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Pakka Pets Village APK

Pakka Pets Village

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Description of Pakka Pets Village

Collect all the Pakka Pets and build the coolest village! Adorably cute & insanely fun. Use your creativity to design your own unique world and see how many pets you can discover. To build your village, raise pets by crafting magic food, playing games, decorating your home, and going on adventures to explore this cute, bizarre world!

+ Take care of your pet! +

Choose your egg, hatch and raise a cute virtual pet. Which Pakka Pets will you discover? The choices you make about food, training, attention and adventures determine how each pet evolves and who it becomes. Your pet will eat, poop, and sleep even when you're away.

+ Build your village! +

In the world of Pakka Pets you get to build your own unique paradise, collecting every pet at once as residents in your village. The bigger the village, the more building materials, portals to new locations & games you’ll unlock.

+ Explore the Pakka city! +

Take the bus into the big city and go on story adventures. Each pet has their own unique and hilarious hand-written quests full of curiosity and delight.

+ Decorate your room! +

Design your dream house! Show your style with furniture, windows, wallpaper, maybe even a tire swing!

+ Craft magic foods! +

Visit the shop or cook food with Chef Mitts! There are hundreds of strange and rare foods, even magic foods that can evolve your pet.


• 70 Pakka Pets to hatch, evolve & discover

• Expand your village & unlock materials, portals & games

• 120+ hand-written story quests

• Hundreds of cute decorations for your home

• Create your own recipes by mixing any of the 250+ foods

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More Information Of Pakka Pets Village

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.2.23 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Space Inch, LLC

User Reviews


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Elizabeth B 2020-08-27

Years ago, I would have said this was the best virtual pet game for Android. It was made with love and had a lot of promise. But today, the game is in such a sorry state that I can no longer recommend it. The developers have completely abandoned it and left it for dead. The Facebook backup server has been down for a long time, meaning you can\'t save your progress. So, if something happens to your phone, your progress will be gone forever. Notifications also no longer work at all. Although development on the game has ceased, there are still a handful of items that cannot be obtained or created, a bugged quest, numerous spelling errors, and finally, an area that is teased but never becomes accessible. If you\'re hoping to create every item in the game, and finish every quest, that is currently not possible. It\'s incredibly frustrating to work towards unlocking everything, only to find that some of it is bugged or unimplemented. If you just want to have a cute pet, it\'s an alright game, but be cautious about spending real money. Don\'t support developers who run off and abandon amazing games with potential.
•Mocha Bear• 2019-08-02

Okay, I had this game when I was like little little, and was soooooooo addicted, and then once I lost my electronic for a couple years (dont ask) I totally forgot about the game, because, then I got another device, and I have been trying to remember the name of this game, and I finally found it. all in all you should definitely get this game.
Adrianna Lata 2020-01-09

I love this game, and I\'ve been dying to find a game my style, and it is! I used to have a tamogatchi and it\'d just like this but with a bunch of different things. Things like quests and mini games. You can even make your own village. This game is amazing and I would recommend this game to anyone who likes cute things
technobabble - Cosmic! 2019-02-14

to be comepletely honest, i think it\'s a shameless tamagotchi, pokemon, and animal crossing ripoff. AND I LOVE IT. GDO THIS GAME IS ADORABLE HEEWO!!!! I JUST LOVE THE ART AND THE PAKKAS AND HOW EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE AND AAAAUGH I JUST.... id honestly go as far to say as this might be even better than tamagotchi??? im not sure about that but honestly its definitely that amazing
*p r I t h a b e a S t e T i c* 2020-05-25

I\'ve had this game for quite a while,and i think this would be the perfect way to entertain people so i love this game. But the thing I don\'t really like is that there\'s a lot of things you need to buy,for example hearts,but that\'s just a water of money,even though it\'s a really good price the hearts get used really easily so i don\'t suggest that you buy the hearts,but it\'s you choice so yeah..and for the people that actually took time to read this thanks : )
Amari Aquarium 2020-07-29

I love this game! The thing is: it\'s no longer supported by the devs and I\'m sad to find that out AFTER I spent money on it to find out they dont even keep the servers up anymore so you CAN\'T recover your save if it is lost. It\'s still great, and I would love to see this get picked back up!! Please? I miss what it once was.
elisa english 2019-09-29

I really like this game. I\'ve been playing it for a while and i really enjoy it. One thing that would bump it up to five stars (in my opinion) is if we could zoom in and out when we are in our village. Sometimes i struggle to find my way back to the house lol! Overall great game, good job!
Tania Andrades 2019-05-30

redownloaded since finally I got a response (4 months later). still at level 2 and my purchases are still not there
Izuku Midoriya 2020-04-12

I honestly would recommend this to anyone who\'s looking for a virtual pet play type game. I love this so much, it\'s so fun and can surprisingly keep me occupied for a while. But, there are a few things I dislike. 1, I would like to see the ability to change your favorite color. I think this would help Alot, and so you don\'t have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling. 2, I\'d really like to see an option where you can get different eggs without having to pay. Other than those things, I love it! ♡.
Grimey Danny 2020-03-02

Possible to play/ get everything without paying & no ads! I really enjoy this game, super cute art, with elements of different kinds of games in the filling quests, the combining things in alchemy, and tapping mini games. The only thing is that I did have to look some stuff up in the community forums, like recipes and how to get certain pets (but nbd imo) One thing I\'d like to see is for the recipe book, when you discover a recipe, it\'d be helpful to see what combinations you used to get it.