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You liked Paper.io ? You'll love Paper2.io!

Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition.

A smooth drawing experience!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.5.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:VOODOO

User Reviews


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Natasha Jimenez 2021-01-20

There\'s so many ads. You open the app, an ad. You die, an ad. You revive, an ad. Start a new game, an ad. They even stop you in the middle of your game to make you watch an ad. I literally watched 5 ads just to play one game. And then there\'s this stupid glitch where your entire blob will disappear into thin air, and you\'re just floating around waiting to die. Don\'t waste your time.
Jennifer Lear 2020-10-28

Love the game, hate the glitches. Please fix them. It\'s frustrating to get a decent chunk and the whole entire thing dissappears and you\'re left with a line. Or dying after watching an ad for the extra life before you even get to touch the screen. You shouldn\'t be able to die on your own area. I wish I could choose the plain black square, as the other colors are easily confused as I am color- blind.
lambnoodles 2020-12-08

This game is really fun and one of my favourites. There are little to none ads for me and the graphics are nice. There are 2 things keeping this from being 5 stars though. 1- Bots. They aren\'t horrible but I wanna play with real people. 2- there\'s a problem I\'m having where in middle of games i get cut off and brought back to my home screen. When I die and want to rejoin it does it too. I love the game but please add an online setting for players and fix the glitch if you can.
Alheli Rubio 2021-01-01

The reason why I am rating it 4 stars instead of five is because randomly it just turns all glitchy. Idk if it\'s just me but plz fix this. There is also a lot of ads. Other than that the game is super fun! I have literally been playing for 1 hour and can\'t stop. I don\'t see myself uninstalling anytime soon! I love all the cute little skins you can get too! I play with the doughnut and the cute little mousey. I would really recommend getting this game. It can entertain you for hours!!!!
Ste n Kat Coulson 2021-02-26

Really good. If you have no WiFi play this. Its a game that keeps you busy. New things to try, new things to unlock i REALLY like it! I\'m working hard on trying to get the unicorn skin! I love this game 5 Stars, recommended. Also I\'m not sure on the NPCS tho..It would be good if it was actual players even though you\'d have to have WiFi.
parzival 517 2021-01-14

Fun game but Jesus Christ, the amount of ads is unbearable, it\'s at least one every 10-15 seconds. You get constant ads for useless upgrades that no one ever asked for, and they don\'t last nearly as long as the ads you\'re forced to watch. The only reason I played it is because it\'s so easy, which is why I put 2 stars instead of one. If the developers get rid of the 24/7 ads then maybe I\'ll change my rating, but for now this game has my \"avoid at all costs\" reward.
Oksana Clancy 2020-12-20

WAY TOO MANY ADS. They started giving ads in the middle of a game for a power up and you could not even choose to not have it. Sometimes after that ad the game would crash losing your game and any progress from that game.And there are so many people on the server you can\'t play a round for over a minute because you would always be killed by another player. And then you would get an ad. After every single round. In conclusion the game is made unplayable by all of the advertising.
someaceashes 2020-11-06

I just want to say that this is one of the best mobile games I\'ve ever become addicted to. It can become a bit fustrating, but its incredibly fun and I love trying to get all the skins as achievements. The number of characters you can make your name is great, and overall I feel its a great app. The only downside: the glitches. I\'m not begging to get these fixed, its not a huge problem, but it\'s an annoyance. I highly eccomend experiencing them for yourself before you form an opinion on the game.
Travois Madden 2020-12-02

Fun game, but for some reason it won\'t reward me the consecutive day reward skins, even though I play several times a day, every day. * Over a month since my OP and still nothing has been done to fix the bugs or the consecutive day reward skins. I even paid for the ad-less version... Subtracting one star for lack of customer service. Still a fun and addictive game, but the bugs are frustrating.
Almyra Ubaidi 2021-01-20

Well, I loved it sooo much! ❤ You can get your own special characters and watch ads to get more powers. But now, it\'s getting on waaay too many ads every one minute and I can hardly enjoy my game. I guess you have to pay for no ads at all but I\'m not doing that. Please fix this and I will rate a five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! ! (BTW, my sister also plays this game and says it was awesome!!)