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Description of Paint the Cube

In Paint The Cube, it’s your job to navigate colorful paths through a maze by painting lines. But here’s the tricky part - the maze is spread out over a cube, and you can’t see where the end of the path is!

Swipe up, down, left and right to spread colorful paths around the cube. It’s super satisfying to watch the cube twist and turn as you paint it with color. But watch out - it gets trickier as more paths appear! So make sure you don’t leave any path unpainted, or else you will need to retrace your steps to solve the puzzle!

Which direction will you take to make it to the end of the maze? It’s your job to think outside of the box (or cube!) to make sure you complete each tricky challenge. As you complete more levels, you unlock more beautiful colors and patterns to paint with.

It’s you against the cube - have you got what it takes?


From the studio that brought you other free games like Pull the Pin, Parking Jam 3D, Sandwich!, Clash of Blocks and more!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:0.54.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Popcore Games

User Reviews


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Fiona McKee 2020-10-16

Positives: I like the sounds and the way my phone vibrates when I finish a level. The colors and animation are nice. I didnt experience any freezing or lagging. Negatives: There is an ad after every 3 levels. This doesnt sound too bad until you take into account that you can finish most levels in mere seconds. It\'s an OK mindless time killer if you dont mind the ads
Kamaren H 2020-11-25

Way too many ads. I understand the necessity of ad revenue for developers, but there is such thing as too many ads. The game looked interesting, I would have liked to get to the more challenging levels. But I\'m not going to spend half my day watching the amount of forced ads generated by this game, just to hope I get to said challenges. Beginner levels are incredibly easy and unsatisfactory. Uninstalled
Eka Saoirse 2020-08-30

Followed the ad that showed a challenging puzzle. The first level that has options is level 33. Level 102 still is a one way forward level. I had maybe ten (maximum!) levels that I had a minimum of options, but I would have expected them at about level 10. I kept playing only to make sure I wasn\'t missing out on something. It took me about 30 minutes to get to level 100. Please advertise it as an easy and relaxing game, cause there is absolutely no challenge like you want us to believe.
Maya Anderson 2020-08-18

Disappointing. I was expecting a brain teasing challenge. Not this \"follow the clear path\" stuff. It\'s like a paint by numbers without the option of messing up. Nothing but straight lines with only one directional option at the end of the path. Overall very boring. And the ads after every other cube are excessively annoying. I went as far as level 29 or 30 waiting for some sort of challenge. Nothing. Maybe it gets better later, but I won\'t put in any more time to find out.
Conner Bailey 2020-10-28

Almost as much ads as game play. Most ads are only 5 seconds. Not really a puzzle game more of a mindless time killer, if thats what you\'re looking for. The reason I\'m uninstalling this game is while I found the frequency of ads tolerable on ad was for some game called \"foot care.\" Gross... For about five seconds I had to watch some game based around popping zits on feet. I didn\'t sign up for that.
Trillis Bake 2020-09-02

I love the game, however, there are ads after every 2 levels... That is ridiculous!! Get rid of the yahtzee ad, I have to close the game to get rid of it, there is no exit from that ad. I\'m in level 185 and I thought the levels would get harder and they really haven\'t. Nothing like the ad I saw for this game in another game, very misleading. I would give 5 stars without so many ads!
Chris D 2020-08-20

The ad for this made it seem like a puzzle game, but it\'s more for relaxing (by that I mean it\'s pretty mindless.) I\'m on lvl 26 and it\'s still not a puzzle game, so I guess I came in with the wrong expectations. That\'s more the ad\'s fault than the game. Also, there\'s like sone weird side game of building a town? I don\'t get what that\'s about. Seems like two games smashed together. Ads are somewhat frequent for how simple/short levels are
Samantha Em 2021-01-09

33 levels in, and I\'ve yet to be challenged once... I have, however, seen about 15 ads. Almost every path was a single lane; the few that were technicallytwo lanes wide, still functioned as just one lane. The ad showed me a wide open field to paint with just enough obstacles to make it a bit if a challenge. And I know I\'m gonna have to paint a few levels to get to that point, but it couldn\'t deal with with all the mind-numbing levels, considering I got hit with an ad every 2 or 3 levels
Juliana A. De Melendez 2020-08-24

1. No choices to make = no challenge = boring. They literally give you two options at every stop - go forward, go back. That\'s it. 2. When you try to watch ads to get bonuses it suddenly has no internet connection, but when they run ads between the levels - no problem! 3. It overheats my phone. I actually got android notification about it. Much more interesting games don\'t, what\'s so special about this game that it overheats? End result - not worth having it, even for free. Uninstalling.
Valorie Engholm 2020-08-17

This is a really cool game. I enjoy most Popcore games. But, there\'s a glitch in that it won\'t show the blocks at the start of a level. I can see the original block and the one you get from liking Popcore on Insta if I choose it and then restart the app, but I can\'t see any of the other blocks. I have to guess where the starting point is. Honestly this small glitch is frustrating enough to make me not even want to play. I\'m hoping they can fix it in the next update, because it\'s a neat game.