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Description of Paint More!

Paint drops have escaped and the world has gone dull and gray. Our hero Uncle Brush is here to save the day!

Collect paint by bumping into the escaping paint drops and make everything colorful again! Crazy physics and free movement make this runner game super fun!

User Manual:

1. Catch paint drops

2. Color stuff

3. PROFIT! $$$


• Colorful worlds with funny obstacles

• Lots of cool stuff to paint. Everything from hamburgers to toy rockets.

• Customize your hero! A running pig with a crown? Yes, we’ve got it.

• All painted objects generate idle cash! Soon you’ll bathe in coins!

Paint More! is a new runner game from Bad Crane, best known from the games 'Make More!' and 'RGB Express'.

Email us at paintmore@badcrane.com to give us your feedback - thanks!

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More Information Of Paint More!

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.2.1 Publish Date:2021-03-13 Developer:Bad Crane

User Reviews


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SweetiePixelated7718 The One And Only 2020-10-17

I love this Game so much, like I spend hours playing this game and I never Stop loving it, if you are planning on making Paint more! 2 Then I will be happy to Help make Ideas...if you make one, but I don\'t want to Rush it, As my play Store sent me a Notification Saying it\'s available on the play store I was Really happy, So I love your game and I Have suggestions, if you want.
Lully LuLz 2020-11-06

Fun runner. Unlocks end up getting to the point they\'re outrageous but up until that point it\'s way more enjoyable. Definitely gets annoying having to play 20 rounds, or pay to drop a ball and HOPE for an unlock. But it\'s an entertaining game.
Bally Trea 2020-10-10

Nice UX gameplay guys and minigame reward section is really fun and addictive. Graphics top notch 🤗!
Vanilløx 2020-07-28

Paint More is not just a game, it is a way of life. Excellent mechanics and groundbreaking graphics make this the go to summer gaming experience. Chock full of action and adventure this will keep you playing till you tun out of steam, or rather paint. Not only does it offer excitement, but the meticulous world building offers never before seen immersion. I could not reccomend a better piece of art.
kjd gamer 2020-11-09

Really Really fun game!!! Amazing job and congrats on the new game!!
Jennifer Vazquez 2020-11-04

It has bad graphics and some glitches but it is good for your first 3d running game clever name by the way
Ean McAuley 2020-10-09

So... When I open it... It crashes... I have a Google Pixel 4, and if you need more device information you can just reply to this. I could shoot you an email or somethin\'... But I was really excited to play this game. I\'m a fan of Make More. Edit: I thought I got into the game but turns out that was the other game that you made. I have yet to get into the game.
kim Korea 2020-10-30

It\'s so much fun but hard to play . By the way I love this games so much
Frederic Clay 2021-01-20

Better than I thought it would be 👊💯😎
Rachael Beth 2020-10-11

Awesome game really fun RECOMMEND