a session. Now I\'m lucky to paint 5. I still love this coloring game. I love getting enough gems to get a set of pics. I hope you can fix the problem please.
Black Orphan 2021-01-18

Good app. But it cost to much. I found a better app and it only charges you one price to use indefinitely. Plus that price is half what your yearly rate is. You can subscribe monthly for just $2.99. Do you might want to rethink your price. I do like this app, just to high a price. Sorry, but once my subscription ends, I won\'t subscribe again.
Tami E 2021-01-29

I love this paint by number app. So many pictures to choose from ranging from easy to very hard. The colors are vibrant. Adds are limited and short. It\'s entertaining and addictive. You can download and share your completed pictures at any time also. I find the paint by number app to be more relaxing than the ones you randomly paint or color. Have fun!
Jocelyn McWhorter 2020-12-28

I absolutely love this game! It is so relaxing and beautiful. I have done many of the pictures and they all turn out to be beautiful. One thing that I would suggest is that they should add a button that you can tap and then be able to swipe around the needful coloring areas. That way it is quicker and nor having to constantly tap is something I would find a lot more relaxing if the consistent taping on the screen wasn\'t, well, consistent 😅. But other then that, the overall game is fun 4/5 rate
Kartrina Riefler 2021-02-07

Wonderful coloring app! There is so much variety, I have a hard time choosing which one to color next. The ads are not terribly invasive, especially compared to other apps and I like the hint option although I rarely use it. I think I have built up to about 100 hints now so they are plentiful. My favorite are the ones you color to build a storyline. Great relaxing app!