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Description of Palette Home

Palette Home is a new app developed by Palette CAD GmbH, the number 1 in planning 3D interior design. It was created to let you, the user design any kind of room.

Redesign your bathroom in just a few minutes or let your imagination run wild when reorganizing your living room. Would you like to fulfill a long-term wish of owning a cosy stove? Palette Home is the ideal app for you.

The virtual design app Palette Home leads the user intuitively through all the stages of the planning process from start to finish. This begins with the definition of your rooms cubic measures and continues with the placement of doors, windows and if desired even front wall installations and pitched roofs. The clearly organised objects are readily available and can be dragged into the plan and positioned easily and quickly. The objects can also align themselves to the walls automatically. At any time you can switch into 3D mode and freely move about and examine your room. You can now explore your room in real time while accompanied by our company cat, - the “Palette-cat”. The immersive feel and quality of the graphics are impressive.

You can also save your plan and import it into our PC program Palette CAD and from there to our other apps Palette MOVE and Palette PLAY.

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More Information Of Palette Home

lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:PaletteCAD GmbH

User Reviews


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aisha aisha 2020-04-23

Great app! Works fine on my Huawei P30. No crash, no ads, no payment nonsense. It\'s great how I can customize the colours on the furnitures. I would like to suggest if you guys can add some rugs or carpets maybe? The furniture options are quite limited, but it\'s good enough, since it may require a ton of hours to load all the graphics. Overall I give a 5 star.
*Suga Nics* 2020-03-16

I\'ve been desprately finding the perfect home designing app and Palette Home is the perfect app! Everything is free and easy to use, Its just so perfect! The developers did a great job on the app, I will keep using it! I hope the app will stay how it is because everything is just what I need ^^ 💖 Love this app!
Jumi Baruah 2021-02-08

This is what I was searching for so many days. I always search for games in which we can decorate room,as per our own wish. I got lots of games,but it used to give us the games as similar as candy crush, which I don\'t like at all! But this game has won my hear, I can design the rooms, make a map of it,and also save it. But I gave 4 stars as sometimes the objects remains in box which doesn\'t get opened,but still I love it. And the best is that after making the map we can view the whole room in 3D
Lady Chatrie 2020-05-27

For a free app it is good. I think more stuff should be added like toilet bowl, rugs, mosiac tile and there should be more tiles and carpet, would be good if you get an option to change the colors too of floor and wall elements that is. A lil bit more realism could do but it\'s a great app.
aayan khan 2020-12-09

It was a mind blowing app i want to salute the devloper . You make easy to design what people want in their home But i doesn\'t like one thing that is you can make video but you can\'t save in your phone
Eric Perugini 2020-07-01

I\'m not using VR but Palette Home has serious potential! Right now however, it\'s very bare bones. Being able to customize, paint, rotate and add your own textures on absolutely everything would make you destroy the competition. I also hope that there will be further graphics optimization in the near future. Thank you for creating this wonderful app!
Frances Edebiri 2020-09-04

I really like this app but I have expreanced some problems, please let me know if it\'s my devices fault or there is a problem with the app. When I am using this app, the screen freezes up for about 18 - 30 seconds then shuts down. As a result my progress is all gone. Mabe there should be an auto sever for the app so my work does not disappear. This is just some friendly criticism to improve this app. I hope things get fixed so I and others can fully enjoy this app. Edit: Thanks
Lisa Hathaway 2020-09-08

The app is ok. Just ok. First, I\'ll start with the feature of the app that I really like. The cat. That\'s it. Now for the issues: - It hogs a lot of battery power, and I noticed twice that my phone heated up while I was using the app. - The app could use a few more user friendly options, (like an option in settings to measure in inches/ feet would be very helpful, and greatly appreciated). - more features & options, like vaulted ceilings, crown molding, staircases, and more windows & doors.
Joe Phillips 2020-12-21

All in all i wish this app or similiar apps had the ability to for a campervan like preset or the ability to scan interior of my truck(gutted out.) So i can visualize my mobile home lol. Let me know of rhis is possible please thankyou :)
TY DY 2020-07-22

After searching for a very long time for a mobile app that would let me design and customise my dream house/rooms and being very dissatisfied with the results, I stubmled upon this incredible app. Many of the apps that I had checked out had very limited resources and nearly all of them required the user to purchase the \"full/pro\" version to unlock many of the features of the app. I was coming to the end of my tether and then I found this. Right off the bat, I was pleasantlt surprised. Hats off