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Description of PaladinZ: Champions of Might

Build, upgrade and defend your very own medieval castle! Use strategy and command your army of holy knights to attack your enemies (or friends) and battle your way to glory in this new game of Paladins and Knights!

PaladinZ is simple and easy to play, this game is a combination of strategy, magic, knights, and some funny jokes. It requires you plan how to protect your castle (don’t just build and upgrade everything you can in a random order) and plan your attacks carefully (just sending every knight you have won’t cut it) in order to win every battle and make your Lord - THE Lord of the Land and all paladins.

Game Features:

✔ Build and upgrade your very own medieval castle and Paladins!

✔ Place your defenses strategically and defend against other players’ attacks

✔ Watch out and protect your lands from the Poachers

✔ Train your army of funny characters - Spearmen, Archers, Witches, Griffons and more

✔ Upgrade and evolve your army into an unbeatable force

✔ Battle players worldwide and take their Gold, Food, and Trophies

✔ Challenge your friends to see who has the best army and who is the better Lord

✔ Discover your favorite attack and defense forces from countless combinations of units

✔ Watch replays of every battle - Watch your holy army in battle to improve your strategy

✔ See how you compare to other players worldwide in Google Achievements and Ranking

✔ Knights & castles themed graphics and sound with adorable, funny characters

✔ Free action charged strategy game - You have to have a strategy in your attacks!

✔ Play as either a male or a female and command your army of holy knights to victory!

Join our Paladins Community and get updates, participate in competitions or just watch some funny videos of our holy knights:

Like us: https://www.facebook.com/PaladinZGame/

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More Information Of PaladinZ: Champions of Might

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:0.83 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Spartonix

User Reviews


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Manasvi 3A Niket 7A 2020-09-16

It\'s a best game as it has only 6 to 7 character and a simple game that can a small boy can play. Thanks 😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃. It\'s good to have very less troops. It\'s better than COC.
A Google user 2021-02-28

Great game, fun battles. Starts to get old. Defense aspect needs some work as it is pretty hard to mount an effective defense with limited options. Geared toward making the attacker happy. Need more Cavalier to protect from ranged attacks. A little unbalanced but overall a decent experience. Update ....they never update have four versions(games) of the same cash cow. Very greedy. Haven\'t played in over a year and can still destroy anyone\'s defense. Not fun anymore.
Danimator 2020-07-12

From the Preview To the Game ITS PERFECT Keep Up The Good work I wish Catapults are added To defense were if you get to a certain level you can choose Kingdom Archers from a lower Level To Catapults Where splash damage is Done It will make Players Happy To Defend and to attack :3 more challanging Please read this I made it long as i can Wish You Update Everyday The More You Update The More It becomes Epic Have a Safe and Nice Time Creator and Helpers Like If ya think Your Option is the same.
Mikkel Garcia 2020-02-24

great game but it lacks complexity and this is just a reskin of spartania .while i was playing, the dialogue of the people speaking is switched ( blue is on your side and red is the enemy) sometime when on chapters (the story) it\'ll only show blue characters even though its clear that they are talking to the enemy which is also blue. sometimes confusing pls fix
Tyler Perry 2020-12-21

It\'s very good I\'ve had a game like it and this in one you fight People and you tap on the things on top of your buildings or bad guys will take them
The Suprised Cat 2020-05-16

My experience of this game is EPIC when I was 4 years I hated the game but years later I tried it out again and........I LOVED IT and I hope they make an offline mode where you could build upgrade and only attack barbarians
Bethel Siarot 2020-12-13

This game is so fun I keep playing this for almost 3hours. but one thing is the problem the world\'s that I invaded last like frozen but desert. Hope you fix this problem
yannie dianne 2020-10-17

I like the game but really hard for me to get gold but i like all of the controls and i like to the upgrades i like how if you upgrade your troops they will get i new look and how they get more stronger
Phoenix Matthias 2018-05-05

Wonderful game! I really enjoy the concept of having a defense home base, and an attack base! I just wish there was a way of rearranging buildings. Like swapping placements. Not converting, but rather just moving. I\'d like to move my defenses around into a different arrangement. I know the loading screens have hints but they move too fast to read.
lazylion games 2020-12-05

It\'s a decent game, HOWEVER it\'s not okay to make the SAME GAME 3 TIMES! examples: dinoage,spartania,orcage game, and this game, 4 games WHICH ARE THE SAME! THEY DIDN\'T EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT, THEY USED THE SAME PICTURES FOR THEIR GAME!